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Devils Tower National Monument sits across the state line in northeast Wyoming. It is a unique and striking geologic wonder steeped in Indian legend and is a modern day national park and climbers' challenge. The park is covered with pine forests, woodlands, and grasslands. The park is home to a variety of fauna and one is bound to come across deer, prairie dogs and other wildlife when visiting the area. The area is a paradise for indulging in outdoor activities and adventure sports like trekking, Rock climbing, hiking and much more.

To get a complete experience of the park, one can take a tour of some of the best attractions in Devils Tower which include indulging in Ranger programs, which include often include guided walks along the Tower Trail, short talks outside the Visitor Center, and evening programs at the Campground Amphitheater; hiking and rock climbing. Some other top attractions in Devils Tower include Located near the picnic area, the Circle of Sacred Smoke, by sculptor Junkyu Muto, honors the American people as a gesture of world peace, Vore Buffalo Jump, Devil's Tower National Monument Visitor Center, Keyhole state park, west Texas trail museum, Texas trail historic marker and sand creek. One can take a tour of the Devils Tower Trading Post which is a great destination to take various souvenirs, like t-shirts, key chains and many other innovative and fun things that you can buy for your family and loved ones. A tour of the Devil's tower gives you a true experience of the Wild Wild West.