Best Things To Do in Dinan, France

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  • The Old Town: The historic part of Dinan, which is a warren of Narrow streets, is probably the most important tourist attraction of the city.
  • Dinan Castle-Museum: Former castle of the Dukes of Brittany, the place is now a museum that displays several objects like include religious items, gold and silverware, furniture, and prehistoric tools.
  • Ramparts of Dinan- Rue du Chateau: 13th century fortified walls around the city, spreading for three kilometres.
  • The Basilica St Sauveur: A small basilica commissioned by Sir Rivallon le Roux, Lord of Dinan in 1120. It was later reconstructed in the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • Saint Malo Church: A church with stained glass windows which was originally constructed in the 15th century.

Guided Tours

  • Le Petit Train de Dinan: Touring of the city on a little tourist train with audio travel guide. Address: 7 rue de la Violette, 22100 Dinan, France.
  • Vedette Jaman IV: A one hour cruising tour in the river. Address: Rue du Port, 22100 Dinan, France.
  • Danfleurenn Nautic: Boat rides towards the port of Dinan. Address: 21 Rue du Quai, Dinan, France.

Below we have a list of things to do in Dinan and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Dinan getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Dinan

Here is the list of things to do in Dinan and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Fort La Latte

    4.5 (365 Votes)
    Fort La Latte

    Historical Site, Fort

    Medieval castles don’t look more magical and mythical than this. The fort is made of pink sandstone; the view of the Emerald coast, the Channel Islands and the sea from its walls are breath-taking; it’s 14th century defence system of cannons, moats and drawbridges is still intact; the courtyard garden is perfect for picnics; and there are dungeons. It’s been the site of many a...Read more
  2. Thursday Morning Market

    Entertainment, Market, Shopping Center

    A typical French weekly market is set up between the Place Duguesclin and place du Champ Clos on Thursdays. The products are local – meats, fruits, veggies, plants, cheeses, flowers, and clothes. You may even find souvenirs and handicrafts. The main reason to be here though, is that the rest of Dinan is usually here. It’s an excellent place to pick up some of the city’s charac...Read more
  3. Les Remparts De Dinan

    Landmark, Historical Site

    Dinan used to be city fortified by walls. Only a remnant of these great defences remain now, with only 10 out of 14 guard towers. A small portion of these walls (including those at Castle Dinan) may be walked on. It’s recommended; you’ll probably get the best wide views of Old Dinan from here. Cobbled streets and old buildings with flowers on all sides will be spread out below you. ...Read more
  4. Le Port De Dinan

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    Le Port De Dinan


    The port-marina along Rance River is one of the liveliest places in the city. It is also one of the most beautiful walks. In the summer, the waters are very busy with cruise boats. Old stone houses have been converted into riverside restaurants. Not only are they great places to eat, they are also great places to people watch. Further up the walk, you’ll see a 15th century bridge that cro...Read more
  5. Basilique St-sauveur

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    Basilique St-sauveur

    Church, Religious Site

    This Romanesque Roman Catholic church has a legend behind it. It’s said that it was built in the 12th century by Riwallon Rufus, a knight taken prisoner in the First Crusade, who vowed to build a church if he ever saw his homeland again. As such, there are a lot of middle-eastern architectural influences. The highlights of the church are: The elegant Gothic chancel 14th-century grave sla...Read more
  6. Les Jardins Du Chateau De La Ballue


    Though the hotel is a historical building as well, it is the gardens here that that enchants visitors. Architects Francois-Hebert Stevens and Paul Maymont built the gardens in Manifest style, a Renaissance movement meant to evoke an emotional response. The topiary garden is especially famous for its Green Maze, a structure built from a grove of yew trees. The other major highlights of the garde...Read more
  7. La Tour De L'horloge


    The 15th century, 46 metre high clock tower is famous for the panoramic views it offers of Dinan from above. It was commissioned by Duchess Anne of Brittany; that’s why this clock’s main bell (it has five) is named Anne. The ground floor of the museum has an exhibit on the clock and how it works, and an exhibition on Duchess Anne.
  8. Parc Zoologique Et Chateau De La Bourbansais

    Wildlife Sanctuary , Wildlife Park, Zoo

    This private zoo is set in the grounds of a Renaissance era castle. The hundred hectares host about 500 hundred animals – big cats, exotic birds, great apes and other savannah animals. Some of the species here are endangered, and the space they live in has been carefully crafted to imitate their natural habitats. In the summer there are falconry and hunting-dog shows, a recreation of a ce...Read more
  9. Musee-chateau De Combourg

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    Musee-chateau De Combourg

    Castle, Historical Site

    This beautiful castle was built in the 12 century to defend the nearby cathedral and protect Brittany’s independence. Interestingly, the writer and politician Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand grew up here – which is why the castle is considered to be the cradle of romantic French literature. The descendants of the author still live at this fully furnished castle. It is one of the pret...Read more
  10. Rue Du Jerzual

    Historical Site

    A picturesque, cobbled street full of pretty half-timbered houses. It ends at the fortified Porte du Jerzual – a Historical Monument. It’s a steep road, and walking up it will have you huffing and puffing. Along with the Rue de Petit-Fort (the same road, but extended to outside the walls), it has the honor of being one of the most photographed streets in Dinan. The houses on either ...Read more
  11. Cobac Parc Et Aqua'fun Park

    Outdoors, Amusement Park, Water Park, Entertainment

    With 30 rides at Cobac Park and 10 giant water slides at the Aqua’fun Park, this place makes for an excellent whole-day family outing. There is also a roller coaster, a pirate-ship and a watch-tower. Bring your kids here to celebrate their birthdays!
  12. Eglise Saint-malo De Dinan

    Church, Religious Site

    This Gothic church’s construction began in 1490, but it would not be completed until the 20th century. Everyone in Dinan chipped into its construction – French, Bretons, workers and craftsmen, soldiers and citizens, clergy and nobles. After they laid the foundation of .the nave though, they ran out of money. During the French Revolution, it was ransacked. Repairs and restorations we...Read more
  13. Chateau De La Hunaudaye

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    Chateau De La Hunaudaye


    This 13th century fairy-tale medieval castle was built by obscure nobleman Olivier Tournemine, who used it as a base to rise high in the nobility – to the rank of Barony. Destroyed by the army of Montfort and the English in the war of succession of Brittany, it was rebuilt over the next century. It was destroyed again in the French Revolution and restoration did not start until 1930, by t...Read more
  14. Le Chateau De Dinan

    Castle, Historical Site

    The castle keep and the gate are part of the ramparts of Dinan. Also called Donjon de la duchesse Anne (Keep of the Duchess Anne), the chateau was built in the 14th century. Though the castle looks intimidating from the outside, its insides are actually made for living. They are quite luxurious. Aside from offering nice views from its walls, the castle also houses the city museum within the Dun...Read more
  15. Le Petit Train De Dinan

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    Le Petit Train De Dinan

    Outdoors, Entertainment, Train Ride

    This mini tourist train is is a surprisingly convenient way to get around. Dinan is town with steep elevation changes, and not everyone has the stamina for it. The train lets you bypass the whole effort of having to clib up and down and still lets you access the top attractions. It is essentially a guided tour too, and will take you past the old town, the marina, the castle and ramparts, the Ba...Read more