How to Reach Doha

How to reach Doha


  • By Plane: Doha is connected to most major cities in the World and has an international airport of its own. It is the advent of Qatar Airways that has helped Doha Airport gain such prominence in the Persian Gulf Region.
  • By Car: The only country that borders Qatar is Saudi Arabia. You can enter from Saudi Arabia. There are talks of linking Qatar with Bahrain and UAE directly.
  • By Bus: The concept of travelling by bus to Doha is not very common and not much information is available in this sector.


  • By Bus: Although the public transport system is not very efficient, there are still buses that run in the city.
  • By Taxis: You can prefer to travel around by cars but we suggest that the taxis are the safest option. The driving in Doha is not considered very safe with drivers generally speeding.
  • By Rental Cars: If you intend on staying longer, than rental cars is a great option. Although you will have to find out about the licenses that can work and the ones that cannot.

Modes of Transportation in Doha

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Doha. The most preferred mode of transport in Doha is Car.

Average distance: 17.24 km Average time: 34.77 min

  • Car 83.67%
    Driving 34.46 min Walking 0.2 min Waiting 0.05 min Overall average time for 18.09 kms 34.71 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 2.04%
    Bus 30 min Overall average time for 10 kms 30 min
  • Walking 4.08%
    Walking 31 min Motorbike 6 min Driving 1.5 min Overall average time for 3.5 kms 38.5 min
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