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Tourist attractions in Doha are aplenty. Top places to visit in the city include the Museum of Islamic Art which gives people an insight into the cultural value of Islam in Qatar, the Souq Waqif where you can pick up some amazing local products and artefacts, the beautiful water bay of Doha Corniche which is lined with a lot of restaurants and the magnificent Villaggio Mall where you can shop till you drop!

Other places of interest in Doha are the historical Barzan Towers and the Qatar National Museum which is your best chance to see and understand the history of Qatar through various documentations and sources. Don’t forget to add these Doha attractions in your travel itinerary.

Below we have a list of things to do in Doha and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Doha getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Doha with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Doha

Here is the list of things to do in Doha and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Souq Waqif

    Street Market, Shopping Center

    Sex and the city part 2 has been successful enough in publicizing the concept of Souqs worldwide. Even otherwise Souqs have this very old world charm associated to them. Souq Waqif is no different. In a particular street, you are sure to find a lot of traditional items, condiments, spices, handicrafts and a big list of souvenirs to take back with you. The best part is that you can absorb the Mi...Read more
  2. Museum Of Islamic Art

    4.7 (1291 Votes)
    Museum Of Islamic Art

    Art And Culture, Museum, Architecture

    The Qataris have more than one reason to thank the architect of the Museum of Islamic Art - I.M. Pei. The architecture of this beautiful museum is completely unmatched and is impeccable. Situated in one of the most frequented areas of Doha, this museum is a perfect place to visit specially for the followers and lovers of Islam. The documentation and other sources that highlight the cultural sid...Read more
  3. The Corniche

    4.7 (1432 Votes)
    The Corniche


    Waterfront promenades are amazing in any city. The fact that this one is situated in Doha makes it even better. The waterfront promenade that runs along the bay is one of the best points to relax at in Doha. The area that began with just Sheraton hotel as a highlight is somewhat of a commercial district amalgamated with beauty in Doha. Do not forget to visit the Al Rumaila Park along with the p...Read more
  4. Katara

    4.5 (1318 Votes)

    Art And Culture, Village

    Katara Cultural Village is definitely one of the best places to get a peek at the beautiful culture of Doha. It also has a very prominent place on the cultural map of Doha. While it is open for 24 hours, even a week of all these hours would not be enough to soak in the complete experience that Katara Cultural Village has to offer to you. The place is full of art galleries, shops, cinemas, music...Read more
  5. Aspire Park

    4.7 (827 Votes)
    Aspire Park


    Doha is a very lively city and sometimes can get extremely bustling for tourists. For such times, you have the best recreational spot in the city known as Aspire Park. It is the largest park in the city of Doha and stretches around 88 hectares. Even though, skateboarding, bringing of pets, bicycling and climbing on trees is prohibited- it still serves as a great spot for people to go and enjoy ...Read more
  6. Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum

    Art And Culture, Museum, Architecture

    Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum is also commonly known as Sheikh Faisal Museum. The museum basically aims at preserving the art, culture and traditions of the people from Qatar. For visitors, it is a beautiful insight into how vast, amusing and interesting is the culture of Qatar. The architecture of the museum as well has an old school charm to it with a tinge of modern architecture. ...Read more
  7. The Pearl - Qatar

    4.7 (880 Votes)
    The Pearl - Qatar


    The Pearl Qatar is one of the unique islands in the city of Doha. Unique because it is open for sale to the residents of foreign nationalities. It aims at creating about 32 kilometres of new coastline by the time it’s completed. The Pearl also has about 12,000 residents already. The beach park and the spa here is a perfect cherry on top when it comes to making this island your next perfec...Read more
  8. Abdul Wahhab Mosque

    4.8 (1207 Votes)
    Abdul Wahhab Mosque


    Named after Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab, the state grand mosque is perhaps the main mosque of Doha. Located at the South of Corniche, the place boasts of amazing architecture. With a number of domes inside the mosque, it is also somewhat of an architectural marvel. Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab was known to propagate only the original teachings of Islam. He was not a supporte...Read more
  9. City Centre Mall

    4.4 (983 Votes)
    City Centre Mall

    Mall, Shopping Center

    City Centre Mall is your one stop entertainment solution when in Doha. With about 64 food outlets in cafes and food courts, a lot of Asian flavors and Middle Eastern flavors are waiting to tingle your taste buds. The best part about this mall also is that it is open until 12:00 am unlike a lot of other places in the World. The cinema here also offers movies until midnight and during Ramadan eve...Read more
  10. Fanar Qatar Islamic Cultural Center
    Fanar- Qatar Islamic Cultural Centre is the basic cultural hub of the city. The main mission is to get Non Arab Muslims to understand how Islam is followed in Qatar and how prominent it is in the Middle East. It also hosts Arabic classes for people and gets them acquainted with the wide spread and interesting cultural side of Islam, the way it is followed in Qatar. Amongst the locals it is also...Read more
  11. Khalifa International Tennis And Squash Complex

    Stadium, Entertainment

    If you are a sports lover, you have to witness the magnificence of this amazing complex. Rated as one of the best in the Middle East, it is definitely the place to visit for Tennis lovers. The mission of this complex is to provide the Qataris with an opportunity to compete with the whole world in terms of international skill display of Tennis. Apart from that, the place boasts of 21 different g...Read more
  12. Khor Al Udeid

    Beach, Desert Safari, Sand Dunes

    Khor Al Udaid is basically the wonderful desert marvel hidden about 80 kilometres southeast of Doha. The gigantic sand dunes would make you feel like a really tiny person and would also give you a feeling of being protected by the golden sands. Apart from this the beach is one of a kind. The desert safari here is totally worth it. The best part about this place is the internal sea that starts t...Read more
  13. Aqua Park Qatar

    4.1 (385 Votes)
    Aqua Park Qatar

    Theme Park, Entertainment, Picnic Spot

    Aqua Park Qatar is one of the very first water theme park in Qatar. It is spread over 50,000 sq meters and everything is simply made for water based fun. There are a lot of things for you to enjoy with your kids, family or even friends. There is a long river which is about 200 meters and is a beautiful thing to sail through. The full wave pool is going to take you high and low just like the wav...Read more
  14. Mathaf Arab Museum Of Modern Art


    The Arabs are known to be admirers of art and people who keep culture really close to their heart. Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art is a representative of exactly that theory. It is basically a place where all the exhibits of modern art would inspire art lovers. It is Doha’s way of keeping the connect between its own cultural value with the changing patterns and trends of Modern Art. They...Read more
  15. Falcon Souq

    4.4 (699 Votes)
    Falcon Souq

    Bird Watching

    This souk is a little different than the others. It is known to feature everything related to falconry. The biggest highlight of this place is the trained birds that you will find at every step. Bird lovers who want to take a break from their usual bird watching sites should definitely make a plan to visit this souq as it has a lot of interesting items related to birds to offer. It is also a sl...Read more

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