Fort Du Murier, Gières

  • Address: Chemin du Fort, 38610 Gières, France
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About Fort Du Murier, Gières

Fort Du Murier is situated in Gières, France.

Visiting this Fort Du Murier for the first time you can find information about the address, contact number as well as operating hours for this Fort Du Murier and information regarding ticket prices. On this page, you can find this information regarding best time to visit for the Fort Du Murier. You can click on the map to explore more.

Fort Du Murier is one of the popular destinations in Gières and is famous among the tourists. Visit this Fort Du Murier with your family or friends and plan your trip to this destination. This Fort Du Murier has a great experience associated with it.

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Thousands of tourists visit this Fort Du Murier every year. This Fort Du Murier has a lot of museums, art galleries, hotels, cafes nearby. This page for Fort Du Murier is your best bet to find the nearby landmarks and best things to do in Gières that you can visit along with your trip here.

Check out from our list of restaurants, cafes and bars which will be useful while visiting. The restaurants offer cuisines like Chinese, Italian etc. Want to grab a coffee or have a beer nearby? Fort Du Murier has some famous drinking holes located nearby.

As a tourist, you are bound to sceptical, especially if it’s your first time visiting the place. Get other information like nearby services such as fire stations, police stations etc. Nearby ATMs, gas stations which help you visit this Fort Du Murier very easily.

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Fort Du Murier, Gières Reviews

  • Tous est fermé impossible de rentrer... Lâché ce lieu... Les personnes qui y habite sont aussi aimable que la porte en acier de l'entrée.

  • Bel endroit de randonnée accessible en transports en commun depuis Grenoble

  • Venu un dimanche, c'est fermé...

  • Super sympa pour des Apéro entre copains ou des pique-niques en famille

  • Belle vue

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Fort du murier
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