Best Things To Do in Donegal, Ireland

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Donegal is known for catering the needs of every tourist. The town has some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world.

  • Donegal Castle: Situated around the meandering River Eske, the Donegal castle is quoted as the ‘Largest and Strongest Fortress in all of Ireland’. Built by the O’Donnells, the fortress was later repaired and refurbished and further a manor house was added to the Castle which was constructed in Jacobean Architecture.
  • Bluestack Mountains: Known to differentiate the north of Ireland from the south, the mountains are one of the major tourist attractions for trekkers all over the world.
  • Malin Head: Marking the Northern-most point in Ireland, the Malin head is a treat to every visitor who wants to see Ireland at its best. Banba’s crown- named after one of the mythical queens of Ireland is located at the Northern tip of Ireland.
  • Silver Strand Beach: One of the most timeless beaches in Ireland, the Silver Strand Beach has steep steps that lead to a spiritual beach. Tourists love this beach for its sheer raw elegance accompanied by the magnificent greenery seen around the beach.
  • Narin Beach: Narin is every soul’s medication. Known for its pristine beach, a nearby island with a 6th Century Monastery only adds to the charm. Tourists love to take a long walk along this beach to relax and unwind.



  • The Forge: One of the most eccentric Irish Pubs, The Forge is a must-visit for every tourist. With a cosy fire to warm up the place, the pub is filled with items left behind by visitors along with avant-garde posters that add character to the place. The best place to have a Guinness pint while tapping to Irish music, this pub exudes sheer raw Irish authenticity. Many musicians are performing here all week long and you can join in to have some great company with some great beer. Contact:+ 353 074-9725578.
  • Reel Inn: Another one of Ireland’s most sought out pubs; the place is every music lover’s haven. The owner joins in the merriment to play Irish Folk songs. Good food and drinks only add to the charm of this small and intimate place. A truly Irish hotspot, drop by with your friends to have a great time. Timings: 11.00 am to 9.00 pm.
  • The Reveller Bar: Situated at the heart of the town, the bar is known to offer good live music with pool and a splendid Beer garden. Try the varieties of beer available here while swaying to Irish Folk songs.

Below we have a list of things to do in Donegal and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Donegal getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Donegal with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Donegal

Here is the list of things to do in Donegal and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Doagh Famine Village

    4.6 (965 Votes)
    Doagh Famine Village

    Outdoors, Village, Play

    The Doagh Famine village has a history of a Donegal Family and community living on the edge of Donegal to survive from the famine times in Ireland right up to the present day. The rustic village is elegantly planned to forms a marvellous spectacle which is only intensified by its epic stories. The village plays an important role in the road to peace in Northern Ireland, its ‘Celtic Tiger&...Read more
  2. Slieve League

    4.8 (936 Votes)
    Slieve League

    Outdoors, Trail, View Point, Walking Area

    Located on the Atlantic Coast of Dongela, the Slieve League is known for its highest cliffs in Ireland. The drive here is not for the faint hearted and it is often recommended that visitors should visit this spot on clear days as the mist can be tricky. The cliff embraces a spectacular view on the sea all along the one-man trails that are one of the hardest to walk on a windy day. Tourists love...Read more
  3. Donegal Castle

    3.2 (1335 Votes)
    Donegal Castle

    River, Castle, Historical Site, Monument

    Donegal is translated at ‘Dun nan nGall’ which means for of the foreigner. The fortress was built on a destroyed Viking Fort supposedly built around 1159. Further Sir O’Donnell built the Castle in 1474. In the history of Donegal the fortress proves to be the most popular monument due to its rich history. In the 1600’s the O’Donnell’s fled to Europe in the Fli...Read more
  4. Glenveagh National Park

    4.7 (226 Votes)
    Glenveagh National Park

    National Park, Garden, Walking Area, Nature

    Glenveagh National Park is the second largest park in Ireland. Home to many species of plants from as far as Chile, Madeira and Tasmania, the park is known for its serene beauty and breathtaking view. The estate was established by John Adair- infamous for evicting 244 of his tenants and clearing the land so they would not spoil his view of the majestic landscape. The park is home to the largest...Read more
  5. Malin Head

    Beach, Island, Light House, Watch Tower

    Located on the Inishowen Peninsula, County Donegal, Ireland and is the most northerly point of the island of Ireland, malin head is the northernmost locations of Ireland. The Banba’s Crown (named after a mythological queen) forms the northernmost tip of Ireland. A military watchtower and lighthouse are present at the Banba’s Crown which adds a distinct ...Read more
  6. The Looking Glass Spa Therapy

    Leisure, Spa

    Located 35 Kilometres north of Donegal in Rathmullan, The Looking Glass Spa Therapy is a well guarded secret of the weary tourist and locals. Offering the most luxurious treatments for relaxation and grooming, the spot is famous for Aoife- the head of the spa’s fabulous service. Highlights include: Day Spa Pampering Packages ‘Matis’ Paris Facials Aromastone Therapy Massage In...Read more
  7. Glenevin Waterfall

    4.6 (592 Votes)
    Glenevin Waterfall

    Restaurant, Picnic Spot, Nature

    One of the most visited waterfalls in Ireland, the Gelenvin Waterfall is located near the Glen House, 15 kilometres away from the Donegal Town Centre. The waterfall is formed by mountain water cascading over a height of 30 feet. The water basin below is called Pohl–an-eas referring to the ‘foam’ caused by the waterfall. Walking to this waterfall is pleasant with beautiful flow...Read more
  8. Mamore Gap

    Outdoors, View Point, Statue, Hill

    An hour’s drive north of the Diamond, Mamore Gap was once the only gateway between Buncrana and Urris. This steep meandering road is sheltered 700 feet on either side by the hill of Mamore on the east and the hill of Craogh Carragh on the west. Tourists love to drive to the spot to experience one of the best views in the whole of Ireland. A holy well devoted to St Eigne and a small alter ...Read more
  9. Lough Eske

    Hotel, Church, River, Water Sport

    Located to the North-East of Donegal Town and is connected to the river Eske. The lake covers an area of 900 acres and is surrounded by lush greenery. The lake is surrounded on the North, East and West by the Bluestack mountains. With two fine hotels at its shore, Lake Eske is famous for its scenic greenery along with the beautiful forest pathways that encircle it. The highlights of Lough Eske ...Read more
  10. Dunfanaghy Stables

    4.9 (343 Votes)
    Dunfanaghy Stables

    Outdoors, Trail, Town

    Located to the North of Donegal town, the Dunfanaghy Stables is almost a 1 hour drive from the diamond. One of the most popular ways to sightsee along the west coastlines of Ireland, the Dunfanaghy Stables are known for being located along the Wild Atlantic Way- the world’s longest coastal route. They arrange horse-riding tours along this path ranging from a 2-3 hour ride to almost a week...Read more
  11. Tory Island

    4.8 (131 Votes)
    Tory Island

    Outdoors, Island, War Memorial, Tower

    Tory Island is located almost 15 km off Donegal Coast. Much more preferred for atleast 2 days, the island is dipped in history and has many tourist attractions of its own. Since the 1950’s after the Battle of Tory island, the Island has become a community of many artists who have settled here. Following long-standing tradition, a "king" is chosen by consensus of the islanders. The current...Read more
  12. Tullagh Bay Equestrian Centre

    Beach, Food And Drinks, Play, Water Sport

    One of the most fun family spots, the Tullagh Bay Equestrian Centre is a 2 hour’s drive north of Donegal town. The centre arranges comfortable accommodation, good food and a range of activities to explore the nearby beaches and other spots. A must-visit for tourists who love to camp and trek, the centre also offers family activities like horse-riding, grooming and maintenance workshops. H...Read more
  13. Silver Strand Beach

    Beach, Leisure, Town

    A pristine horse-show shaped beach, the Silver Strand Beach offers an experience like never before. Often a lot of jelly fishes are seen here washed out at the shore due to the declining sea waves as the day progresses. The beach is located at a sea-shore with steep steps that lead to the ‘hidden beach’. A gem for every beach-lover, you can walk along the white beach with striking b...Read more
  14. Abbey Of The Four Masters

    Outdoors, Ancient Ruin, Historical Site, Monastery

    Located 26 kilometres south of the Diamond, the abbey consists of ruins which dominate the beautiful terrain. Situated where the River Eske meets the Donegal Bay, the monastery was founded in 1474 by the first Red Hugh O'Donnell and his wife Lady Nuala for Franciscan Friars. For the next 130 years it became one of the most important centers for religion and learning till the beginning of 17th c...Read more
  15. The Diamond

    Hotel, Beach, Historical Site, Monument

    The Diamond is the name given for the Donegal town centre. The place is constantly buzzing with tourists swarming in and out of local pubs, hotels, restaurants and shops. A vast pedestrian area covers the spot with places to sit surrounded by vivid greenery. A must visit for experiencing the city’s rhythm, The Diamond forms the perfect hotspot to connect to all the neighbouring spots like...Read more