Best Time To Visit Dongara

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Best Time To Go To Dongara

The city of Dongara experiences moderate weather throughout the year. The temperatures touch neither of the extremes throughout the year and it is usually pleasant. The months between May to August constitute for the maximum precipitation, which eventually tends to fall with the preceding months.  

  • Summer: October to April constitute the summer months around here. The temperatures range between the early twenties to the late thirties. February is the hottest month in Dongara.
  • Winter: May to September constitutes the winter months around here. The temperatures do not swoop too low or high at these times and range between the late teens and early twenties on these days. This season sees heavy rainfalls and is not the most favorable one to be around.

The best time to visit Dongara would be in the months of November, December and January. The weather is pleasant and it is not too humid around this time here.

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