Best Time To Visit Drapetsona

Worried about tourists flocking or closing hours of Drapetsona while planning your trip? The best time to visit Drapetsona would be a time when you can completely soak in the experience and not worry about such hassles. The weather of Drapetsona is favorable along with the best of activities during this particular time in Drapetsona. If you are thinking about when to go to Drapetsona then, come visit Drapetsona at it's best time where you can make a memorable experience without having to worry about small issues.

Drapetsona Weather in January-February: With an average temperature of 47℉ and slightly more humidity in the air, makes for cooler afternoons in Drapetsona. Make sure you carry light woollens as evening can get a bit chilly.

Drapetsona Weather in March: The air is slightly humid with average humidity being 64% and the average temperature is 55℉. The weather is perfectly balmy making it a great time to visit Drapetsona. The maximum temperature recorded in this month is 73℉. An ideal season to visit Drapetsona.

Drapetsona Weather in April-September: These months are considered as the best time to visit Drapetsona owing to temperatures ranging from 43℉ to 106℉. An ideal situation to get around exploring all the points of interest in Drapetsona.

Drapetsona Weather in October: If you are contemplating the best time to visit Drapetsona, the month of October fits the bill just right. The weather is nice and sultry with the lowest temperature being around 50℉ and the warmest being a usual 81℉. Albeit a humidity of 61%, October marks a good time to explore the best things to do in Drapetsona.

Drapetsona Weather in November: An excellent season to visit Drapetsona, the average temperature falls around 57℉. The weather is great for outdoors, the air being moderately humid. This is most likely one of the best times to visit Drapetsona and also a tourist high season.

Drapetsona Weather in December: Are you one of those who waits for winters to get all those layers out? Then the best time to visit Drapetsona for you would be December. The relevantly high humidity during this month makes for pretty chilly afternoons too. 46℉ is what the day feels like except the nights when the temperature falls!

Today 16 Dec



Rain in the morning.

Wind:0.92 m/s



  • Mon 17 Dec
    62 | 54

    Partly cloudy throughout the day.

  • Tue 18 Dec
    59 | 50

    Light rain in the morning and breezy in the evening.

  • Wed 19 Dec
    57 | 47

    Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

  • Thu 20 Dec
    55 | 44

    Partly cloudy starting in the evening.

  • Fri 21 Dec
    57 | 49

    Partly cloudy in the morning.

  • Sat 22 Dec
    57 | 50

    Rain in the morning.

  • 80℉
  • 60℉
  • 40℉
  • 20℉ 0℉

Average temperature: 44℉

Minimum temperature: 27℉

Maximum temperature: 61℉


Average temperature: 50℉

Minimum temperature: 34℉

Maximum temperature: 66℉


Average temperature: 55℉

Minimum temperature: 37℉

Maximum temperature: 73℉


Average temperature: 59℉

Minimum temperature: 43℉

Maximum temperature: 77℉


Average temperature: 68℉

Minimum temperature: 52℉

Maximum temperature: 88℉


Average temperature: 76℉

Minimum temperature: 59℉

Maximum temperature: 106℉


Average temperature: 81℉

Minimum temperature: 66℉

Maximum temperature: 106℉


Average temperature: 81℉

Minimum temperature: 63℉

Maximum temperature: 99℉


Average temperature: 74℉

Minimum temperature: 57℉

Maximum temperature: 97℉


Average temperature: 64℉

Minimum temperature: 50℉

Maximum temperature: 81℉


Average temperature: 57℉

Minimum temperature: 39℉

Maximum temperature: 70℉


Average temperature: 46℉

Minimum temperature: 32℉

Maximum temperature: 64℉

Highest temperature in Drapetsona is recorded as 105.8℉ in June and July.

Lowest temperature in Drapetsona is recorded as 26.6℉ in January.

  • 100
  • 75
  • 50
  • 25 0

Average Humidity: 72%

Minimum Humidity: 58%

Maximum Humidity: 84%


Average Humidity: 71%

Minimum Humidity: 50%

Maximum Humidity: 85%


Average Humidity: 64%

Minimum Humidity: 42%

Maximum Humidity: 85%


Average Humidity: 57%

Minimum Humidity: 41%

Maximum Humidity: 74%


Average Humidity: 54%

Minimum Humidity: 37%

Maximum Humidity: 76%


Average Humidity: 54%

Minimum Humidity: 34%

Maximum Humidity: 76%


Average Humidity: 42%

Minimum Humidity: 28%

Maximum Humidity: 67%


Average Humidity: 42%

Minimum Humidity: 31%

Maximum Humidity: 61%


Average Humidity: 54%

Minimum Humidity: 39%

Maximum Humidity: 76%


Average Humidity: 61%

Minimum Humidity: 45%

Maximum Humidity: 75%


Average Humidity: 74%

Minimum Humidity: 49%

Maximum Humidity: 90%


Average Humidity: 63%

Minimum Humidity: 52%

Maximum Humidity: 83%

Most humid month in Drapetsona is November.

Least humid month in Drapetsona is July.