Best Things To Do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Are you looking for what to do in Dubrovnik?

Attractions in Dubrovnik come in sets. Nothing is special all on its own, but taken together the experience is unbeatable.

  • The City Walls: Massive medieval fortifications with lots of bastions, towers and gates and fantastic views
  • Cable Car: A stunning birds eye view of the city and the sea. Leads to a restaurant at the top and a museum just behind the restaurant.
  • The Islands: Emeralds of green in the Adriatic. Though not strictly a part of a Dubrovnik itinerary, they can be add on itineraries to your Dubrovnik trip.  They include Lokrum, Lopud, Mljet and it’s national park, Korkula, Sipan and Kolocep.
  • Old Town: A collection of little historic delights mixed with some excellent food, shopping and nightlife, especially around the Stradun main street.  A lot of little paths and alleys lead away from it, creating a mazelike warren to be walked.
  • The Beaches: A series of small and large and pebbly and sandy beaches that are highly poplar with locals and tourists alike. Mostly around the Lapad neighbourhood.
  • The Churches in Old Town: A Franciscan Monastery, a Dominican Monastery, the Dubrovnik Cathedral, a Synagogue, the Church of St. Blaise, the Church of St. Ignatius, the Church of St. Sebastian,  and the Serbian Orthodox Church. Though only a few of them are really worth visiting, if you happen to run across one of the other, don’t shy away from a peek inside.
  • The Museums: The main ones to see include the Jewish Museum, The Ethnographic Museum and the War Phot Museum, but the other smaller ones are cute too. Check the Franciscan Monastery Museum, , the Dubrovnik natural history Museum, the Cathedral Treasury, the Rector’s Palace museum, the Maritime Museum and the Sponza Palace Museum.
  • The beaches: Aside from the beaches on the lovely islands, check out the Lapad Beach (the most popular one in town) and Banje Beach (lots of sports).

Below we have a list of things to do in Dubrovnik and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Dubrovnik getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Dubrovnik with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Dubrovnik

Here is the list of things to do in Dubrovnik and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Ancient City Walls

    Landmark, View Point, Historical Site, Architecture

    Medieval Dubrovnik took its defences super seriously. How seriously you ask? Well, imagine you were buying a new city defence online, and you wanted to pimp that armour up! This is what the Dubrovnik City Wall feature page would look like 2 km long A maximum height of 25 metres Double lined 17 towers (including Minceta Tower, St. Luke’s Tower) 1 fortress (St. John’s Fortress) 2 sub...Read more
  2. Old Town

    Old Town

    This precious sice of history was brutally bombed in the Croatian War of Independence in the 90s, but almost all the damage has been rectified, restoring it to it’s full medieval glory. There are just so many things to see here: Orlando’s Column – a flag staff dedicated to the hero. The Belfries near the Ploce Entrance. The Sponza palace and it’s small historical museum...Read more
  3. Lokrum Island

    Island, Botanical Garden, Monastery

    One of Dubrovnik’s more popular off coast attractions, this emerald in the ocean has a monastery and a botanic garden to complement it’s natural beauty. Richard the Lionheart was apparently once shipwrecked here, but it was Archduke Maximillan Ferdinanand who built the garden that was to become the foundation of the main attraction here today. The mosnastary itself was built by Bned...Read more
  4. Gornji Ugao Tower

    4.8 (886 Votes)
    Gornji Ugao Tower


    The Gornji Ugao Tower is another city attraction that throws light upon the city’s glorious past. This site particularly is a marvel given the fact that it is a comparatively new discovery of once what was an industrial zone in the medieval period. Thus, throwing light on the city’s existence as an important production location along with being one of the world’s most importan...Read more
  5. Dubrovnik Cable Car

    4.3 (3062 Votes)
    Dubrovnik Cable Car

    Adventure, Cable Car

    4 minutes, 778 metres long and 405 metres high – the Cable Car experience is un-freaking-beatable. This is the best way to begin your tour of Dubrovnik – with the city gleaming below you, the Adriatic sparkling like a jewel, and the islands looking like some sort of mythical turtle out of Sinbad the Sailor. It’s beautiful enough to make enough to make even vertigo-sufferers fo...Read more
  6. Korcula

    4.8 (544 Votes)

    Outdoors, Island, View Point

    If you happen to be in Croatia around the festive time of Easter, a visit to the Korcula Island – Priscapac can be one of the most rewarding things. According to folklore it is believed that the Venetian merchant, Marco Polo was born here. Yes, much contrary to what one might assume of his birth place to be Venice. Apart from clean beaches, and scenic vistas to stroll at this island also ...Read more
  7. War Photo Limited

    4.8 (1498 Votes)
    War Photo Limited

    Photo Gallery

    This has become a surprisingly popular exhibit over the past years – a visual commemoration of the conflicts that tore Croatia apart. The museum has one purpose: to make war visceral and real for it’s visitors and dispel the myth and romanticism that surround such conflict. The work displayed here is by world-famous photojournalists, who were in the thick of war when they took the p...Read more
  8. Mljet

    4.7 (269 Votes)

    Outdoors, National Park

    Perched scenically amidst the harbors of Polace and Pomena, Mljet is a national park that draws several visitors in the months of summer. But it is only the northern part of this island that is the National Park and not the whole island. Owing to its vegetation, this island is considered to the Adriatic region’s most beautiful island along with being the “most wooded” one. The...Read more
  9. Stradun

    Walking Area, Streets

    If you are wondering what could be the perfect way to explore around Dubrovnik on a sunny day, the Place Thoroughfare (Stradun) is the street to head! Accommodating a huge part of the city’s cafe culture, this attraction is full interesting cafes and restaurants dotting its limestone walking paths. For seafood enthusiasts, this is one place where you will find delicious and super fresh va...Read more
  10. Minceta Tower

    4.7 (681 Votes)
    Minceta Tower

    Tower, Fort

    If you are yearning for a bird’s eye view of this red-hooded city, there is no better place to visit other than the lovely Minceta Fortress. This attraction gives you a chance to bask in the glorious contrasting views of the city, where the red roofs of the city’s structures strike a luring contrast with the blues of the Adriatic. The main reason of this is its being as the tallest ...Read more
  11. Fort Lovrijenac

    4.6 (519 Votes)
    Fort Lovrijenac

    Historical Site, Fort

    One of the most important attractions of Croatia, the Fort Lovrijenac has got to be on every list of things to do in Dubrovnik. What’s more? If you are a fan of the hit TV series Game of Thrones, you will particularly be very impressed by this attraction, as this is where most of the show has been shot. There is not a lot of information with regards to the fort’s history, neverthele...Read more
  12. Pile Gate

    4.6 (652 Votes)
    Pile Gate

    Historical Site

    This attraction can easily be considered as the gateway to Dubrovnik or deep-rooted, rich history. This is where you are dropped off at, in case you travel to city by a bus. Other than this fact, there is not much to this attraction, besides some intricate art work and structuring. This is also where most of the city tours commence, especially the Dubrovnik Old Town Walk. It is busy almost all ...Read more
  13. Museum Of Croatian War Of Independence

    Museum, Historical Site, War Memorial

    Whether or not you are a history buff, a visit to the Museum of Croatian War of Independence is a must while you are here. Throwing light upon the nation’s struggle for independence, this museum is eye-opening along with being heart-warming at the same time. Artifacts and posters are the source of information here, as well as one audio-visual screening. It can be quite stirring, so best s...Read more
  14. Church Of St. Ignatius

    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site, Architecture

    Unhappy with Italian scholars and education, the Bishop Beccaddeli of Dubrovnik commissioned the newly found Jesuit order to open a college here. That was in 1555. What with earthquakes and everything, the church wasn’t opened till 1729. It was built by Ignazio Pozzo into the finest example of Baroque architecture in all of Dubrovnik; indeed, some say all of Dalmatia. It’s definitel...Read more
  15. Elafiti Islands

    Outdoors, Island, View Point, Nature

    One of the best unspoiled islands of Croatia, the Elafiti Islands are divinely picturesque. While heading to these islands, it is crucial to know that the weather is highly unpredictable. Fairy and boat rides to sail in and around the island are a common, even then. The highlight of these boat rides are the secret beaches and some polished caves; all amidst surreal views of crystal clear, spark...Read more