How to Reach Dunvegan


  • By Air: Inverness Airport is the nearest airport to Dunvegan. From the airport, cars and taxis are available on hire.
  • By Bus: Buses are available from Sports Direct bus stop near Inverness Airport and also from Inverness bus station till Dunvegan town centre.
  • By Train: Trains reach out ill Inverness railway station from Glasgow, Edinburgh and other stations as well. From there, buses, cars and taxis are available to reach Dunvegan.
  • By Car/By Taxi: Cars and taxis are available from Inverness taxi stand nearby Inverness Airport till Dunvegan.


  • By Bus: Dunvegan can be easily explored by buses available from all the bus stops operated by the Isle of Skye bus service department.
  • By Car/By Taxi: You can rent a car or hire a private taxi from the local travel agency to get around Dunvegan.
  • By Cycle: Cycles are available on hire in Dunvegan.
  • By Walk: It is recommended to take short walks to reach out the tourist destinations of this beautiful highland.
Route Distance Time
Glasgow to Dunvegan 311.91 km 5 hours 11 mins
Fairfax to Dunvegan 7936.58 km 132 hours 16 mins