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While most of the visitors in this quaint town are here for the outdoor activities, Durango has a lot to explore in its historic downtown too. There is the Henry Strater theatre and the Scenic Aperture Gallery which showcases international talent in this small town. The main town has the unique Animas Museum housed in a building that was formerly used as a school. Take a ride on the historic train line between Durango and Silverton and chance upon spectacular views of the San Juan National Forest. There are trails of varying difficulties in this forest. Popular amongst them are the Animas Mountain Trail and the Cascade Creek Trail.

  • Animas River Valley: The Animas River stretches from the San Juan National Forest through the town of Durango. This river is famous for white-water rafting, canoeing, and kayaking. You can see different breath-taking locations in this valley when following one of the several trails around town. The Durango administration has constructed a walkway parallel to the river where it passes through town. This route also connects the important tourist spots in town with each other.
  • Historic Downtown Durango: Situated at the heart of Durango, the historic downtown has the maximum tourist attractions in the town. You can walk around this area from the Animas river trail to the Fanto park to explore this area. Most of the tourist end up spending a whole day checking out the town’s specialties. The nights often see crowds in pubs and restaurants.
  • Durango- Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad: This historic railway line was formerly used for hauling wares from the gold and silver mines in the forest to the towns situated close to them. It has been recreated to travel between Durango and Silverton for the stunning views of the river valley from the mountain tops. Most of the track is on the edge of the Needles mountain range and the heights are both scary and mesmerizing.
  • Henry Strater Theatre: Nothing personifies the old dating sequence of dinner-and-a-movie better than the Henry Strater Theatre. Prior bookings of the performances can get you a special dinner at the Mahogany Grille restaurant followed by a show at the theatre. Oodles of pampering and fun are guaranteed in this program.

Things to do in Durango for free:

  • Pack your gear and head out to the trails in the San Juan forest. You can roam about the streets of the town and check out the various attractions by yourself. Stroll on the Animas River Trail all afternoon and admire the swift river beneath. Some of the museums do not need tickets for a visit. They are; Railroad Museum, Durango Fish Hatchery, and the Scenic Aperture Gallery.

Things to do in Durango with kids:

  • You can go backpacking with your family at Haviland Lake or the Potato Lake Trail. These hikes are quite easy to manoeuvre and the lakes make for a peaceful camping location. The railroad station in Durango has a museum that shows the history of railroads in this town. If you are fond of wildlife, do visit the Durango Fish Hatchery and Wildlife Museum.

Things to do in Durango in winter:

  • Durango’s ski slopes come alive in winter and skiers often head to the Purgatory Resort. This resort offers winter trails and snowmobiles to enjoy the gorgeous snows on the mountain. The railroad brings out its Polar Express in the winter months for kids visiting the town. You will often see people riding sleighs across the snow-laden fields. Do check out the Animas trail in winter; the trees are covered in white and the gentle river adds to the serenity.

Below we have a list of things to do in Durango and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Durango getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Durango with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Durango

Here is the list of things to do in Durango and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Durango And Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad And Museum Image

    Museum, Entertainment, Specialty Museum, Train Ride

    The mountains surrounding Durango form a super-picturesque route for the Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Strapped in the wilderness of the San Juan National Forest, one of the prime reasons why this railroad is so popular is because of the spectacular views the passengers can see from the train. The locomotive used in this track has not been changed and is the same 1880s original. With...Read more
  2. San Juan National Forest

    4.8 (67 Votes)
    San Juan National Forest

    Outdoors, Forest, View Point, Hiking Trail

    Situated to the north of Durango is the San Juan National Forest, a lush green layer that spreads over mountains, peaks, river and lake sides. This forest is one of the top places for camping and hiking in Colorado. Besides this, you can head to this forest for cross-country skiing, rafting, horseback riding, biking, fishing, boating etc. The narrow-gauge railway line between Durango and Silver...Read more
  3. Historic Downtown Durango

    Museum, Outdoors, Town

    Downtown Durango is the hub of commercial activity for which the town was founded. Even today, most of these businesses are active, even though the town has changed considerably over the ages. This area is also the business improvement district of Durango. It is made up of quaint hotels, world-class restaurants, and roadside brewpubs. Most of the buildings from 1887 are still standing and super...Read more
  4. Animas River Trail And Animas River

    Trail, Walking Area, Water Sport

    A great way to unwind in Durango is to land up on the Animas River Trail. The 7-mile long track passes through some of Durango’s most frequented tourist destinations. It is situated right alongside the gushing Animas river and yet is one of the most peaceful places in town. Many important commercial buildings in town are located near this track, so you can see may locals darting along the...Read more
  5. Durango Fish Hatchery And Wildlife Museum

    Museum, Wildlife Park, Specialty Museum

    Colorado’s natural setting is home to many wild animals and special efforts have been taken by the citizens to conserve the species found in the wilderness here. One of the attempts is the Durango Fish Hatchery and Wildlife Museum. Species like trout are hatched and looked after till they can be released in the rivers and lakes. Visitors can feed the fish through dispensers. They are give...Read more
  6. Pinkerton Hot Springs

    4.5 (58 Votes)
    Pinkerton Hot Springs

    Hot Spring, Leisure

    The Pinkerton Hot Springs are nature’s gift to the tiny town of Durango. Located a few miles out of town on Highway 550, these springs were discovered in the early 1800s by James Pinkerton. The towns people would use these springs as health retreats as they believed the water had healing properties. The actual spot from where the water gushes out from the earth are covered by a man-made r...Read more
  7. Four Leaves Winery

    4.8 (36 Votes)
    Four Leaves Winery

    Food And Drinks, Winery, Vineyard, Adults

    Four Leaves Winery is Durango’s very own boutique winery. Here you can get the best varieties of wine from all over the world. What is unique about the winery is that as a customer, you can make your own wine from a selection of grapes procured from the best vineyards. Most of the wine is blended in-house, right in front of your eyes. Guests can sample the blends provided by the winery an...Read more
  8. Powerhouse Science Center

    4.6 (28 Votes)
    Powerhouse Science Center

    Museum, Science Museum, Specialty Museum

    What was originally a power plant has now been converted into a museum of science and a city landmark. The Powerhouse Science Center was established by the Children’s Museum of Durango. It basically focuses on the post-modern use of energy for several purposes. Some of these include operating hydrogen powered race cars, locally mined energy products, upcoming methods of electricity produc...Read more
  9. Rim Trail

    Trail, View Point, Hiking Trail, Adventure

    Being outdoors in Durango is a not a calculated choice; the town has so many things to see and explore that there is no reason for you to be inside a building. There are many trails around town for bikers and hikers. Just to the east of the historic downtown is the Rim Trail or the Campus Loop. The trail circles the campus of Fort Lewis college and climbs up a tiny hill which overlooks the town...Read more
  10. Animas Mountain Trail

    Trail, View Point, Hiking Trail, Biking Trail

    One of the most popular trails in Durango is the Animas Mountain Trail. This 5-mile long loop track boasts of some of the most scenic views of Durango and its nearby forests and rivers. This trail is marked by plenty of signs, so you are not likely to take up a wrong turn at any junction. The track can be quite a challenge for those riding bikes thanks to its steep cliffs. Most of the hikers do...Read more
  11. Durango Craft Spirits

    4.9 (15 Votes)
    Durango Craft Spirits

    Food And Drinks, Brewery, Adults

    Durango Craft Spirits actively works for creating spirits from locally-sourced grains. Their most famous spirit, the Soiled Doves Vodka, is made from ground white non-gmo corn that is grown in the Ute Mountain Utes. Its other raw materials are sourced from the Colorado Malting Company in Alamosa. The distillery is right in the heart of Durango, a part of the historic downtown area. The tasting ...Read more
  12. Cascade Creek Trail

    Outdoors, Trail, Hiking Trail, Adventure

    Looking for a quiet place around Durango to go hiking? Head to the Cascade Creek Trail 30 miles away from main town Durango. Situated in the calm and lush environs of San Juan National Forest, the trail crosses the Cascade Creek and offers views of some spectacular waterfalls in these mountain ranges. A hint of warning; there are two trails sharing the Cascade Creek name. They are situated on t...Read more
  13. Potato Lake Trail

    4.7 (2 Votes)
    Potato Lake Trail Image

    Trail, Adventure

    Spending a few days away from civilisation in the lap of nature is a great way to rejuvenate. And taking your family along with you will make the trip even more memorable. The Potato or Spud Lake Trail is the place to head to if you want to explore the wilderness with your family. Situated just a little while away from Durango, this trail lies in some of the most scenic spots of the San Juan Na...Read more
  14. Scenic Aperture

    4.9 (17 Votes)
    Scenic Aperture

    Art Gallery, Photo Gallery

    A showcase of the works of celebrated nature photographer Frank Comisar, the Scenic Aperture Gallery should be a destination in your itinerary if nature photography is one of your passions. The photographs displayed here are taken exclusively in the Four-Corners area of the American Southwest. You can get to learn a lot about this region not just from the photos but also from the various guides...Read more
  15. Old Lime Creek Road

    4.7 (1 Vote)
    Old Lime Creek Road

    Outdoors, Trail, View Point, Scenic Drive

    Adventure junkies are likely to get a kick out of the Old Lime Creek Road. The trail extends for around 12 miles and is a rough route with cutting-edge turns and streams. If you are taking a car with you, it is best to have one with a good ground clearance thanks to the uneven road. To add to the toughness are the drop-offs along the edge of the gorge that need to be carefully manoeuvred to get...Read more

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  • soaring in the trees information

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    • One of the Soaring Tree Top Adventures is located at 964 Co Rd 200, Durango and another is located at 1 Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Durango. You can contact these places respectively on 970-769-2357 and 970-259-4813 to get all the updated information. 

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  • things to do in Durango around Christmas

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    • The best things to do in Durango during Christmas is to go skiing and enjoy other winter sports like dog sledding, snowmobiling, and fat biking. You can also take the Polar Express Train Ride. Other usual things to do in Durango include shopping for gifts and having the best Christmas meal in town. 

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    • There are Mesa Verde National Park and San Juan National Forest near Durango. 

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  • looking for over-night small camper trailer camp sights ,self contained , Elect. O.K.

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    • There are many camping sites in and near Durango. A few of them include United Campgrounds of Durango, Durango KOA Holiday, Lightner Creek Campground and Cabins, and Junction Creek Campground.

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