Best Things To Do in Durban, South Africa

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Durban has lots to see and do for people of all ages – from young kids to their grandparents, there is always something fun to do.

  • Durban Harbor: Durban harbor is always bustling with activity, the boats and ships are fun for the kids to see, and the adults can enjoy a meal and some refreshments on the harbor front.  Take your whole family there or your loved one and you will not be disappointed.
  • Umgeni River Bird Park: Opened in 1984, this park was first funded privately and it was only in 1989 when it was recognized as a “Premier Durban Attraction”. 4500 birds live in this park, definitely a fun place to visit. You will see the different birds’ species, definitely a place to visit with the family.

There are many theatres in Durban that one can visit if they enjoy the events that theatres offer. Some of the theatres include the Barnyard Theatre, Catalina Theatre, Courtyard Theatre, Dockyard Theatre, Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre and many more. find out which one you prefer and get a ticket in advance.

Below we have a list of things to do in Durban and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Durban getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Durban with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Durban

Here is the list of things to do in Durban and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Ushaka Marine World

    4.5 (2081 Votes)
    Ushaka Marine World

    Theme Park, Water Park, Aquarium, Entertainment

    Everything you could possibly require of a water theme park, the uShaka marine world provides. Boasting the fifth largest marine aquarium in the world, the park also hosts a waterplay park, a beach and an African themed village. The aquarium is the main attraction. A large number of sharks, rays and other large fish draw people from everywhere. These are after all, the world’s finest pred...Read more
  2. The Golden Mile

    Beach, Leisure

    It’s a beach, not a street paved with gold, but it’s more fun this way. One of Durban’s most popular hangouts, the sandy shores of this beach provide a wide expanse for swimmers and sunbathers to dip into the Indian Ocean. It’s also a good place for novice surfers to learn their art. Adding to its draw is the fact that it’s laid out b so many other fun destinations...Read more
  3. Moses Mabhida Stadium

    4.4 (1536 Votes)
    Moses Mabhida Stadium

    View Point, Stadium, Entertainment, Concert

    The stadium, built specifically to host the FIFA World Cup, is fast becoming one of Durban’s more popular hangout spots. And why not? It’s funky, hip and modern. A favourite draw is the SkyCar, a capsule that’ll take you to the top of the Stadium’s northern arch to a platfor with a view. And what a view… the great expanse of the Indian Ocean on one side and the th...Read more
  4. Durban Botanical Gardens

    4.5 (1900 Votes)
    Durban Botanical Gardens

    Botanical Garden, Picnic Spot

    These beautiful and precious gardens were brought into being by its curators, who introduced their special botanical interests over a century and a half. Rare cycads, ferns, thousands of orchids, bromeliads, trees and palms all have their dedicated sections. It’s not merely botanists who visit though. Bird-watchers, dog walkers and tea and crumpet enthusiasts alike come to lose themselves...Read more
  5. Valley Of Thousand Hills

    Outdoors, Scenic Drive, Valley, Hill

    This isn’t really one attraction. It’s many attractions spread out over a scenic drive through hills, valleys, ridges and cliffs that were all brought into being by the umgeni River as it flows to the Indian Ocean. So what can you see here? Let’s tackle nature first. The valley can be breathtakingly beautiful, especially early in the morning or at dusk. Lush tropical forests, ...Read more
  6. Kwa Muhle Museum

    4.3 (1449 Votes)
    Kwa Muhle Museum

    Museum, History Museum, Photo Gallery

    This elegant building was once one of the world’s most reviled buildings, host to the Department of Native Affairs. From here authoritarian apartheid policies were enforced across the populace. Today the building is a museum showcasing important portraits, documents and other memorabilia of the time leading up to the apartheid era and during. The content is starkly honest, yet free of any...Read more
  7. Umhlanga

    Beach, Water Sport, Neighborhoods , Scuba

    The Indian Ocean provides opportunities for tourism for development all along the Durban coastline. Umhlanga used to be a sugarcane estate but is now a thriving retail, hotel and office hub. It’s essentially a miniature resort town north of Durban and every bit of it caters to the whims of tourists. The best hotels in the area are ere. The golden beaches bordering the warm Indian Ocean st...Read more
  8. Umgeni River Bird Park

    4.4 (1392 Votes)
    Umgeni River Bird Park

    Park, Wildlife Park, Nature, Bird Watching

    Once upon a time, this was a quarry filled with near stagnant water. A bird fanatic named Dr. Alan Abery transformed the quarry into a lush and wet avian sanctuary, one of the best of its kind in the world. 4500 birds from over 400 different species reside in the park, filling all of it with their calls and the sound of their flapping wings. The park has several much vaunted man made waterfalls...Read more
  9. Gateway Theatre Of Shopping

    4.4 (2050 Votes)
    Gateway Theatre Of Shopping

    Go Carting, Entertainment, Theatre, Mall

    They weren’t messing around when they designed this place. The idea was to blow people’s minds with the sheer number and range of entertainment options available to them. Twenty seven movie theatre, a stage theatre, the highest indoor climbing rock wall in the world, a massive skate park, a gym, Africa’s highest fountain, mini-golf, a science park, go karts, bungee… the...Read more
  10. Natural Sciences Museum

    4.1 (924 Votes)
    Natural Sciences Museum

    Museum, Science Museum, Educational Site

    What kid wouldn’t love to immerse himself into the world wild animals, dinosaur fossils, stuffed birds and lovingly preserved insects? At Durban’s Natural Science Museum, inside Durban City Hall, children have a gala time delving into African wildlife and archaeological history. They’ve even scrounged up an Egyptian mummy named Peten Amen from somewhere. Another highly popular...Read more
  11. Victoria Street Market

    3.7 (1016 Votes)
    Victoria Street Market

    Flea Market, Market, Street Market, Street Food

    Durban has its own Indian district. Sadly they don’t have a catchy name like Chinatown, but they do have Victoria Street Market. Kurtas, saris, incense, other fabrics, spices and pretty much anything appropriately Indian is available here. The place is a thrill for the senses, with over a hundred and fifty stalls filling the air with sharp, spicy scents. Apart from spices, there’s a...Read more
  12. The Bat Centre

    4 (870 Votes)
    The Bat Centre

    Art And Culture, Entertainment, Souvenir Shop

    Do take a moment to get over your pangs of disappointment that this place has nothing to do with Bruce Wayne. With a name like that, what else can you expect? Well, you can expect the Bartel Arts Trust, an urban community art and cultural centre that focuses of promoting the works of emerging artists. The exhibits here are usually brilliantly original and innovative, breaking traditional art bo...Read more
  13. Wilsons Wharf

    4 (2173 Votes)
    Wilsons Wharf

    Waterfront, Pier, Entertainment, Neighborhoods

    Every city needs its own Wilson’s Wharf. And we’re pretty jealous of Durban for setting a standard as it does. Let me draw you the picture. There’s a magnificent east-facing beach. Along this runs a lovely wooden esplanade that lights up with romantic lights in the evenings. Close by the esplanade a row of excellent restaurants fill the air with delicious scents. Are you jealo...Read more
  14. Virginia Bush Nature Reserve


    Bequeathing you with a dose of wilderness amidst the urbanness of Durban, the Virginia Bush Nature Reserve can be that breath of fresh air, quite literally. A trail suitable for all ages, this reserve can be accommodated in every Durnan itinerary. It is calm, peaceful and gives you sweeping views of the adjoining region. If you are here with your dog or are fond of dogs, you can venture the sep...Read more
  15. Durban Harbor
    Durban harbor is always bustling with activity, the boats and ships are fun for the kids to see, and the adults can enjoy a meal and some refreshments on the harbor front. Take your whole family there or your loved one and you will not be disappointed.

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    • You can visit uShaka Marine World, Minitown, Golden Mile Beach, Suncoast Casino, Hotels and Entertainment, Big Rush, Durban Funworld, I heart Market,  Durban Ice Arena, and Golden Hours Family Market. You will find all the necessary information about these places on this page above. I would suggest checking the list of tours and activities in Durban to get the best deals. 







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