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One of the striking things about Dusseldorf, apart from being one of Germany’s richest cities is the juxtaposition of the buildings. For example, right in the middle of a commercial district you’ll come across the Hofgarten Park which is quite conspicuously stands out. Since Dusseldorf was one of the worst affected German cities during the Second World War, 80% of the city had to be re-built ground up including most of the landmark and monuments.

Considered to be the economic powerhouse of Germany; the city’s location along the Rhine just makes it more desirable in terms of both tourism and business. The city’s affinity for an extravagant lifestyle is obvious through its high end shopping districts (Konigsallee), unending bars lined up in close proximity (Alstadt) and of course the Medien Hafen where most media companies have staked their claim. The aura of Dusseldorf needs to be felt and if you’re visiting here after any other German city, the differences, subtle as they may be, will be felt almost immediately.

Essential travel information and Dusseldorf tips for your visit

  • Remember to validate every train, subway, tram and bus ticket you buy. For trams and buses, there’s usually a box on board where you can get it stamped. For subways and trains, do it before you get onto thetrain/subway.
  • Dusseldorf is a relatively safe, but don’t wander around the railway stations late at night as it’s a haunt for junkies after hours.
  • Dusseldorf and Cologne have a long standing rivalry. Since you’re a tourist, don’t try and ignite a feud by making a comparison between the two or saying anything derogatory about any of the cities.


  • Carry your passport on you at all times. On the off chance that you are asked for identification, produce your passport with your visa to avoid any further delay or trouble on your trip.
  • If you see a mother with a child in a pram, it’s customary to help (or at least offer) to the mother with pram when she’s getting off the tram or bus.


  • Disobey traffic and pedestrian signals. Even if the road is empty when the pedestrian light is red, resist the urge to cross the road.
  • Germans are very superstitious about being wished for their birthday before it actually happens. So if you come across anyone who has an upcoming birthday, do not wish them or present them with a gift. Belated wishes are accepted without a constraint on the belation.
  • Don’t litter! At any cost! Look for a dustbin if you want to throw away a wrapper, tissue, and bag or whatever it may be.
  • If in case you want to ask for directions and see someone moving their lawns or just going about their business within the confines of a perimeter, between the hours of 1-3 pm or after 10 pm, unless they’re police officers or shop keepers do not disturb them. These hours are designated rest hours are you could be charged with disturbing people.

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