Lulu Bar & Nightclub, Edinburgh

Lulu Bar & Nightclub, Edinburgh

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  • Name: Cardamom Address: 178a Easter Rd
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  • Name: Mumtaz Mahal Address: 30 Elm Row
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  • Name: Amber Restaurant Address: 354 Castlehill
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  • Name: Tower Restaurant Address: Chambers St
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  • Name: Nargile Address: 73 Hanover St
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  • Name: Clambers Address: 21 Dalkeith Rd
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  • Name: Itchycoo Bar & Kitchen Address: The Royal Mile
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  • Name: Italian Connection Address: 84 Bruntsfield Pl
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  • Name: La Favorita Address: 325-331 Leith Walk
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  • Name: Gordon's Trattoria Address: 231 High St
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  • Name: No.1 Sushi Bar Address: 37 Home St
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  • Name: Sodaeng Address: 94 Buccleuch St
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  • Name: Hanam's Address: 3 Johnston Terrace
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  • Name: Pizza Hut Address: 46 North Bridge
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  • Name: Rosso Wine Bar and Restaurant Address: 3 Jordan Lane
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  • Name: Mussel Inn Address: 61-65 Rose St
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  • Name: The Gold Sea Address: 139-141 Ferry Rd
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  • Name: Central Fish Bar Address: 15-16 Teviot Pl
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  • Name: Ruan Siam Address: 48 Howe St
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  • Name: The Engine Shed Address: 19 St Leonard's Lane
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  • Name: Spud-u-Like Address: 4 Waverley Bridge
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  • Name: Susie's Wholefood Diner Address: 51 West Nicolson St
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  • Name: Annpurna Vegetarian Restaurant Address: 45 St. Patrick Square
    Distance: 1.655 km away
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  • Name: Canonmills Service Station Address: 23 Canonmills
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  • Name: B P Service Station Address: Ratcliffe Terrace
    Distance: 2.556 km away
  • Name: B P Service Station, Ferry Rd, Edinburgh Address: 77 Ferry Rd
    Distance: 2.894 km away
  • Name: BP Ratcliffe Terrace Malthurst Address: 2-40 Ratcliffe Terrace
    Distance: 2.534 km away
  • Name: Shell Dalry Edinburgh Address: 209 Dalry Rd
    Distance: 1.598 km away
  • Name: BP Express Shopping Address: 21-23 Barclay Pl
    Distance: 1.362 km away
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  • Name: Easi-Parks Address: 62 St Leonards St
    Distance: 2.002 km away
  • Name: Pringles Coach Park Address: 70-74 Bangor Rd
    Distance: 2.767 km away
  • Name: National Car Parks Address: Castle Terrace
    Distance: 0.501 km away
  • Name: Local Car Valeting Edinburgh Address: 1a Landsdowne Crescent
    Distance: 1.25 km away
  • Name: National Car Parks Address: Chalmers St
    Distance: 1.066 km away
  • Name: National Car Parks Address: St James Centre
    Distance: 1.048 km away
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  • Name: City Sightseeing Edinburgh Address: Waverley Bridge
    Distance: 0.88 km away
  • Name: Canongate Address: Royal Mile
    Distance: 1.131 km away
  • Name: Craigleith, before West Woods Address: South Goathill Ave
    Distance: 2.353 km away
  • Name: Edinburgh Bus Station Address: 26 Elder St
    Distance: 0.96 km away
  • Name: Lothian Buses Travelshop Address: 27 Hanover St
    Distance: 0.529 km away
  • Name: Borders bound Address: Elder St
    Distance: 0.938 km away
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  • Name: Edinburgh Waverley Station Address: Waverley Railway Station
    Distance: 0.981 km away
  • Name: Haymarket Railway Station Address: Haymarket Terrace
    Distance: 1.121 km away
  • Name: Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station Address: Waverley Bridge
    Distance: 0.962 km away
  • Name: The Royal Scotsman Train Address: -
    Distance: 0.926 km away
  • Name: Caledonian Sleeper from Edinburgh Address: Edinburgh Waverley Station
    Distance: 0.997 km away
  • Name: Edinburgh Railway Station Address: Waverley Railway Station
    Distance: 0.982 km away
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  • Name: Lyncliff Hotel Address: 4 Windsor St
    Distance: 1.574 km away
  • Name: Abbotsford Guest House Address: 36 Pilrig St
    Distance: 2.135 km away
  • Name: Sherwood Guest House Address: 42 Minto St
    Distance: 2.503 km away
  • Name: Ardleigh Guest House Address: 260 Ferry Rd
    Distance: 2.179 km away
  • Name: Tania Guest House Address: 19 Minto St
    Distance: 2.69 km away
  • Name: Blossom House Address: 8 Minto St
    Distance: 2.503 km away
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  • Name: City Stay Edinburgh Address: 6 Queen St
    Distance: 0.685 km away
  • Name: Brodies Hostels Address: 93 High St
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  • Name: Edinburgh Backpackers Hostel Address: 65 Cockburn St
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  • Name: Light House Hostel Address: 20 Gilmore Pl
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  • Name: Cowgate Tourist Hostel Address: 94-116 Cowgate
    Distance: 1.046 km away
  • Name: Edinburgh Metro Youth Hostel Address: 11/2 Robertson's Close, Cowgate
    Distance: 1.294 km away
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  • Name: Edinburgh & Scotland Information Centre Address: 3 Princes St
    Distance: 0.928 km away
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Lulu Bar & Nightclub, Edinburgh Reviews

  • If you want to party with prat boys and dad's own prositutes this place is the best in town. 8 quid to get in to rub shoulders with people exclaiming about the cost of the soap or to wait behind two actual prostitutes and a banker w**ker. If you want to go to a prententious place, look no further.

  • As a woman I was disappointed to hear a female friend was badly treated by the door staff! A friend went there on Friday 1st December for a work Xmas night out. They had a meal, wine and dancing, worth over 600 quid. An hour and a half before closing she fancied some fresh air, and went outside. When she tried to go back in to retrieve her belongings, the door men accused her of being too drunk and refused entry. Far from falling down drunk, she explained she just wanted to collected her things so she could go home! They actually refused to give her stuff back. They made her stand outside in the cold in the middle of the night until the club closed. She was outside for an hour and a half in just her party dress, freezing with no jacket!! The doorman just stood there watching her stand outside with no phone, no house keys, no way to reach anyone or get home. Once the club had shut they finally retrieved her stuff. Can't help think their duty of care was terrible to leave a woman on her own in the street for so long in December. I also think if she had been in her 20's it would be different! I will not be going to Lulu, Tiger Lillie, Opel, Indigo Yard, Rabble anymore and urge everyone to do the same.

  • Stunning looking nightclub. Although overpriced and very rude bouncers. People attending the venue were stuck up thinking they were someone important which made my experience unenjoyable.

  • Very rude bouncers of Eastern European descent, kind of makes me realise why Sturgeon wants the remain in the EU, on the night I went I witnessed discusting behaivor from bouncers who were pinning down a teenager whom had unreasonably been asked to leave, from where I was standing looking as though the bouncers were suffocating the youngster as well as the fact some of the bouncers don't have visible Identification which is illegal. Avoid this place.

  • Had a good time, didn't have any problems like some other people have reported.

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