How to Reach Eger


  • By Train: There are direct trains to Eger leaving from Budapest but they are at odd hours. You can also reach Eger by changing the train at the Fuzesabony station. There are frequent trains from Fuzesabony to Eger. Also, if travelling from Miskolc, you have to change the trains at the Fuzesabony. Hungarian trains are comfortable and high-speed facilitating quick journey.
  • By Bus: All the major Hungarian cities have direct bus service to Eger.
  • By Car: The drive to Eger is scenic and the journey is enjoyable.


  • On Foot: The town itself is relatively small and the most important sights are all placed in and around the city centre. Take a pleasant walk through the well preserved Baroque downtown. Because of its stone-paved streets it would be good to avoid wearing high heels. 
  • On Bicycle: Eger seems to be very friendly to cyclists. There are several places where you can hire a bike, sometimes even in hotels. Eger has two 15 miles long cycling routes that run through the town and out of it. Prepare yourself for some elevation and take a ride through beautiful landscapes. 
  • By Car: The town is fairly easy to get around on foot. Therefore, you might not need a car in Eger, especially for a short stay. However, there are several car rental services if you decide to choose car instead of train or bus for sightseeing some distant sights.
  • By Bus: Local bus network will save your time in getting from one place to another. If you arrive by bus, you will get directly to the downtown, since the main bus station is located there. Check the bus timetables for trips out of town.