Best Things To Do in Eger, Hungary

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  • Eger Castle: Enjoy a beautiful view of the town by climbing up to the Eger Castle. The Castle was built in the 13th century after the Mongol invasion.
  • Minorite Church: The church is built in 1771 and is considered to be one of the most beautiful Baroque buildings in the world.
  • The Basilica: The building of Basilica is a neoclassical monolith, built in 1836. Its interior keeps some valuable paintings and sculptures.
  • Minaret: The northernmost Turkish minaret in Europe, built in 17th century. It is 40 meters high and provides a perfect view of the town and surroundings.
  • Lyceum: Placed opposite to the Eger Cathedral; Impressive building built in the 18th century keeps huge library with over 20,000 books and hundreds of priceless manuscripts and documents. The building also contains the Astronomy Museum. Climb up to the observation deck, where you can try the Camera Obscura. This device was designed in 1776 for purposes of spying.


  • Join organized wine tours– Taste great red wines in beautiful, picturesque surroundings.
  • Matyus Udvarhaz: Horseback riding. Take a guide route or gallop on your own, if you are experienced enough.
  • Go for the wine tasting tour in the Valley of Beautiful Woman.


  • Eger is an excellent place if you are fond of wines. You can buy it directly from wine-growers.
  • Agria Park is a large shopping mall where you can find anything you need.

Pubs and Nightlife

  • Hippolit Club: Spend a night on a dance floor.
  • Broadway Palace Club: Join a party on weekends in a cave-like ambient.

Below we have a list of things to do in Eger and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Eger getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Eger with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Eger

Here is the list of things to do in Eger and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Eger Castle

    4.6 (306 Votes)
    Eger Castle

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Art Gallery, Museum

    A structure that is reminiscence of Mongal invasion in the 13th century, the castle that stands today is a modern reconstruction. Although, the foundations of the 12th century St. John’s Cathedral are still visible on the eastern side of the complex. The Istavn Dobo Museum housed in former Bishop’s Palace which dates back to late 15th century explains the history of this magnificent...Read more
  2. Valley Of Beautiful Women

    4.7 (260 Votes)
    Valley Of Beautiful Women

    View Point, Hiking Trail, Food And Drinks, Adventure

    Hike to this alluring nature’s bounty with a unique name and treat yourself real good; valley of beautiful women is known for its wine cellars and provides the visitors with delectable kinds of wine. Try the speciality of Ruby-red bull’s blood or the variety of white wines: Leanyka, Olaszrizling and Harslevelu from nearby Debro. Walk around; shop for barrels of wine, relish the goos...Read more
  3. The Basilica Or Egri Bazilika

    Art And Culture, Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Built on the designs in mid-nineteenth century as per ordered by Archbishop Pyrker, this grand structure also has statues which are a creation of famous sculpture Marco Casagrande. The domes of the cathedral are decorated by Frescos painted by artist Istvan Takacs from Eger. The frescos display the folk art of Eger. The basilica also boasts an organ made by company Moser in Salzburg in the 19th...Read more
  4. Torok Kori Minaret

    Art And Culture, Landmark, Tower, Architecture

    This is one of the landmarks of Eger and 40 metres high; Torok Kori Minaret is one of the few reminders of the Ottoman invasion in Hungary. This Minaret is the epitome of religious dissimilarity. An ottoman minaret strangely has a cross on its pinnacle. Climb up the 97 narrow spiral steps and admire the spectacular views of Eger.
  5. Dobo Square

    Cafe, Restaurant, Market, Square

    A popular hangout in Eger, the Dobo square sees local and well as tourist crowds gathered up in the evening for fun and frolic. The square also boasts two statues; one of Istavan Dobo-the heroic soldier of Eger and the other one is named as “Warriors of Eger Castle” made by prominent international Sculptor Zsigmond Strobl Kisfaludi. Local eateries, street music and shopping brighten...Read more
  6. Mineral Bath Swimming Pool Park

    Water Body, Park, Leisure

    Popular for its huge mineral pools with a verdant backdrop, be here to splash in the water, beat the heat and experience fun! Suitable for family and kids, there is also the facility of night swimming!
  7. Torok Furdo

    4.5 (236 Votes)
    Torok Furdo

    Leisure, Spa

    In-house pools, Jacuzzi, saunas and special mineral spring: all set to soothe the visitors! Visit this classic Turkish bath and pamper yourself with a comforting massage therapy!
  8. Kopcsik Marcipania

    4.7 (229 Votes)
    Kopcsik Marcipania

    Art And Culture, Museum

    This is a unique speciality museum which displays the collection of Lajos Kopcsik- the master confectioner. With around 150 life-size objects made out of Marzipan icing, this speciality museum is indeed a sugary treat to visitors. The Baroque room has floors, wallpaper, carpets, pictures on the wall, stuccos, chandeliers, stove, sofa, table, the bowl on it and the fruits in it are all made up o...Read more
  9. Minorite Church Or Minorita Templum

    Church, Religious Site

    One of the most alluring baroque churches in Central Europe, the Eger Minorite Church is the convent church of St. Anthony of Padua. The construction of the structure was completed in 1767 and several refurbishments were made in the following years. There are few scenes from the legend of St. Anthony painted on the walls and the main altar piece was painted in 1770. A grand worth having a look!
  10. Bolyki Pinceszet

    4.7 (177 Votes)
    Bolyki Pinceszet

    Entertainment, Performance

    A beautiful vineyard which produces some of the finest range of wines! Drop in for a bottle or two or take the wine tasting tour. Venue available for events as well!
  11. Lyceum And Magic Tower

    4.7 (183 Votes)
    Lyceum And Magic Tower

    Religious Site, Tower

    Recently renovated, the Lyceum stands right opposite the Eger basilica and the original construction dates back to 18th century. A huge building, various floors are used for several different operations. Must-sees Include: 1st floor of South wing: library with 60,000 books including priceless manuscripts and codices. 6th floor of east wing: 18th century astronomical equipment, an observatory a...Read more
  12. Tour Of The Town Under The Town

    Square, Town

    Enter this hypnotising world through Eszterhazy square on the right side in front of the stairs of the Basilica, under the statue of St. Laszlo and you will be delighted. Rated as one of the seven Hungarian wonders, the town under the town is worth taking a tour. According to the story, after Turkish occupation, Bishop Gyorgy Fenessy decided to abandon the castle and bought new sites to build a...Read more
  13. Szent Miklos Greek Orthodox Church Of Serbia

    Art Gallery, Church, Religious Site, Exhibition

    Built in 18th century by the main city architect John Povolni II, this baroque church has works of several artists collaborated to presenting a beautiful structure! The gate is attributed to John Adami, the carvings to Nicholas Jankovics, the paintings to Viennese painter Anton Kuchelmeiser. Alluring pulpit, redwood benches and gallery for choir add to the church’s striking interiors. A s...Read more
  14. Medieval Prison Museum And Waxworks Or Szilvasvarad Kozepkori Bortonmuzeum Es Panoptikum

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    Presenting the correctional practices of the era through written and material elements, this is a unique museum in Eger. It also focuses on medieval highlands (Kosice, Debrecen and Eger) where established sculptors and costume designers collaborated their works.
  15. Bukk National Park

    4.8 (65 Votes)
    Bukk National Park

    National Park, Trail, Biking Trail, Walking Area

    Bukk National Park is a popular retreat for nature lovers and offers great view of the Bukk Mountains. With limestone peaks elevating over 900 metres, the Bukk Mountains are among the tallest mountains of Hungary. These mountains have resulted into an ecosystem with surface geological formation, diverse flora and fauna. Relic species from Mediterranean, alpine and Ice-age can be found here. The...Read more