How to Reach Eleuthera


  • By Air: North Eleuthera (ELH), Governors Harbour (GHB), and Rock Sound (RSD) are the airports on the island. ELH is the most popular; fly in here if you want to be taken to Harbour Island. Continental serves ELH from Fort Lauderdale and Miami; Silver Airlines from West Palm Beach. You can also fly in from Nassau to RSD.
  • By Boat: Bahamas Ferries comes in to Governor's Harbour, Spanish Wells, and Harbour Island.


  • By Bike: You will have to rent from the locals.
  • By Taxi: They ply throughout the island.
  • By Rental Car: The most popular way to get around. Rental Cars are rented from the locals (there are no official organisations). There usually won’t be paperwork. You will need a map to get around the roads.