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A Mexican holiday is a must on everyone’s bucket list. At least once in your lifetime, you absolutely have to visit one Mexican vacation destination. Although lot of places in Mexico are really inviting, but the best one to begin your exploration journey for Mexico should be Ensenada. Tourism in Ensenada is quite a flourished trade here and the city continues to attract many a tourists, season after season.A typical port town, most people visit Ensenada to laze about on the beaches, to completely unwind with the beautiful views of the sea. Sometimes, they also visit to explore themselves while wandering about the avenues. But most of the times it is to get lost in the beautiful taste and experience of the exquisite wine offered here.

The seen it all locals are lovely companions, visitors from the rest of the Mexico are the best people to show you the Mexican culture that you should definitely be experiencing once in a lifetime at least. Ensenada is more like a non main stream Sin City. Being the capital of Baja in the 1800s, this city slowly transformed into one of the most sought after gambling zones of Mexico until gambling was outlawed in the 1930s.

The beach is amazing to stop by during the day and completely unwind. But the real fun actually begins during the afterhours where the strip clubs, pubs, peep shows and lively bars would make you realize that why did we in the first place describe it as a non mainstream sin city. Although, that is not all that the city has to offer to you. Some lovely museums have weaved their way through in the culture that is so vibrant giving it the much needed slightly laid back pace. So come to Ensenada for an experience that has it all- for the history lover in you, for the person who wants to explore himself on the beach or for the person who completely wants to let go of himself! Each one of you should visit Ensenada at least once and experience all that it has to offer considering the best time to visit Ensenada.

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