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Ethiopia Overview

The idealistic cultural side of Ethiopia is merely a dream adjective of lifestyle now. With political unrest taking over one of the most beautiful countries of Africa, Ethiopia struggles on a daily basis to stick to its identity. Even though it is gifted with a mesmerizing valley and the remote desert regions are a perfect personification of mind boggling solace, it is almost unfortunate that as a tourist or even as a local you cannot tap the potential beauty of Ethiopia. Even though a deep tryst with Ethiopia looks impossible, but a superficial experience is also satiating enough to make you fall in love with this land locked nation.

Visa Procedure

Most visitors who want to enter Ethiopia need a visa. Nationals of Djibouti and Kenya may enter free for certain duration. Nationals and citizens residing in countries that come under the European Union and lot of Asian countries along with United States may obtain a visa which is valid for up to three months on arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. The only detail that you need to talk care of is that you are not of Eritrean or Somali origin and do not hold Pakistani nationality. All the three visas cost the same. All other nationals, who do not enter Ethiopia through Bole Airport, will need to procure a visa before they plan their trip. Find out from the official embassy website which category does your nation come under as the first step to make your Ethiopia travel guide.

When to go

The best time to visit Ethiopia is between the months of October to June which marks the dry season in the country. November is perfect to witness the blooming of flowers as the rains stop in October. The flight tickets also are not very expensive during this time.

Destinations to cover

There is plenty to see and plenty of things to do in Ethiopia. First things first, you should definitely explore the national parks as each of them have a different taste of African wilderness to offer to you. Remember to include Abijatta Shalla Lakes National Park, Awash National Park, Bale Mountains National Park, Mago National Park, Nechisar National Park, Omo National Park, Rift Valley lakes where you can go to chill at the luxury resorts. Few more places to include in your itinerary are Simien National Park, Gambella National Park,Sodere-spa resort and many more. This was for nature lovers, but if you like urban side then remember to visit Addis Ababa, Adama, Aksum and Bahir Dar.

Get in and around

If you are thinking of how to reach Ethiopia, then Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa is your main point to get in. Most major countries have flights operating from here. You can get here by road through Kenya and Sudan as well. You can also take a bus from Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya but remember to avoid an over-night journey.

Hotels and Food

As per Dollar and Euro conversion, there are plenty of budget hotels that you can find here along with mid range hotels and there are also plenty of luxury resorts where you can enjoy a vacation. In 2-3 dollars, the most basic food can be eaten on a daily basis and remember to tip as it is a tradition in Ethiopia. The currency here is birr.

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