How to Reach Exmouth


  • By Air: Learmonth Airport (LEA) is the closest airport from Exmouth at a distance of 37 kilometers.
  • By Car: You could get to Exmouth through Perth or Broome which is at a distance of 1270 kilometers from the city. The city can also be reached by road ways from Darwin that’s 3400 kilometers away.
  • By Bus: you could use the greyhound bus service from Perth or Broome to get to Exmouth.


  • On Foot: The town is pretty small and you could explore most of it on foot. However, all the attractions being neatly spread out, walking may be a real task. A better and more convenient option would be a car. You could hire a car from a rental in the town.
Route Distance Time
Duncraig to Exmouth 498.13 km 8 hours 18 mins
Balcatta to Exmouth 502.1 km 8 hours 22 mins
Subiaco to Exmouth 505.24 km 8 hours 25 mins
Perth to Exmouth 506.93 km 8 hours 26 mins
Mandurah to Exmouth 525.62 km 8 hours 45 mins
Cardup to Exmouth 526.41 km 8 hours 46 mins
Tangerang to Exmouth 1026.1 km 17 hours 6 mins
Melton to Exmouth 3538.06 km 58 hours 58 mins
Melbourne to Exmouth 3581.84 km 59 hours 41 mins
Glen huntly to Exmouth 3592 km 59 hours 52 mins