Best Things To Do in Fairbanks, Alaska

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  • University of Alaska Museum of the North: Hands down the grandest science exhibit of the circumpolar north with over 1.5 million exhibits. Check out the light and sound show.
  • Pioneer Park: Tourist traps get a bad reputation, but when they’re done this well, everything is worth it. Campsite, playground, dinner theatre, art exhibits, golf, a river cruise. You couldn’t ask for better.
  • Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum:  A beautiful collection of 70 vintage cars.
  • The Aurora Ice Museum: Crafted and maintained by an award-winning husband and wife ice sculptor duo, the museum also serves up an ice bar, and a chandelier to blow your mind.
  • Running Reindeer Ranch: A very homely and intimate introduction into the lives of some of Alaska’s iconic mammals – reindeers.
  • Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge: Trails and wetlands make this one of the best places in the state to get close to wildlife.



  • Riverboat Discovery: The city’s favourite tour takes you through local culture and history, including a stop to the Chena Indian Village and the meeting of the Chena and Tanana Rivers.
  • Gold Dredge 8: A two hour tour of the Alaska's gold mining history, as seen at the El Dorado Gold Mine and Gold Dredge No. 8. You can pan for your own gold!

Below we have a list of things to do in Fairbanks and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Fairbanks getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Fairbanks with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Fairbanks

Here is the list of things to do in Fairbanks and tourist attractions in city.

  1. University Of Alaska Museum Of The North

    Museum, University

    Located on the University of Alaska campus, the museum is the largest teaching and research based Natural History Museum in the state. The 1.5 million exhibits of the museum cover the natural, cultural, ethnographic history of Alaska and the circumpolar North. This makes the museum the best place to start your tour of Fairbanks. The museum offers a variety of specialized exhibits. These include...Read more
  2. Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center
    If you want to get properly organised for your tour of Fairbanks, and it's surrounding region, this is the best place in the city. Outside, you'll see a 1905 pioneer cabin, restored to original condition. Inside, the staff is extremely helpful. They will help you with travel books, tours, hotels and any other booking that you may require. Brochures of every kind regarding every activity imagina...Read more
  3. Pioneer Park

    4.4 (549 Votes)
    Pioneer Park

    Museum, Park, Walking Area

    Built on the edge of the Chena River, this park is everything that a tourist trap should be. It was built-in 1967, on the hundredth year anniversary of Alaska's purchase from Russia. Until 2001, it was known as Alaskaland. Today, filled with old buildings, recreated railways, and other charming attractions, the park is a mix of a natural retreat and a theme park. Its attractions are as follows:...Read more
  4. Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    This may be one of the most popular attractions in Fairbanks - a collection of 70 or so iconic vintage cars, some of which you'd be very hard pressed to find elsewhere. Collector Tim Cerny kick started the collection in 2007, making sure to only select those vintage vehicles that fulfilled criteria of historical importance and technological progress, or sheer rarity. These include the Sheldon, ...Read more
  5. Fairbanks Ice Museum

    3.9 (524 Votes)
    Fairbanks Ice Museum

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    Did you know that Fairbanks is the world's ice art capital? This museum, the first of its kind in the USA, was established at the Chena Hot Springs Resort to boost tourism. Most of the spectacular ice art you'll see here was created by 15 time World Ice Art Champion Steve Brice and his wife, Heather, a six time World Ice Art Champion. Complete with an ice bar, and ice chandeliers that mimic the...Read more
  6. Running Reindeer Ranch

    4.7 (325 Votes)
    Running Reindeer Ranch

    Outdoors, Wildlife Park, Walking Area, Leisure

    About 25 minutes from Downtown, Jane and Doug, who run the farm, have been at Fairbanks for decades. In that time, they have nurtured a deep love for Alaska and its treasures, in particular, reindeers. The magnificent animals are treated like family at the ranch. During your visit, Jane will take you on a walk through the birch forest where the beasts live, and impart deep insight into the anim...Read more
  7. Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge

    Wildlife Park

    Humans and wildlife share the rich treasures of this natural refuge, which is an important centre of tourism, research and education. Birdies in particular will find a visit to this place indispensable; among the sights they can expect are sandhill cranes, mallard ducks, chickadees, redpolls, ravens and owls. and Canada geese. The forests and wetlands play a critical role in the lives of migrat...Read more
  8. Alyeska Pipeline Visitor Center
    It's funny to think of a pipeline as an attraction, but that's until you find out that this single line delivers 20% of USA's annual oil. Built in the 1970s, the 800 mile long pipeline is operated and maintained by the Alyeska Pipeline Service Co, which also organizes educational tours about it, at the Fox Visitor Centre. The main attraction for people visiting the pipeline are the 'pigs' - con...Read more
  9. Large Animal Research Station


    Locally known as LARS or the Muskox Farm, the centre is managed by the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, which established it in 1970 for the purposes of nutritional, physiological and behavioral research. Now, it also includes reindeer, caribou, and moose colonies. While all visitors can get a glimpse of the animals for free from the parking lot, you need to pay for tours that will take you in ...Read more
  10. Georgeson Botanical Garden

    4.6 (197 Votes)
    Georgeson Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden

    Located on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus, the five acre garden is a treasure trove of sub-arctic horticulture. The garden is also quite whimsical; for example, there is experimental growing that explores what happens when cabbages get 24 hours sunlight (spoiler: you get giant cabbages). Altogether, there are about 3000 different plants here - vegetables, flowers, berries - most of w...Read more
  11. Angel Rocks Trail

    Outdoors, Hiking Trail

    For over a century, the area around here has been a favored hiking spot. The rejuvenating hot springs, the volcanic geologic granite rock pillars, as well as the scenic drive to the spot all Alaskan classics. The best way to take in the area, then, is by way of one or both of the following trails: Angel Rocks Trail (3.5 mile loop) : Begin on the north fork of the river, climb for spectacular v...Read more
  12. Hoodoo Brewing Company

    4.8 (214 Votes)
    Hoodoo Brewing Company

    Food And Drinks, Brewery

    Bobby Wilken founded the brewery. After his business degree, he went to brewing school in Europe. After coming back to Alaska and picking up a few tricks of the trade there, he set about developing his own recipes. And now, he and his wife make terrific ales and lagers, 13 different varieties to sell in their tap room. The locals here are friendly, so it's a great place to meet people. And thou...Read more
  13. Noel Wien Public Library

    4.3 (232 Votes)
    Noel Wien Public Library


    Cozy and clean, the library doesn't look tourist worthy at first glance. That said, it's the second largest public library in the state. And though the bibliography here is quite respectable, the library charms visitors with… charm! It's the atmosphere - peaceful, friendly, upbeat. There's a sunken reading area, with a fireplace, and windows that gaze over a courtyard. Best of all, the l...Read more
  14. Dog Musher's Museum

    4.8 (357 Votes)
    Dog Musher's Museum

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    Sure, this museum is tiny but it's got a lot of heart! This is the largest dog-mushing museum in the world. The main exhibit is a photo-panel. There are iconic sleds used in mush races; related costumes; racing and arctic survival gear; trophies; and a handful of other memorabilia. This is important because dog-racing is an important part of Alaskan history. If you visit in winter, then you can...Read more
  15. Pioneer Air Museum

    3.8 (185 Votes)
    Pioneer Air Museum

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    The museum has a simple mission - to collect and preserve all records and artefacts relating to aviation in Alaska. You can find out the story behind the museum's inception at the museum itself. The main exhibits are eight aircraft, which includes a Heuy helicopter that you can actually sit in; a movie on the history of Alaskan aviation; the building itself, which looks like a golden hangar; an...Read more

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  • Is the Tanana Chief stern wheeler still running?

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    • Yes, Sternwheeler Tanana Chief is still operational, at least their official website says so. 

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  • what is the best month to see the northern lights?

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    • Due to clear and dark enough skies between August 21 and April 21, these months are ideal to witness the northern lights in Fairbanks. 

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