Best Things To Do in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Are you looking for what to do in Fajardo?


  • Bioluminescent Bay
  • Kayaking Puerto Rico Adventures, Inc.
  • Enchanted Island Eco Tours
  • Erin Go Bragh Sailing & Snorkeling Charters
  • East Island Excursions
  • Pure Adventure
  • El Yunque Rain Forest
  • Fajardo Ferry
  • Mini Boat Adventures
  • Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature State Park
  • BioIsland
  • Yokahu Kayak Trips, Inc.
  • Icacos Island
  • Coqui Water Park

Below we have a list of things to do in Fajardo and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Fajardo getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Fajardo with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Fajardo

Here is the list of things to do in Fajardo and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Enchanted Island Eco Tours

    4.7 (533 Votes)
    Enchanted Island Eco Tours

    Outdoors, Forest, Hiking Trail, Biking Trail

    Step out of the bustle of urban life to the heart of nature and have unforgettable nature experience with the Enchanted Island Eco Tours. Discover primitive ecosystems in the tropical rain forest, covered in lichen, moss and ferns and flowering plants, or Bioluminescent Bay, a mystical bay surrounded by mangrove forests. Enjoy calm, quiet paddling through mystical channels and gazeat nature awa...Read more
  2. El Yunque Rain Forest

    4.8 (538 Votes)
    El Yunque Rain Forest

    Outdoors, Forest, View Point, Scenic Drive

    Feast on all life has to offer by experiencing nature at every turn at the El Yunque Rain Forest. Stroll beneath towering trees, orchids, giant ferns, wild flowers, and tropical hardwoods. Be whisked away by the ancient Indian legend of the good spirit Yuquiyu who reigned at El Yunque on his mighty mountain-top throne, protecting Puerto Rico and its people. Embark on nature walks to rewarding v...Read more
  3. Bioluminescent Bay

    Outdoors, Entertainment, Water Sport, Nature

    Paddle through a thin mangrove channel which leads to a warm lagoon, and enter a world where everything is surreal. The shallow water is bounded by mangroves and there is no moon. Blackness surrounds you yet the water is lit by an emerald green and ultramarine illumination. Strange creatures seem to being dancing and cavorting in the water, flitting around dusting radiance. This unique light sp...Read more
  4. Kayaking Puerto Rico Adventures

    Outdoors, Entertainment, Adventure, Water Sport

    Summer in Fajardo brings the scent of sea and forest as you dip your paddle into deep, pristine and crystal clear water. See the water ripple out before you. Listen to waves lapping and feel the kayak gently rocking as you make your way past white sandy coastlines and the delicate ecosystem in which you’re paddling. At the Kayaking Puerto Rico Adventures Inc. learn the simple skills neede...Read more
  5. Erin Go Bragh Sailing And Snorkeling Charters

    Outdoors, Water Sport, Boating, Nature

    Climb aboard a sailboat with its billowed sails and glide gracefully slicing waves. With the salty breeze, cry of gulls and the wide open ocean, you begin a nature cruise that takes you to beautiful, uninhabited islands where bonny waves caress the sand, sunlight dances on the beach and you dive into the water to explore abundant life below. Erin Go Brah Sailing & Snorkelling Charters guara...Read more
  6. Pure Adventure

    Outdoors, Entertainment, Adventure, Water Sport

    Pure Adventure boldly offers the best way to enjoy eco-adventure. There are opportunities for every level of outdoor adventure and excitement. The marine biologists who are also guides make sure you find your comfort zone in any of the tours you take. Without any previous experience, many activities pose a challenge but with Pure Adventure you can expect fun at all times along with safety. &nbs...Read more
  7. East Island Excursions

    4.7 (130 Votes)
    East Island Excursions

    Island, Entertainment, Adventure, Nature

    Crunch barefoot over the glittering powder sand and sink into the warm waters. Head out to explore the beach, and enjoy maritime hospitality and stories of the local flora and fauna that go along with it. Sail aboard East Wind catamaran and glide through the protected Caribbean waters of Fajardo for an adventure you will not forget! A catamaran is a multihull vessel consisting of two parallel h...Read more
  8. Fajardo Ferry

    2.7 (419 Votes)
    Fajardo Ferry

    Outdoors, Waterfront, Entertainment, Boating

    Walk to the pier and step into the ferry, leave the city behind. Enjoy the soft sea breeze on your face. Let the unobstructed scenery unfold before you, the hidden beaches, the impressive mountains, innumerable coves, little bays, and coast lines with forests. Relax and get to feel the rhythm of the place and even get to know some of the local passengers. They all have a story to tell about the...Read more
  9. Mini Boat Adventures

    Outdoors, Entertainment, Adventure, Water Sport

    Connect with the spirit of water and air as you skipper your own mini boat. Watch the coastline, the beautiful white-sand beaches fringed by reefs. Take your mini boat out into the ocean and find your own sandy spot to relax, surf, snorkel, hike, and fish. Feel the simplicity of Nature as you discover uninhabited cays. Treat yourself to the Mini Boat Adventures if you love the water, for this i...Read more
  10. Las Cabezas De San Juan Nature State Park

    Outdoors, Light House, View Point, Wildlife Safari

    From lush rainforest to dwarf forest studded numerous ferns, bromeliads, air plants, and orchids. From various trails and boardwalks to a bioluminescent bay jaunt clear across Puerto Rico’s Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature State Park. Experience the park’s mini culture of 7 different ecological systems. Discover wide open sky where forests and beach come alive with big iguanas, fiddle...Read more
  11. Bio Island

    4.1 (185 Votes)
    Bio Island

    Outdoors, Island, View Point, Boating

    Experience the grandeur of Puerto Rico on a night trip in the Caribbean waters to witness a spectacular phenomenon when hundreds of planktons light up like stars as you move through the water. Admire green blue hues that stretches beneath your boat and be mesmerised by the tiny glowing specs called Dinoflagellates, which are tiny unicellular marine plankton also identified as fire plants. The B...Read more
  12. Yokahu Kayak Trips

    4.3 (37 Votes)
    Yokahu Kayak Trips

    Outdoors, View Point, Observatory, Entertainment

    Go deep into the heart of nature in search of the world's most incredible land of unspoiled beauty. Witness the mystery of unbelievable bioluminescent lagoons. Paddle serene waterways across the coastal shoreline. Explore the wet and dry rainforest, all atop a lightweight, superior-grade ocean kayak. The Yokahu Kayak Trips Inc. is dedicated to being the best and the greenest in the business. Na...Read more
  13. Coqui Water Park

    Outdoors, Entertainment, Water Sport

    As the night descends over Puerto Rico, the coquis call. Throughout the island you can hear them and almost feel their presence in the tropical rainforests. They have been here on the island for generations controlling the population of herbivorous insects. The Coqui has become a legend in the Puerto Rican culture and is its official animal. The Coqui Water Park is named in honour of this fabul...Read more
  14. Cayo Icacos Island

    4.9 (87 Votes)
    Cayo Icacos Island

    Outdoors, Island, Leisure, Adventure

    Icacos Island, a self-contained slice of heaven on earth. Located off the coast of Fajardo, Puerto Rico, it is enveloped by aquamarine and turquoise waters. You are in a private paradise. The smile of the sun is upon you and the abundance of soft white sand surround you. The water as clear as glass, under a vast blue and soft sea breeze lull your senses. Penetrate the depths of the sea to a who...Read more
  15. Cueva Ventana

    4.6 (66 Votes)
    Cueva Ventana

    Cave, Landmark

    Cueva Ventana is mostly known as Window Cave by locals. It has become a popular landmark over the last few decades. People from all over the world have visited this ancient site. This large cave is located on top of the limestone cliff. The breathtaking view of the Río Grande de Arecibo valley is a treat for hikers. The cave is home to different bat species, snakes and insects. The guid...Read more