Faro Airport

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  • Address: 8006-901 Faro, Portugal
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Faro Airport Reviews & Ratings

  • I've had three encounters where staff have been incredibly rude to myself and other passengers for absolutely no reason. This is a shame as it creates an unfriendly atmosphere and will now be the last thing I remember of my time in Portugal.

  • Our inbound transit through the airport was smooth and easy. Outbound; although it was busy and crowded, at no time was there a sense of it being out of control nor did it seem that those in charge were indifferent or uncaring some even found time to make small jokes or just put people at ease.

  • Smooth baggage collection and passport control. Note the men and ladies toilet signs are politically correct...causes lots of confusion!!!😨

  • Despite the fact that Faro is not so big, it’s airport is really good. Big, spacious, clean and beautiful. X-ray lines are fast, boarding gates have a room for waiting with water machines and bathrooms. WiFi works and is really fast!

  • The Airport is currently under major redevelopment a far cry from.when we first arrived 16+ years ago, although that to was really nice. The food court and Duty free area is competitive and certainly not as expensive as some people make out .As for other facilities such as smoking areas cant understand what the problem is it's a pretty standard thing that public facilities such as bars clubs and airports shops etc do not allow people to smoke in public areas and have designated areas for smokers. The staff are as courteous to you as you are to them I've always found them very helpful and look forward to returning very soon

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