Faroe Islands

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Faroe Islands Overview

A group of volcanic and rocky islands between Norway and Iceland, Faroe Islands accentuates the beauty of Atlantic Ocean even more. A haven for hikers and an amazing base for bird watchers, there are plenty of reasons to rediscover nature and fall in love with Faroe Islands. Decorated with valleys, filled with the music of chirpy sea birds and coloured with hues of browns and greens, there is not a single dull moment that you will have in this mesmerizing artwork of God. Explore by sea or delve deep into the secrets of this land- the choice is yours!

Visa Procedure

United States, Canada, Australia, Chile, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea are exempted from procuring a visa. If you have a schengen visa, that does not apply to Faroe Island even though they follow the procedure as per Denmark embassy. 

When to go

The best time to visit Faroe Islands is between the months of June to September. These islands are not very frequently featured on travel plans and hence you will never find a lot of crowd at any time of the year.

Destinations to cover

If you want to chart out things to do in Denmark- then here is a list of activities. Witness the lovely light houses and go hiking at Nolsoy. Feel tranquil at the Torshavn Cathedral. See history come alive through the ruins at Magnus Cathedral and enjoy nature at its finest in Hestur. Climb Slættaratindur, the highest mountain in the whole of Faroe Islands. Visit beinisvord- the highest sea cliff. Enjoy an outing at the Lake of Toftavatn. Rinkusteinar and Risin og Kellingin are worth including in your Faroe Islands travel guide too.

Get in and around

The first answer to the question of how to reach Faroe Islands is through the airport on island of Vágar. Vagar is further connected by a sub sea tunnel to the island Streymoy via a sub sea tunnel. You can get to the capital through this tunnel. You can also get in by boat from Denmark and Iceland. To get around, you either need to make use of the boat service, take the buses or go through the sub sea tunnels.

Hotels and Food

Everything at Faroe Islands is expensive for two reasons- the currency conversion is quite high for most nationalities and there is a 25% vat on everything that you consume here. Although, you can have your VAT refunded once you leave the country if you do not belong to Scandinavia. There are various youth hostels spread all across Faroe Islands to sleep in. There are mid range accommodations but the real beauty lies in the luxurious spa resorts that have a view. For food, there are plenty of sea food dishes to try. There are many pubs and cafes that you can visit for quick meals and drinks in budget. Some dishes to try here are Wild seabirds puffins. The puffins are further filled with cake and served with wild berries as well as potatoes. Skerpikjøt is a dried mutton, although it is eaten raw so you may not develop a liking for it. Ræst kjøt, is prepared for months before it matures for cooking. Ræstur fiskut is also a dried fish kept for long to absorb the flavours. Grind og spik, whale meat and blubber is a completely distinctive dish to the Faoese culture.

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