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Fiji Overview

Fiji is the lovely and remote land where the sun, the sand and the sea form the holy trinity and holiday dreams come true. This beautiful island country in the Pacific Ocean consists of a mainland, islands and islets making it a plethora of places to visit.

If you like the laid back beach holiday, Fiji should definitely be on your “must see” list. The lovely corals, the blue waters, the fresh sea-food and the exciting water sports are just the beginning of it all. There are some fantastic nature reserves and places to see all over the country. Besides, a lot of the neighboring islands have been left untouched making them an excellent opportunity for backpackers and adventure junkies to explore. This tropical country is a definite must visit for those who love the beach and everything under the sun around it!

Best time to Visit:

In Fiji, the temperature rarely rises above 35 degrees Celsius even in summer. However, it does rain often so it is advisable to keep rain gear with you at all times.

There are two Seasons:

Summer: From December to April is the Fijian Summer.  It is also the wet seasons. The temperatures rise causing rainfall in spurts. It is necessary to keep an umbrella or some sort of rain gear on you at all times.

Winter: From May to November is the winter and it is the best time to visit. The temperature does not fall much so it is usually sunny but pleasant. Expect crowds due to the fantastic weather and book in advance during this time of the year.

How to reach and get around:

Reaching: The Nadi International airport is host to flights from major airports from all over the world. It is the easiest to get flights from Sydney, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and the likes.  You can also reach by cruise liner though major ports.

Getting around:

There are two domestic flight service providers that will also travel to the neighboring islands. You will find a lot of different options for domestic travel though. Bus services on the mainland are awesome. To go to the smaller islands you can charter a boat or a small plane.


What to see and do:

Coral Coast:the Coral Coast is a very popular tourist destination. Snorkeling, Scuba diving, jet skiing and more; you will get everything you want from your holiday here. The place is almost always abuzz with tourists and with white beaches and blue waters; this doesn’t come as a surprise at all!

Nadi: Nadi is the perfect mélange of typical Fijian culture and modern beach amenities and water-sports. It is a laid back tourist spot and has a lot to offer to those just who want to have a good time at the beach.

Yasawa Islands: These Islands were almost untouched until the 1950s which make them the ideal past for the off the beaten track traveler. Even today, not many people know about it and the beaches here haven’t become commercialized. However, the islands can be easily accessed these days so if you like the peace and tranquility of the beach rather than the people and the parties, this is the place to be.

Festivals and events:

The Bula Fiji Festival: This Lovely festival is a fun filled celebration held in July and hosts a huge variety of events. From parades to dancing to performances, fun is in the air! Many tourists will travel to Fiji during that time just to see it.

The World Music Festival: In the capital; Suva, a music festival takes place in June. There are several bands that perform here and many international artists come here too. The regional music with its tribal and reggae flavors is performed making it a wonderful cultural experience.

Other than these, Fijians do celebrate the birthdays of the explorers that found the island with great pomp and honor.

Some Travel Tips:

  • Check if your hotel provides separate drinking water. Sometimes the water in the bathrooms may not be potable and you will usually be informed about this but it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Tipping is not expected. But usually no one will take offence either.
  • They Have a VAT refund Scheme where you can get a refund on the tax you pay for goods bought from licensed dealers.  If you are spending over a 500 in local currency, carry the receipts and the items with you in check in baggage and you will get a discount at the airport while leaving the country.
  • Bargaining is a norm here and will not be considered to be rude
  • Do not touch anyone’s head in Fiji. It is considered rude. Wearing a hat in the presence of an elder is also rude.
  • Be dressed in an appropriate manner unless on the beach or at your hotel. The smaller towns in Fiji and villagers will not find tight and revealing clothes suitable.
  • If you are invited to someone’s house please remove your shoes outside the door.
  • People may ask personal question but the intentions will be very good.
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