Events and Festivals in Flam

Although Flam does not really celebrate any specific festival, one your visit to this village you can always enjoy a couple of festivals happening in its surroundings. 

These festivals may include:

  • The Bergen International Festival: This festival lasts for two weeks and the two weeks comprise of 200 events. On attending this festival you can enjoy concerts, debates, dialogues, visual art, literature, dance, opera, theatre and more. The Bergen International festival is celebrated annually towards the end of May and the beginning of June and is referred to as the biggest cultural fest in Norway. 
  • The Nordic Lights: This festival picked its fame among professional photographers and amateurs in a jiffy. Towards the end of April and the beginning of may the Nordic lights hosts various exhibitions, workshops, competitions and lectures. 
  • The Film Festival in Haugesund: Hosted annually during the second or third week of August, the film festival is one of the most important festivals of Norway.

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