How to Reach Flam


  • By Plane: Sogndal airport and Bergen airport are closest to the village of Flam. However Bergen flies internationally while Sogndal has only domestic flights.
  • By Car: Flam lies on the European route 16 and is about 2 hours 45 minutes from Bergen and 5 hours 30 minutes away from Oslo.
  • By Bus: Busses depart seven times a day from Laerdal, Bergen and Sogndal.
  • By Boat:  Between 1st May and 30th September we have a daily boat departure from Bergen using the catamaran route connecting with Flam and various other villages along the Sognafjord.
  • By Train: You can visit Flam by taking the rail route from Myrdal which is a station on the main Oslo-Bergen line. This place stands out as an attraction in itself.

Side Note: Most tourists choose to explore more of the area by opting for the scenic cruise through the fjord that takes you down to Gudvangen. Further you take a bus back to the mainline. This trip is referred to as a round trip commonly known as Norway in a nutshell.


  • On Foot: Flam is such a petite village that all of it can easily be covered on foot.
  • By Bus: Bus is an available option between Flam and Aurland
  • By Cycle/Car : You can rent a car or cycle in and around Flam.