15 Best Things To Do in Flic En Flac, Mauritius

Flic en Flac is a destination set in the beautiful country of Mauritius. A tiny seaside resort town, Flic en Flac points of interest primarily are beaches. But that's not all! There are plenty of tourist attractions in Flic en Flac like the Martello Tower Museum that can be a great change from all the water activities! The main places to visit in Flic en Flac are the Les 7 Cascades waterfalls and the Flic en Flac beach!

Here's the list of 15 best things to do in Flic En Flac:

1. Enjoy underwater activities at Sea-Urchin Diving Center

Get deep into waters and enjoy the underwater activities with the professionals. Sea-Urchin Diving Center is located at Royal Road, Ibis Court in Flic en Flac where you can enroll yourself with boat tours, diving and lot other underwater sports with the trained people. You get the divine experience of meeting dolphins, fishes, corals in the sea fenced with Casuarina Trees.

Dive deep with German coaches at the center which will cost around $145. The place will leave the visitors speechless and dumbstruck with the amazing underwater experience. The place has good equipment for diving and facilitates good instructions for all the tourist divers at the center. The people had really good and safe experience with deep diving into the sea and collect excellent glimpse of underwater.

2. Enjoy beachside at Flic en Flac Beach

Flic en Flac Beach - ImageImage Source: unsplash.com

Get dip into the beach side beauty and get tan with bright sunshine at the beach side at Flic en Flac Beach. It is one of the most popular beaches in Mauritius surrounded by the trail of trees. The white beach serves as the serenity for the visitors imprinting a remarkable experience in one’s life.

The beach has clear water and soothing breeze around which will give you a relaxing time with yourself.  One can also enjoy making castles in the white sands. The activity is particularly loved by the children and also by the newly wedded couples. The place is worth falling in love with and best visited for calm and peaceful experiences in life. There is also a hotel by the beach side where you can enjoy the yummy treats for the foodie travelers.

3. Exciting boat rides at Golden Wave

Travelers have an amazing and enticing boat rides at beautiful sea at Golden Wave.  Golden Wave is one of the best cruises with gentle crew members. The boat is nice, big and spotless and will give you the best experiences. Since the boat is doubled storey, one can always go on the roof and enjoy the cool breeze upon them. The sweet chilling breeze kissing on your cheeks will give you the thrilling experience of being there. It gives an amazing experience of dancing to the music at the deck of the boat and go for a fishing trip.

4. Exciting meet-up with wildlife with Safari Adventures

One can have the lovely and enticing time while exploring the wildlife safari adventures. In Mauritius, one can always hire the professional team to take you for the roller coaster for such adventures.

5. Pursue a royal hobby at Tamarina Golf Club

Things to do in Flic En Flac - ImageImage Source: unsplash.com

Enjoy the sunshine with a relaxing food and warm massage by the pleasant staff members. The place is blessed with the beautiful sceneries and greenery all around. And it is fabulous to take a round in golf cart in the club and enjoy the royal game. The Golf Club is situated at the Tamarin Bay along with the Tamarina Hotel around.

People in Mauritius find it as the best getaway for weekends as the hotel rooms are very cozy and comfortable. The spa and massage are also available there and proves to be very relaxing for its visitors and guests.

6. Impeccable whale and dolphin watching at Adrien’s Dream

It’s a beautiful center to surf with impeccable whales and dolphins. The center has the professionally trained staff to guide the tourists for all the underwater adventures.

7. Rejuvenating spa’s at Spa Aura

Rejuvenating spa’s at Spa Aura - ImageImage Source: unsplash.com

Spa Aura provides you the best of rejuvenating and relaxing experience. The tourists find the solace in the beauty of mountains and having a relax time.

8. Embrace the history at The Martello Tower Museum

The Martello Tower Museum will make you go amazed at the great architecture and its graet history behind the building. It was built by British between 1810 and 1846 to protect them against French Navy. The tower is stand still at La Preneuse and is now accessible for guided tours. The place is very educational for the tourist and gives a good experience to the history buffs. It has educational and pleasant staff those who guide the tourist for the tour at the museum. People enjoy a lot there and believe it as a worthy place to stop by.

9. Sightseeing at Phare d’Albion

The beautiful sight and picturesque beauty can be appreciated at Phare d’ Albion. The place has lighthouses and beautiful restaurants around. You can sit back, enjoy the beautiful scenes and taste good food at the restaurant.

10. Cascading waterfalls at Les 7 Cascades

Must see in Flic En FlacImage Source: unsplash.com

The 7 picturesque waterfalls at River Noire are really eye catching and take the breath away with the beautiful scenery. The beautiful landside can be explored by contacting the professional group there who will assure you the best of hiking experience.

11. Swim with dolphins La Pirogue

Go underwater and swim with dolphins under the blue lagoon at La Pirogue. The place gives the amazing experience to the tourists with dolphin cruise on the island. We can observe the bottle nose spinner dolphins playing in the Black River.  As the day goes by, you can spot the dolphins swinging along the reef to the open sea. It is one of the Must Do activities in Mauritius at La Pirogue.

12. Sail in black water at JPH Charters

One of the best excursions in Mauritius is boat rides, swimming with dolphins and luxury fishing charters in the Black Water. They have around 26- 42 ft fleet of fishing boats. The boats and manned and handled by professionals. It is an experience which will make your dream come true with mesmerizing experience of sailing in Black Waters at JPH Charters.

The place is open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and is situated at L’estuaire Commercial Centre, La Balise Marina Riviere Noire Mauritius. The place offers a big fishing game which cost around 5300 INR.

13. Relax at Avenue de la Montagne

There are beautiful resorts situated around the sea in Mauritius which attracts the travelers to go and a have a relaxing day out. The place serves the best of its food and luxurious services to its visitors. The place has rented bungalows for the tourists and one can also find the beautiful apartments by the side of the beautiful beach. The place is highly recommended to visit and is also available at affordable prices.

After having your relax time and bathing in the sun, one can find lovely restaurants around the city and enjoy the authentic food.

14. Refresh with wildlife tours at Henrietta

Places to visit in Flic En Flac - ImageImage Source: unsplash.com

Get the opportunity to enjoy the waterfalls and wildlife at Henrietta in Mauritius. There you get a chance to get around the area with the organized team and staff. The area is rich in aesthetic beauty and is loved by nature lover tourists. The place is worth spending time and money.

There are very nice and authentic Mauritian cafes around serving the Mauritian meal of samosas, curry, roti, salad and chilled watermelon. The waterfalls are very impressive and the swim was lovely. The muddy path leading towards the waterfalls is layered with the trail of green trees where wildlife can also be spotted. The sight of the waterfalls is spectacular amidst the wildlife around the area. The place is lovely and hiking can be done through the professional trainers.

15. Scuba and Snorkeling at Euro- Divers Albion

It is the diving center located inside the club which is open throughout the year. They also provide the scuba training and recreational underwater activities. The center serves the people at affordable prices and imparts training to the age group starting from 10 years old. It also trains people in PADI which is an advanced open water diving activity. The place has a good staff and recommended as a safe place.

Flic en Flac Mauritius is undoubtedly a fantastic place to visit for the energetic people. There are lots of underwater sports, recreational activities, visiting the historical monuments, cascading spectacular waterfalls, amazing boat rides, and wonderful hiking experiences. The city is worth going and spending a quality time with yourself as well as your closed ones.

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    Adrien's Dream

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    Om Spa

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    Nemo Diving Center

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    Spa Aura

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    Se Casino

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    90o Bar

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    Klondike Village

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