How to Reach Florianopolis


  • By plane: The nearest airport to Florianopolis is Hercilio Luz International Airport. It is located at a distance of 12 kilometers from the city center. You can take local buses or taxis to get to the main city. Most of the flights require a connection in Sao Paulo. You can fly in from most major cities in South America and also from New York, Miami, etc. Some airlines also serve domestic regions and you can fly in from most major places in Brazil. A lot of daily flights operate in and out specially during the summer season as it is the most preferred time to visit the city.
  • By bus: Terminal Rita Maria is the name of the Central Bus Station which is located at 1104 Paulo Fontes Avenue. It links Florianopolis City to most of the cities in Santa Catarina state and main Brazilian cities. The main bus companies operating in Florianopolis are Catarinense, Santo Anjo, Reunidas and Eucatur .
  • By car: You can use the Route BR-101 (cross Brazil from north to south), then get to the express BR-282 route.


  • By Bus: There are a lot of buses connecting the beaches to the city center. The bus system is an issue since sometimes transfers are necessary at regional terminals and sometimes the trip can be really long. The cost is 3.10 Real each way and transfers are free at internal stations. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the beaches.
  • By Car: The main way to get around is car and is suggested to explore the beaches at your own pace. Although, you might get stuck in traffic.
  • On Foot: This is the best way to explore any city with various beaches as you completely get to absorb everything that the city has to offer to you.