Events and Festivals in Fort Myers

  • Cirque du Soleil: A theatre fest, mostly taking place in the month of October, it is a huge paraphernalia of theatre artists and performers exhibiting the finest performances on stage.
  • Big Orange Music Festival: A grand music festival, it contains live DJ, music, free food, drinks and much fun, frolic and entertainment.
  • Southwest Florida and Lee County Fair: Taking place between the months of February to March, the fair is dedicated to encourage agricultural, horticultural, creative arts, industrial and sciences amongst the residents while providing for ample entertainment.
  • Elvis Fest 8: Usually taking place in the month of June, this is a treat for all the fans of Elvis Presley. The show is a dedication to his music and work. There is a complimentary Hawaiian drink waiting for you as well.
  • Naples Grape Festival: Hailed in the month of September, this festival marks the harvest of grapes in Naples.
  • Charlotte Harbor Nature Festival: Dedicated to the preservation of the environment and nurturing it, while creating awareness about it, this festival is to educate and support the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program. Usually takes place in the month of November.
  • Annual Fourth of July Parade in Bonita Springs’: It is to mark the fourth of July, and grace it with a parade. It sees the coming together of many charitable organizations to support the local firefighters who together coordinate to make the parade as perfect as it can be.
  • Garden Bros Circus in Punta Gorda: A fun filled family event, with lots of activities and fun games to entertain you. There is a fun zone with great rides and activities as well.

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