Best Things To Do in Fort Myers, Florida

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Fort Myers is known for the richness that it offers in its arts and culture. The whole city is replete with museums, art galleries and other centres that act as pioneers of art and culture. There are many places which hold exhibitions that sell and showcase paintings, artifacts, antiques, jewelry and showpieces etc. There are many parks, with lush greens and ponds for fishing. The whole city is quite relaxed and replete with entertainment options ranging from performing arts to malls. 

  • Edison and Ford Estates: See the winter homes of two of America’s most iconic industrialists.
  • Manatee Park: Watersports at the lake, or a jog around the water; this is fun family times outdoors. Manatees are a little far away though.
  • Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve: Move quietly and watch the plethora of birds. Have a picnic too.
  • Lakes Regional Park: Many small bridges covering many small lakes. Check out the 15 minute train ride.
  • Castle Golf: An 18-hole fairy tale and mini-golf adventure.

Below we have a list of things to do in Fort Myers and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Fort Myers getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Fort Myers with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Fort Myers

Here is the list of things to do in Fort Myers and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Castle Golf

    4.7 (549 Votes)
    Castle Golf

    Park, Wildlife Park, Golf Course, Bridge

    A combo of fairy-tale and mini-golf… this could not ever possibly fail. And in this case, it succeeds so hard, that this attraction has been officially named one of Florida’s greatest mini-golf courses by TripAdvisor. As you journey thru an 18-hole adventure, you’ll find yourself watched over by gargoyles that guard a path filled with waterfalls, fountains and mysterious draw...Read more
  2. Daas Co-op Art Gallery And Gifts

    Art Gallery

    The art gallery was opened up by two artists in collaboration and features the works of the artists. The gallery features the local artists and auctions and showcases their work for purchase and buying. The artwork is well arranged with lights through motion sensors guiding your way. You can usually find the artist hanging around there to chat up and discuss their work with. Not just the work b...Read more
  3. Space 39 Art Bar And Lounge

    Bar, Art Gallery, Food And Drinks

    Located in downtown Fort Myers, this place is an upscale art gallery with a martini lounge as well. The artwork of the place changes every month. Run by art experts, the whole purpose of the place is to showcase it in a way that it is both enjoyable and insightful. The ambience of the place is cool and artsy with a fresh upbeat crowd. The martini drinks are customized and delicious, presented i...Read more
  4. Arts For Act Gallery

    4.8 (147 Votes)
    Arts For Act Gallery

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery

    This is an art gallery backed by a noble cause as it is set up by the Abuse Counselling and Treatment (ACT), an organization which shelters the victims of domestic violence. A 100% non-profit gallery, this place showcases premium and extraordinary artwork, laden with glass facades and showcasing artwork. The gallery changes the artwork every two weeks, depending on the seasons etc. The place ho...Read more
  5. Gulf Coast Model Railroad

    4.9 (119 Votes)
    Gulf Coast Model Railroad

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery

    This is an art gallery backed by a noble cause as it is set up by the Abuse Counselling and Treatment (ACT), an organization which shelters the victims of domestic violence. A 100% non-profit gallery, this place showcases premium and extraordinary artwork, laden with glass facades and showcasing artwork. The gallery changes the artwork every two weeks, depending on the seasons etc. The place ho...Read more
  6. Vema - Veron Ennis Modern Art

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery

    Located on the second floor of the historic Edwards Building, the VEMA gallery of modern art is located among all other modern art galleries. The artist, Veron Ennis portrays and showcases contemporary modernism in her art forms. She also hosts art talks, that are highly in sync with the culture of the region. The place is rather refreshing, in terms of the fact that the perspectives it offers ...Read more
  7. Burroughs Home And Gardens

    Garden, Walking Area, Historical Site

    This Georgian Revival mansion was once the centre of every important social even in Fort Myers. Visitors to the place today will be treated to a collection of antique furniture, historical artefacts, and stories of who’s who of Ford and Edison’s times. Outside the house, you can walk through a lush garden, in front of a river. Charming and elegant, a tour through the house is one of...Read more
  8. Art Of The Olympians Museum And Gallery

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Art Gallery

    The Art of the Olympians is a unique gallery and museum, started by the Olympian and Paralympian artists. This unique gallery aims to showcase the connection between sports and art. The gallery celebrates the olympic and paralympic athletes and their achievements. The place holds business programs and traveling exhibits and portrays the unique stories of the olympic champions. The building is s...Read more
  9. Edison And Ford Winter Estates

    Museum, Botanical Garden

    The Edison & Ford Winter Estates boasts of beautiful lush green botanical gardens, historic buildings and a museum. The Edison's Botanic Research Laboratory is also present here. The museum is quite impressive with an excellent collection of artifacts, inventions and galleries containing special relics. The entrance is quite impressive and the main attractions include a moonlight garden and...Read more
  10. Point Ybel Brewing Company

    4.7 (169 Votes)
    Point Ybel Brewing Company

    Food And Drinks, Brewery, Cafe, Pubs

    Walt and Amy, frustrated with the lack of good beer in Southwest Florida, decided to homebrew their beer in Sanibel. This eventually led to the formation of Point Ybel Brewing Company, as they moved from their own kitchen, into a full scale pub! Combining unique beer, quirky live music and a very child out crowd in a vey hip establishment, this is one of Fort Myers’ essential nightlife st...Read more
  11. Bunche Beach

    4.5 (281 Votes)
    Bunche Beach

    Beach, Off Beaten Path, Walking Area

    Tucked away in the quiet havens of the beaten track path, this is a little paradise with kayaking and canoeing options for the enthusiasts. It is an unconquered and serene beach, with soft white sand and the world to explore. The water is warm and light, with sea shells strewed all over. One can visit this beach if they are looking for some peace and serenity. One can visit this place to have n...Read more
  12. Butterfly Estates

    4.4 (205 Votes)
    Butterfly Estates


    Dedicated to the protection and preservation of the native butterflies of Florida, this green friendly place is a unique attempt to bring out the best of the place. There are various projects being carried out which are helping the butterfly population flourish and grow throughout the state. The workers around here would be quite pleased to impart their basic knowledge and trivia about the place.
  13. Miss Potters Place

    4.4 (20 Votes)
    Miss Potters Place

    Educational Site

    This place is run by a certain Miss Potter, who has been working for years to transform her backyard to a gardening oasis, for farming, plant nursery and much more. An agritourism destination, it offers for a fun filled delicious and educational journey. The place functions on square foot gardening method and has a variety of trees, plants and herbs. There are fruit and vegetable trees and plan...Read more
  14. John Yarbrough Linear Park

    Park, Walking Area, Bird Watching

    John Yarbrough Linear Park is a multiple use park with quite a few facilities and amenities available. The place is perfect for a morning walk, jog or stroll. The park is dog and pet friendly as well. You can go fishing, bird watching and wildlife viewing as well. It is green corridor, present in a busy street and provides for the much needed respite from city life. You can spot alligators in t...Read more
  15. Artful Gardens


    The place is designed to suit the needs of children and people with special attention and need, and that is the motto of it as well. The place is designed to educate and introduce people about nature, in an environment that they feel comfortable and safe in. A non-profit garden, which is highly friendly towards people with autism, both adults and children. It is aimed to teach them appropriate ...Read more