Best Things To Do in Fortaleza, Brazil

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What to see 

The beach is the main attraction in Fortaleza but there are also some incredible historical buildings to take in.

Praia do Futuro:

As Fortaleza’s best beach, this clean length of sand goes on for 5km south along the Av Dioguinho to the Clube Caca e Pesca. Kiosks along the beach front serve crab and beer.

Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura:

This fantastic cultural centre includes cinemas, museums, galleries, theatres, a planetarium and a great café in a large complex with lifted walkways joining blocks on different streets.  

Parque Ecológico do Côco:

Fortaleza’s most popular recreational park was set up in 1991 after mounting pressure from local ecologists to protect the mangrove swamps from the industrial zone and highways. Events are regularly arranged to increase environmental awareness amongst visitors.

Teatro José de Alencar:

This remarkable paste-coloured hybrid building of Art Nouveau and classical architecture was constructed in 1910 and is currently used for cultural events. Visit on a Friday or Saturday night.

Museu do Ceará:

The museum boasts some fantastic exhibits which explain the state’s anthropology and history. Don’t miss out on the display which illustrates the four fishermen who sailed from Praia de Iracama to Rio in 1941 to enlighten the Federal Government on their ‘misery and suffering’. 

Where To Be


Engarrafamento means traffic jam and you can expect just that at this lively and popular samba venue. It looks like a restaurant from the outside but is more like a disco where all of the cool kids knock back buckets of Skol.

Café Pagliuca:

This bohemian live venue offers jazz music on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; tango on a Thursday and bossa jazz on a Saturday in a sophisticated cafe atmosphere. It is popular with the 30 something crowd and artists, musicians and intellectuals frequent the place.

Mucuripe Club:

This club has five different dance floors which feature everything from jazz to techno. If you end up losing a friend you might only see him or her tomorrow in this large venue. 

Below we have a list of things to do in Fortaleza and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Fortaleza getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Fortaleza with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Fortaleza

Here is the list of things to do in Fortaleza and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Public Garden

    4.4 (246 Votes)
    Public Garden


    This is the oldest square in Fortaleza and is known by various names including the Martyrs Square. The garden is set in the square and serves as a popular hangout in the city. The trees centennial, Baobab Tree planted by Senator Pompey are worth observing. The square dates back to 1890, but was renovated in 1940 on the lines of the Public garden of Rio de Janeiro.
  2. Praia Do Futuro

    4.5 (216 Votes)
    Praia Do Futuro

    Beach, Entertainment, Water Sport, Picnic Spot

    Perfect for swimming and bathing, the Praia do future beach is less crowded and offers the much needed tranquillity in the bustling city of Fortaleza. There are also barracks and restaurants serving food if you are hungry after all the swimming!    Activities : bathing, swimming, surfing
  3. Morro Branco

    Beach, View Point, Sand Dunes

    Located in Beberibe, the Morro Branco is known for its different hues of sand and is especially used for silicografia which is the art of drawing with sand. Observe the Labyrinth Morro Branco which is formed by the erosion on the cliffs and dunes. There is a lighthouse where you can hike to and get a panoramic view of the sea, especially during the sunset. There is also a petite fisherman villa...Read more
  4. Praia De Iracema

    4.6 (263 Votes)
    Praia De Iracema

    Beach, Entertainment, Nightlife

    A well-liked beach and neighbourhood in Fortaleza, Praira De Iracema is named after the character Iracema in the novel of the same name by famous Cearense writer Jose de Alencar. This prime district serves as a popular downtown and is known for its nightlife, hotels and recreational centres. The Dragao do Mar Centre of Arts and Culture is located within the area.
  5. Dragao Do Mar Theatre

    4.5 (232 Votes)
    Dragao Do Mar Theatre

    Entertainment, Amphitheater

    A massive structure with a domed roof, the Dragao do Mar Centre of Art and Culture is spread over an area of 33000 square metres. Dedicated to art and culture, this centre is named after Dragao do Mar in the honour of Chico da Matilde- a hero of the abolitionist movement in Ceara, who in 1881 refused to transport slaves to be sold further south in the country. Attractions include: Me...Read more
  6. Arena Castelao

    4.6 (171 Votes)
    Arena Castelao


    Opened in 1973, the Estádio Castelao has a seating capacity of 63903. Built at the initiative taken by state governor Placido Castelo, it has one small continuous oval shaped tier and large ramps at both sides. The second tier was installed in 1980 and there were subsequent renovations and today, it is one of the best sports Arenas in the state. Drop in for a match when in the city and s...Read more
  7. Mercado Central

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    Mercado Central


    Also known as the Fortress Central Market, the Mercado central specialises in handmade goodies of the Ceara province. Dating back to 1809, the market was initially set up for the trade of meat, fruits and vegetables. It was later renovated and now is set in an impressive circular building. Housing around 500 stores, drop in to shop for clothes, accessories and more!
  8. Fontes Beach

    Beach, Sand Dunes

    Dotted with red and white sand dune cliffs, this beach offers a great view and has an extra ordinary backdrop of shoreline and ponds. The fauna is beautiful and the best attraction of the beach is the Buggy ride. These buggies will take you through dunes, grottos and run till the Uruau Lake- the largest lake in the area. Horse riding is also available on the beach.
  9. Meireles Beach

    Beach, Food And Drinks

    A stretch of beach adorned by the handicraft fair- Feirinha de Artesanato, Meireles Beach is a popular hangout in Fortaleza. Dotted with hotels, restaurants and shopping areas, this beach is a tourist magnet. The Barracas- rustic restaurants by the beach are great for drinks and food by the sea. The beach serves as a great walking area and visitors can take a stroll anytime during the day or ni...Read more
  10. Metropolitana Cathedral

    4.7 (154 Votes)
    Metropolitana Cathedral

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    The construction of this majestic cathedral began in 1939 and it took a whole lot of time to complete- nearly 40 years! It was designed by French architect George Mounier and the design was allegedly inspired by the Grand Cathedral in cologne. This is the third largest cathedral in Brazil and is set in Gothic-Roman style. There is a seating capacity of 5000 worshipers, the chapel of Joseph-the ...Read more
  11. Ingleses Bridge

    Bridge, Architecture

    Also known as the metal Bridge, this is one of the most iconic development structures in Fortaleza and is located in Praia de Iracema. Dating back to 1921, the construction of this bridge began during the British rule. Initially constructed to connect to the new port that was being developed, the Bridge has become a great spot for tourists to get a panoramic view of the sea. Flooded with visito...Read more
  12. Cachaca Museum

    Art Museum, Theme Park, Specialty Museum

    Located a few kilometres away, the theme park offers activities like zip-line, hiking trails, and river kayaking. The Cachaca is a metropolitan area museum and displays a vast collection of documents, pictures, bottles and barrels of spices, maps and everything related to the Cachaca history. The museum exhibits the largest wooden barrel in the world with a height of 8 metres and a capacity of ...Read more
  13. Crocobeach Bar & Restaurante

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Restaurant, Entertainment

    Located right on the Future beach, this is a very popular resort known for its apt service and great ambience. Drop in for good food, excellent drinks and chances are you might just never feel like leaving!  
  14. Centro De Turismo Do Ceara

    4.3 (182 Votes)
    Centro De Turismo Do Ceara

    Market, Shopping Center, Arts And Crafts

    Located in tan old jailhouse, the tourism centre is a one-stop destination for knowing the whereabouts of different attractions and activities in Fortaleza. Also, there is a small market selling handicraft goods and local specialities like cashew nuts, liqueurs, dripping, souvenirs, nets and bobbin laces inside the centre.
  15. Jose De Alencar Theatre

    4.7 (134 Votes)
    Jose De Alencar Theatre

    Entertainment, Theatre, Architecture

    Officially operating since 1910, this Brazilian theatre features the brilliant style of architecture built in the art nouveau style. The auditorium has a seating capacity of 120 and the inner structure comprises of glass and metal work imported from Scotland. Attractions include: 120-seat auditorium, foyer, stage space open and annex building, Centre for the Arts Scenic (CENA) spread over 2000 ...Read more