17 Best Things To Do in Frankenmuth, Michigan

Beguiling you with a plethora of attractions and activities, Frankenmuth is one of the most-trodden destinations in Michigan for vacationers. With something to do every season, Frankenmuth has visitors exploring it all year round. Should you be inclined towards culture, while contemplating a vacation, then this place with its exceptional Bavarian culture will impress you and how. Amidst a gamut of festivals, attractions throwing light on the region’s history, art and culture are some things that you must look forward to here.

Nestled in Michigan’s Saginaw County, Frankenmuth holds a great amount of German significance, which can be a delight to someone who is clueless about this amazing culture. Speaking of the German culture and aforementioned festival,s this town is popular for its beer fest that has many coming to tread it.

Here’s a list of 17 Best Things To Do In Frankenmuth that you must not miss while contemplating a sojourn here:

1. Zehnder Park

Also known as Edwin L. Zehnder Park, Zehnder Park is one of the top attractions in Frankenmuth. Famous for showcasing more than a hundred artists every year, this park is more like an art gallery than anything else. From budding artists, to professional experimenters, you will get to view the most diverse art here from June to September. To experience the real charm of the place, make sure you visit during the weekend. An ideal place to go souvenir shopping, or add something to your trinket collection, you will find yourself drawn to the imagination and creativity that the artists display here.

2. The Fortress Golf Course

Boasting of a play that extends up to 6,813 yards, The Fortress Golf Course is also known to be one of the most spectacular golf courses in Michigan. Established in 1992, its location is what has won the hearts of tourists. An 18-hole, par 72 course, it welcomes beginners, amateurs and professionals into the fortress of golf. It can be the perfect destination for a fun weekend with family and friends, and also ideal to host events and parties. The scenic rolling hills, the shrubs and flowers adding a touch of elegance and the most relaxing atmosphere, it is surely one of the top places to visit in Frankenmuth.

3. Frankenmuth Brewery

Frankenmuth Brewery - a fun things to doImage Source: flickr.com

Brewing beer since 1862, Frankenmuth Brewery is the oldest brewery in Michigan. Before becoming famous as Frankenmuth Brewery, it was known by many names like Geyer Brothers Brewing Co. and Cass River Brewery. Today, it proudly serves more than 20 draft beers with close to 40 styles being rotated all year long. An interesting aspect of this brewery is their mascot, Frankie. Around 85 years of age, this handsome Dachshund has featured on their labels and is now the face of this brand. One of the most fun things to do in Frankenmuth, a visit to Frankenmuth Brewery is a must!

4. Frankenmuth River Place Shops

Frankenmuth River Place Shops - a place for shopping experience
Image Source: flickr.com

Your experience of shopping in Frankenmuth will be incomplete if you don’t include Frankenmuth River Place Shops in your plan. A one of a kind place, this shopping center is a German-themed outdoor mall that houses more than 40 shops. From sweet indulgence to savoury wonder, art supplies to stationary, gourmet ingredients to wine, and of course apparel and accessories, it all together, makes for the ultimate shopping experience. Feel free to include your children in this plan, as this market has some fun play centers and food trucks. If this wasn’t enough, you will also be entertained by events, competitions and games, making it a perfect place to visit in Frankenmuth!

5. Bavarian Belle Riverboat

Bavarian Belle Riverboat - visit the city on water
Image Source: flickr.com

A family owned and operated riverboat, Bavarian Belle Riverboat is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Frankenmuth. Taking you along the waters, they give you a brief history of the city, while showing you various tourist attractions and sites. Operating from May to Mid-October, the tours are available seven days of the week. While the capacity of the boat is 150 people, you can also make reservations for group events. Usually, one tour goes on for an hour, but in case of any events like weddings and reunions, this duration can be extended.

6. Bavarian Inn Lodge

Bavarian Inn Lodge - European themed hotel
Image Source: flickr.com

Overlooking the gorgeous waters of the Cass River, Bavarian Inn Lodge is one of the most sought-after place in the city. Amongst the top Frankenmuth hotels, a staying experience here is nothing short of a treat. Giving you an authentic German experience, this lodge has 360 guest rooms, all themed European. Ideal if you are travelling with children, the indoor water park, miniature golf, sports facilities, trails, and other play areas are exciting and fun. Along with a lively nightlife, family activities and romantic gourmet cuisine, this lodge is perfect for all.

7. Michigan's Military & Space Heroes Museum

Paying tribute to the brave hearts of America, Michigan's Military & Space Heroes Museum fills you up with pride. Showcasing more than 140 displays and over 700 exhibits, this museum tells the stories of astronauts, Medal of Honor Recipients and the governors. With the country’s largest Medal of Honor collection, this museum salutes the memories of the soldiers. With a timeline that extends to the War on Terrorism, from the Spanish-American War, the museum covers a total of the seven foreign wars fought by the nation. One of the best places to visit in Frankenmuth, don’t miss out on this.

8. St. Lorenz Lutheran Church

Rich with history, legends and tales, St. Lorenz Lutheran Church impresses the visitors with its archaic brick structure, and elegant interiors. Particularly popular for its stained-glass windows, you will be mesmerised by the art depicted through these glasses, using the most wonderful, vibrant colours. Glance at the ceiling, and a stunning piece of artwork is pleasant to observe. One of the most peaceful places to visit in Frankenmuth, be a part of the art and culture of the city here.

9. Bronner's Christmas Wonderland

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland - fun place to visitImage Source: flickr.com

Claiming to be the ‘World’s Largest Christmas Store’, Bronner's Christmas Wonderland is like festivities in a room! With a 17-feet tall Santa welcoming you into the store, it is a special experience to walk through this store. One of the fun things to do in Frankenmuth with children, adults too will be thrilled by this visit. Close to 800 figurines, ornaments, trees, lights, Nativity scenes, and all other decoration material can be found here. The store was established in the year 1945, and since then has grown exponentially. So large is its grandeur, that it enjoys a traffic of more than 2 million visitors every year!

10. Castle Shops- Bavarian Inn

Castle Shops - enjoy shopping in the city
Image Source: flickr.com

With a life of being doted by all visitors, Castle Shops- Bavarian Inn quickly turns the visitors into fans. With a simple decor like that of a fairytale, you will find the combination of the cobblestone paths, the enchanting structure and the bright interiors to be fun and a little mesmerising. Offering you everything from toys and souvenirs, to wine and candy, the experience of eating and shopping here is unparalleled. Being one of the most fun things to do in Frankenmuth, a visit here is a must.

11. Mirror Maze

One of the most exciting things to do in Frankenmuth with children is to visit Mirror Maze. Simply a delight for children, youngsters as well as adults, this mirror amusement park is one of the most unusual things to do in Frankenmuth. The game of finding your way out of the maze, while your own reflection startles you, is exciting, to say the least. You will be challenged with dead ends, unending circles and surprise corners. You can also spend some time in front of the funny mirrors seeing your amusing reflection!

12. Heritage Park

One of the most popular parks in the city, Heritage Park should not be missed on your visit to the city. Giving visitors the true vibe of the city, this park offers relaxation amidst the art and culture of Frankenmuth. Events are planned all year long, and in case you do stumble upon a ‘no event’ day, you will have fun strolling along its playgrounds and fields. Picnic shelters are also available here, along with many other facilities. An important point of interest in Frankenmuth, do include this in your itinerary.

13. Frankenmuth Historical Museum

Frankenmuth Historical Museum - a must see place
Image Source: flickr.com

A 1905 hotel converted into a museum, Frankenmuth Historical Museum flaunts a collection that recites the story of the city. A seven-gallery center, you will find records and exhibits that tell you all about the history and the evolution of the community. The collection includes artefacts, documents, photographs and many such items. If you have some free time, and are wondering what to do in Frankenmuth, a visit here will prove to be very interesting. While here, do pay the gift shop a visit, to collect a few trinkets on your way out.

14. Frankenmuth Aerial Park

An aerial park meant for children as well as adults, Frankenmuth Aerial Park is a fun place to spend some time with friends and family. Challenging games that require focus and skill can be enjoyed while the easier ones too are equally fun! Climbing, swinging, flying and zip lining are some of the activities that can be enjoyed here. One of the most exciting things to do in Frankenmuth, you can make group reservations here too.

15. Our Mother Earth

A place that takes adults back to their childhood, Our Mother Earth is a toy store in the city. One of the top places to visit in Frankenmuth with children, head here to indulge in memories, old and new. This jungle themed store offers toys related to the jungle and all its inhabitants, like books, soft toys, gifts and educational items too. Events are conducted, especially during the festival season, for children.

16. Grandpa Tiny's Farm

A fun place to visit in Frankenmuth, Grandpa Tiny's Farm is a wonderful place to visit, especially if you’re travelling with children. Giving the visitors valuable insights on the traditional farming methods, a trip here is a combination of knowledge and fun. While observing the various processes is enjoyable, there is no joy greater than meeting the furry little farm animals and birds. Along with group tours, they also have a vegetable picking tour, games, a store and a petting zoo.

17. St. Julian Winery

Fine wine, produced with local goodness, St. Julian Winery is one of the top attractions in Frankenmuth. Flaunting its age, it is one of the oldest, as well as the biggest wineries in Michigan. Established in the year 1921, this family business has flourished like no other! Today, they offer a wide selection of 80 types of the most elegant wines. You can either go for a tour to know more about the wine-making process, or just opt for a tasting session. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a couple of bottles on your way out!

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