Events and Festivals in Frankfurt

  • Frankfurt Motor Show: German cars are known for their brilliant design and strength. The Frankfurt Motor show celebrates and showcases exactly that legendary efficiency. Car enthusiasts are sure to try and attend this prestigious event.
  • Frankfurt Book Fair: The Frankfurt Book fair only allows regular public to attend it in the last two days but it still pulls huge crowds from all over the world. This very well-known book fair is definitely worth a visit for book worms and literature lovers.
  • Frankfurt Museum Night: Haven’t you always dreamed of leisurely viewing the exhibits in museums at night with few tourists and a lot of time? In Frankfurt you actually can. This is usually done in May when all the museums are open after hours.
  • River Main Festival: The River Main festival sees an amazing display of fireworks. They also have great roasted meat and other delicacies during this festival.
  • Christmas Market: The Christmas market is a longstanding tradition in the country. Frankfurt has an awesome flea market in November and December that is sure to be fascinating for the tourists.

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