30 Best Things To Do In Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, also referred to as Frankfurt am Main has been credited to shape Germany’s industrial sector in more ways than, justifying its rather serious image. Reminding me of the cobbled streets that Heidi ran over from Clara’s house, Frankfurt holds us a special place in hearts of those who have read or watched the fictional work of Johanna Spyri. Coming back to what one can look forward to in Frankfurt as a visitor, there is a lot. Tradition and culture seep deep into Frankfurt beckoning you to check out its list of museums and modern art galleries.

The seriousness of the city is beautifully tamed down, rather just right balanced by the relaxing cafes where locals head for spending their evenings. Shopping in Frankfurt is a thing and you must explore this front. Without further ado, following is a list of some of the best Things To Do In Frankfurt that you must behold while exploring it.

1. Soak in the spectacular views of Frankfurt from The Main Tower

Standing tall at 200 meters, the 56-storeyed The Main Tower is a staggeringly huge skyscraper in the Innenstadt district of Frankfurt. One of the primary points of interest in Frankfurt, Germany, it boasts of five underground floors and two public viewing platforms. A visit to The Main Tower bequeaths visitors with stunning views of the Frankfurt city. Apart from admiring the dynamic landscape of this region, The Main Tower also gives you a chance to pay a visit to Europe’s highest radio and television studio that is located on its 53rd and 54th floor.

2. Learn about the legacy of celebrated writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe at The Goethe House

The Goethe House - a wonderful place to visitImage Source: wikimedia.org

The Goethe House is the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a legendary German writer and poet. Later, this house was converted into a museum as a tribute to this literary figure. A tour of this Goethe family home gives you a glimpse into the life and family of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Decorated with period furniture, ornaments and artefacts as well as housing an exhibition of paintings from the Goethe era, The Goethe House is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Frankfurt.

3. Experience the best of Frankfurt’s hospitality in Sachsenhausen

Sachsenhausen - a collection of various things to doImage Source: wikimedia.org

The largest district in terms of population in Frankfurt, Sachsenhausen is a fascinating area which houses numerous popular tourist attractions in Frankfurt. Some of Germany’s best-known museums, largest flea markets, spectacular churches and most importantly, finest bars and pubs are located in this district. Though this district is divided into two parts for the sake of administrative purposes, it is mostly treated as a singular entity. Full of apple wine pubs, historic houses and narrow backstreets, a visit to Sachsenhausen gives visitors a peek into the ancient days of Frankfurt.

4. Visit the famous City Hall of Frankfurt in Romerberg

Romerberg - what to do at this iconic structureImage Source: wikimedia.org

A sojourn to Frankfurt is incomplete without a trip to its most iconic structure – Romer building - the City Hall of Frankfurt. You can get to visit this and many other top attractions in Frankfurt upon your visit to Romerberg, a huge public space nestled in the historic heart of the medieval Altstadt. Lined with historic houses on one side and modern structures on the other, Romerberg is a neighborhood which showcases seamless fusion of old and new. Also famous as the location of outdoor Frankfurt Christmas Market, Romerberg is also a popular spot for shopping in Frankfurt.

5. Get to know more about German democracy at St Pauls Church

Built as a symbol of German democracy, St Pauls Church is a red sandstone neo-classical which was built sometime during 1789. Due to the fact that it became the seat of the Frankfurter National Assembly, where the first democratic constitution was brought to paper, its importance in the history of Germany is immense. Though it is now a Protestant Church, it was built originally as a Lutheran church. It is also used as a venue for hosting symbolic functions like the ceremony around Goethe Prize award. Undoubtedly one of the most popular things to do in Frankfurt, a visit to St Pauls Church is indeed an interesting experience!

6. Go museum hopping at Museumsufer

An entire stretch of land along the Main River in Frankfurt is home to numerous museums and art galleries. This boulevard of museums is collectively known as Museumsufer or, Museum Riverbank. Museums displaying informative and interactive exhibits, shows and artefacts from various spheres like history, art, architecture, literature and fine arts are housed in this area which is divided into two sections- the north side and the south side. Ikonenmuseum, German Architecture Museum, Jewish Museum Frankfurt, Städel and Museum Giersch are some of the most famous museums located in Museumsufer. It thus comes as no wonder then, that Museumsufer is one of the prime points of interest in Frankfurt.

7. Step into the world of dinosaurs at The Senckenberg Museum of Natural History, Frankfurt

One of the largest Natural History Museums in Germany, The Senckenberg Museum of Natural History, Frankfurt houses a huge plethora of interesting exhibits in the field of biodiversity, evolutionary biology, paleontology and geology. Particularly popular among children, this museum boasts extensive fossil collections and the largest exhibition of dinosaur skeleton in Europe. A top attraction in Frankfurt, The Senckenberg Museum of Natural History is ideal for natural history enthusiasts.

8. Shop till you drop at the Zeil Shopping Street

Considered to be one of Germany’s best shopping stops, the Zeil Shopping Street, Frankfurt is a place brimming with retails shops, departmental stores and specialty boutiques. Enticing visitors with numerous options to indulge in binge shopping, this street houses a popular mall as well street shops. For those planning on shopping in Frankfurt, a brief stop at the Zeil Shopping Street is a must!

9. Enjoy modern art at The Museum of Modern Art

Founded in 1981, The Museum of Modern Art is one of the newest museums in Frankfurt. Originally housing a huge collection of 65 works of Pop art and Minimalism that honor the legacy of German collector Karl Ströher, this museum went on later adding to its collection. It now consists of a permanent collection of over 4,500 works of international art, ranging from the 1960s to the present. Another reason behind the popularity of this museum is its bold and striking architecture – due to its triangular shape, The Museum of Modern Art is often referred to as "the slice of cake" by locals! A visit to this museum is one of the mandatory things to do in Frankfurt for art lovers!

10. Admire centuries-old paintings at the Stadel Museum

One of the most prominent collections of art in Germany, Stadel Museum is a magnificent art gallery in Frankfurt. Housing close to 2,700 paintings, a collection of 100,000 drawings and prints as well as 600 sculptures, Stadel Museum was founded in 1817. The major draw for visitors at this museum are the European paintings from seven centuries, from 14th century to the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, covering the Late Gothic, the Renaissance, and Baroque eras. A popular point of interest in Frankfurt for art lovers, this art gallery features shuffled displays of various art works from time to time.

11. Observe botanical exhibits at The Palm Garden

Opened in 1871, The Palm Garden is one of the two botanical gardens in Frankfurt, Germany. Hundreds of plant species from the tropical flora and the exotic plants displayed in this garden attract visitors from all over the globe. The scenic walking trails and the huge green houses add to the charm of this garden, making it one of the top attractions in Frankfurt. Bequeathing you with a pleasant atmosphere and a charming environment which is perfect for relaxation, The Palm Garden is a beautiful place in Frankfurt.

12. Take a trip back in time at the St Bartholomews Cathedral

An ancient church in Frankfurt, the St Bartholomews Cathedral is a place that is steeped deep in history. This cathedral was officially chosen to serve as the electoral site for kings of the Holy Roman Empire in 1356. After the cathedral was ravaged in a fire in 1867 after which it was reconstructed in neo-Gothic style. The newly constructed cathedral consists of a 310 feet tall tower which offers visitors spectacular views of the surroundings.

13. Head for a tasty schnitzel to Romer Pils Brunnen

Serving delicious, authentic German food and a huge selection of beers to the visitors, Romer Pils Brunnen is a German pub in Frankfurt. One of the best places to eat in Frankfurt, this joint boasts of a warm ambience and a friendly staff, ensuring that the time spent here is an enjoyable one. The exhaustive menu and the beautifully decorated interiors of Romer Pils Brunnen make it a popular eatery among many patrons. It is priced affordably and dishes out huge servings of food to the tourists.

14. Take a refreshing stroll across Eiserner Steg

Eiserner Steg is a footbridge in Frankfurt, Germany which connects the center of Frankfurt with the district of Sachsenhausen. The present famous iron and concrete pedestrian bridge, leading over the river Main, was re-built in the year 1946 after the original one was destroyed during the Second World War. A walk across this neo-Gothic-style bridge is one of the best free things to do in Frankfurt at night.

15. Roam around the open-air museum of Hessenpark

Perfect for a day’s trip from Frankfurt, Hessenpark is an open-air museum located in the town of Neu-Anspach, Hesse, Germany. Featuring half-timbered buildings from the land of Hesse, Hessenpark is a popular family destination in this area. This vast outdoor cultural site organizes numerous programs and events on the backdrop of the beautiful historical structures. Head over to Hessenpark for a fun-filled time at the museum theatre and the handcraft presentations.

16. Buy fresh produce at Kleine Markthalle

It is often said that markets are the best place to experience the culture and local vibe of any city and the same holds true for Frankfurt as well! The ideal option to get the feel of this vibrant city is by going for a shopping trip at the Kleine Markthalle. With 150 market stalls selling some of the finest foods in Germany, the Kleine Markthalle is a splendid place to intermingle with the locals. Though it might seem like an unusual thing to do in Frankfurt, this market is surely worth a visit!

17. Visit the historic Baroque Hauptwache

One of the most famous plazas in Frankfurt, The Hauptwache is one of the city’s busiest pedestrian areas. This area has been named after The Baroque Hauptwache, a Guard House turned café, that was built in 1730. It was the headquarters of the city's Stadtwehr militia at the time when Frankfurt was an independent city state. Today the plaza is one of the top tourist attractions in Frankfurt and contains a number of different architectural styles, right from historic era constructions to modern, present day structures.

18. Catch a concert at The Old Opera House

Considered to be “Germany’s most beautiful ruin,” The Old Opera House is a structure that was constructed in 1880 before it destroyed by bombs in 1944. Thanks to generous contributions, it was reconstructed and inaugurated in the year 1981. Ever since then, the beautifully constructed halls of the Alte Oper has been witnessing mesmerizing concerts of numerous artists and bands, spanning across the genres of jazz, rock and pop. This concert hall is a must visit place in Frankfurt for all the music lovers.

19. Click photos on the backdrop of Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen

Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen or The Justice Fountain is one of Frankfurt’s most prominent landmarks. Though it was originally built in 1543 as a tribute to the city, the statue housed here today was added later. The towering bronze statue features Justitia, the goddess of justice, who holds above her head a sword and scales. Adorning the landscape of Frankfurt, the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen has appeared as a backdrop in countless tourist photos and wedding pictures.

20. Pamper your partner with a romantic dinner at Klosterhof

Offering visitors with luxurious culinary delights of the local gastronomy, Klosterhof is a perfect place to have a romantic, yet a fulfilling meal in Frankfurt. The soft lighting, the wooden interiors and the cozy vibe at this restaurant makes this diner a must-visit place for couples in Frankfurt. Out of the delicious and exhaustive menu, the Trappist, Hunter's, and the apple-cranberry-cheese-fried egg Schnitzels are the most recommended dishes by loyal patrons of Klosterhof.

21. Lose yourselves in the world of art at Schim Kunsthalle Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt

An exhibition hall nestled in the old city between the Römer and the Frankfurt Cathedral, Schim Kunsthalle Moderne Kunst exhibits both, enchanting modern as well as contemporary art. This hall is known for hosting temporary exhibitions of art which are sure to leave the visitors impressed. In recent years, the exhibitions on retrospectives of Wassily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, and Frida Kahlo held here drew audience from all around the globe.

22. Gorge up on burgers at Die Kuh Die Lacht

Much more than a quintessential American burger joint, Die Kuh Die Lacht is a place offers great varieties of patties. An easy-going place which is perfect for a quick meal, this eatery boasts of a prompt staff and a speedy service. The best part about this burger joint is that unlike other places, this one also has numerous vegan and vegetarian options to choose from, thus making it a popular eatery in Frankfurt.

23. Walk along the river at Mainkai Street at night

One of the best things to do in Frankfurt at night, a walk down the river at the Mainkai Street bequeaths visitors to stunning views of the city lights. It is a great place to relax while admiring the placid views of the river and Frankfurt's skyline in an unhurried way. The Mainkai street is also a popular place to grab some food and drinks as the river promenade is dotted with numerous bars and cafes.

24. Shop till you drop at the Hessen Center

Considered to be one of Germany’s best shopping stops, the Hessen Center, Frankfurt is a place brimming with retails shops, departmental stores and specialty boutiques as well as numerous eateries! Enticing visitors with numerous options to indulge in binge shopping, this center houses shops of branded as well non-branded goods. For those planning on shopping in Frankfurt, a brief stop at the Hessen Center is a must!

25. Sample some tastiest seafood dishes at Trattoria I Siciliani

A place serving authentic Italian fare in the heart of Germany, Trattoria I Siciliani is a popular place to eat in Frankfurt. A cozy restaurant which dishes out freshly cooked platters which have been prepared by following ancient Sicilian recipes, Trattoria I Siciliani is a perfect place for romantic evenings and lunches.

26. Shop for choicest luxury products at Goethestrasse

An elegant boutique displaying a fine selection of luxury products, Goethestrasse is an indulgent shopping street in Frankfurt. Germany's third-busiest luxury shopping street, Goethestrasse houses designer boutiques and exclusive department stores which sell premium fashion and designer wear. The chic surroundings and the leisurely vibe here makes Goethestrasse a popular shopping destination in Frankfurt.

27. Treat your taste buds to Frankfurt’s tastiest steak at Surf N' Turf

With meat flown in from some of the best beef ranches in the US, Surf N' Turf assures to feed you with the most mouthwatering piece of steak you have eaten so far! A must-try dish at this steak joint is the ‘Butterknife’ USDA Triple Star Filet Mignon, a melt-in-the-mouth medium-rare piece of meat with a delicate peppery-mustard crust.

28. Appreciate the grand architecture at the Church of Nikolai, Frankfurt

A medieval Lutheran church in Frankfurt, Church of Nikolai is a part of art of today's Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau. One of the popular points of interest in Frankfurt, this church is a monument of immense religious and historic significances. The splendid architecture, the old-world charm and the stunningly decorated interiors add to the beauty of this church.

29. Experience the lively flavor of Frankfurt by strolling across the Berger Street

The longest road in Frankfurt, Berger Street is a path that runs for 3 kilometers through several of the city’s prominent neighborhoods. With numerous local as well as upscale shops, boutiques, pubs and cafes lining the street, a walk along this happening avenue is sure to reward you with plenty of food, dining and shopping options! A top tourist attraction in Frankfurt, the Berger street is a must-visit place for all those traveling in Frankfurt for the first time.

30. Dive into the wild at the Frankfurt Zoo

Frankfurt Zoo - spot for kids entertainmentImage Source: wikimedia.org

Home to at least 4,500 animals representing a minimum of 450 different species, the Frankfurt Zoo is Germany’s second oldest zoo which was founded in 1858. A popular thing to do with kids in Frankfurt, a visit of this zoo is perfect top get a glimpse of the huge diversity of wildlife on Earth. From marine life to reptiles, from nocturnal creatures to tropical animals, and from avian species to local wildlife, the Frankfurt Zoo is indeed a unique collection of wildlife in Germany!


11 Offbeat Activities & Things To Do In Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a major financial city of Germany, which may sound boring to any normal person looking for a funvacation. But underneath the tall skyscrapers lies a city filled with interesting and offbeat things to offer. If you are wondering what those things are, just follow our list of top 11 quirky things Frankfurt has to offer.

1. Make a wish at the Frankfurt Wishing Wells

We all know that in order to make your hopes and dreams come true you just need to toss a coin in a wishing well, and what’s better than one wishing well? Four wishing wells of course! The Marshall Brunen, the Gutenberg Monument, the Operplatz Brunen and the Liebfrauenberg located in the heart of the city serves the purpose of a genie in the form of a water body. The wells are beautifully designed with baroque-style architecture. It consists of dolphin-shaped sculptors pouring water down in an oval shaped well. This place is also a good spot to just sit, relax and get away from the hustle-bustle of many typical tourist attractions. So don’t forget to carry a lot of change while visiting this place.

2. Get peed on by Pinkelbaum (Peeing Tree)

Peeing tree - ImageImage Source: Martin Krolikowski/flickr

No one likes to get peed on, not even the trees. To raise awareness against public urination the Pinkelbaum was created by the Frankfurt Art initiative. The uo;artwork” consists of an old maple tree which is fitted with a pipe through which it pees on the passerby, although it is not actual pee but just water sprinkling through a tree. There is also a plank nearby which gives some much-needed clarification to many confused tourists. Note that the tree won’t pee on you in winters as it is considered to be dangerous.

3. Visit the Senckenberg Natural History Museum

Senckenberg Natural History Museum - ImageImage Source: Patrick Nouhailler/flickr

You know the museum visit is not going to be boring when you see a giant metal dinosaur guarding the entrance. The Senckenberg Natural History Museum is a modern take on the natural history of Germany and the world. It consists of a large collection of Dinosaur sculptures made out of metal, but don’t worry they are very friendly and won’t bite. The museum also has a collection of stuffed birds. The entry is free but if you want a guided tour you will have to shell out 3 euros.

4. Play at the hidden playground of Waldspielpark Goetheturm

If you want to escape the usual hustle bustle of the city and go somewhere peaceful and quiet, the Goetheturm is the perfect place to do that. It is located on top of a 43-meter high wooden tower. The playground consists of many slides, swings, a maze and a pool. As it is tucked away in a forest, adults can enjoy some peaceful quiet time, or just join in the fun by sliding down a slide.

5. Dare to climb the Kaiserdom Cathedral

Kaiserdom CathedralImage Source: ptwo/flickr

The Kaiserdom Cathedral located in the main square of Frankfurt gives an amazing display of medieval architecture. The cathedral consists of a 95-meter high tower that looks like the ones from the Batman movie. The Gothic look of the tower is beautiful, and the small intricate designs carved into it add more depth to its character. To see all this you must climb over 300 steps and reach the top. The view from the top is well worth the effort.

6. Shop at Handwerkskunst am Romer

If you want to bring back a bit of Germany with you there is no better place than Handwerkskunst am Romer to buy a souvenir from. Sure, beer stein can make for a great souvenir, but it cannot beat the charm of handcrafted gifts. This shop is located in the old part of Frankfurt and has a wide variety of miniature toy soldiers and amazing Christmas decorations to choose from. Each of these souvenirs is handcrafted by the owner. They also make custom wooden music boxes with the design of your choice carved into it. This shop is one of the timeless gems of Frankfurt.

7. Drink at the Dauth-Schneider

Germany is known for two things, amazing cars, and even more amazing, beer and this place has the best of both f them. The Dauth-Schneider tavern can trace its origin back to 1849 when it simply served as a winery. Over the years the place has developed into a restaurant which serves some of the most delicious authentic German cuisines and of course specially brewed beer! The tavern has a beautiful outdoor seating area which is covered by tree-shades during the summer.

8. Visit the Staedel Museum

Staedel museum _ IamgeImage Source: Irene/flickr

The Staedel Museum is one of the oldest and most renowned museums in the world. The collection includes artwork by many famous artists stretching from Renaissance era to modern contemporary era, all under one roof. Picasso, Rembrandt are only a few names whose work have graced this museum. It has over 700 years of art all tucked under one roof. There is an entry fee of 14 Euros for adults.

9. Visit the Kleinmarkthalle market

Kleinmarkthalle market - ImageImage Source: Leon Brocard/flickr

It is said that the real soul of a city can only be found in its markets. If that is the case then Frankfurt’s soul surely smells like roasted nuts and smoked sausages. The Kleinmarkthalle market is one of the oldest and grandest markets in Europe. It has a variety of stalls that range from vegetables, spices to wine bars.

10. Fly a fighter jet

offbeat things to do in frankfurtImage Source: DVIDSHUB/flickr

If you ever wanted to live out your Han Solo fantasy this might be your only chance. The MiGFlug Company based in Frankfurt offers a chance for civilians to fly in a fighter jet. The experience includes everything from doing different kinds of manoeuvres to supersonic flights. But don’t worry as there will be an experienced pilot guiding you through the complicated console.

11. Visit the Berger Strasse

The Berger Strasse is pretty much a street which is located in the heart of Frankfurt. The streets are covered with a unique blend of medieval and modern architecture. It also houses some of the best restaurants and bars of Frankfurt.

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Top Frankfurt Activities And Tours

Explore the best things to do in Frankfurt. These are the most preferred tourist activities.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt, Germany

Must see places in Frankfurt ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Frankfurt and point of interests to visit.

  1. The Main Tower

    # 1 of 1785 Things To Do in Frankfurt | Added 8565 times in trip plans
    The Main Tower

    Tags: Art Gallery, Food And Drinks, Restaurant, Leisure

    Address: Neue Mainzer Straße 52, 60311 Frankfurt, Germany

    Timings: 10:00 am - 07:00 pm Details

    This is a 200 meter tall skyscraper, which provides you with an amazing view of the Frankfurt, Germany. In fact, this is one of the highest skyscrapers in Frankfurt. This high-rise building is particu...Read more

  2. The Goethe House

    # 2 of 1785 Things To Do in Frankfurt | Added 7538 times in trip plans
    The Goethe House

    Tags: Art And Culture, Art Museum, Museum

    Address: Grosser Hirschgraben 23 - 25, 60311 Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany (Altstadt)

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    The Frankfurt Goethe House, birthplace of Germany´s most famous author and poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, was built in the typical 18th-century bourgeois style. It is decorated with period fu...Read more

  3. Sachsenhausen

    # 3 of 1785 Things To Do in Frankfurt | Added 7815 times in trip plans

    Tags: Bar, Restaurant, Winery, Leisure

    Address: Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany (Sachsenhausen-Sud)

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The Sachsenhausen - one of the most famous districts in Frankfurt is located on the opposite side of the River Main. This is a large area, where you can come across numerous impressive buildings, such...Read more

  4. Romerberg

    # 4 of 1785 Things To Do in Frankfurt | Added 7798 times in trip plans

    Tags: Tourist Center, Leisure, Heritage Building

    Address: Romerberg, 60311 Frankfurt, Germany

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The Romerberg Square is an appealing place, situated in the Old Town, next to the northern bank of the River Main. This is arguably the most picturesque historical district in the city, thanks to its ...Read more

  5. St Pauls Church

    # 5 of 1785 Things To Do in Frankfurt | Added 5844 times in trip plans
    St Pauls Church

    Tags: Church, Religious Site

    Address: PaulskirchePaulsplatz 11, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

    Timings: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    This is another symbol of excellence in Frankfurt – the church is old and worn on the exterior but a modern style interior which will make you spellbound! Thus, it is one of the must visit place...Read more

  6. Museumsufer

    # 6 of 1785 Things To Do in Frankfurt | Added 4307 times in trip plans

    Tags: Museum, Flea Market, Market, Street Market

    Address: Bruckenstrasse 3 - 7, D 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Take a walk along the river Main, is lined on both sides by some of best museums in the country, among them the superb Ikon museum and the fine art Stadel Museum.You can buy a Museumsufer discount tic...Read more

  7. The Senckenberg Museum Of Natural History

    # 7 of 1785 Things To Do in Frankfurt | Added 3196 times in trip plans
    The Senckenberg Museum Of Natural History

    Tags: Museum, Exhibition , Specialty Museum, Natural History Museum

    Address: Senckenberganlage 25, 60325 Frankfurt, Germany

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Get a load of history by taking a tour of the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Goerlitz with the aid of Senckenberg Museum of Natural History tickets. Instead of getting tickets for Senckenberg M...Read more

  8. Zeil Shopping Street

    # 8 of 1785 Things To Do in Frankfurt | Added 3688 times in trip plans
    Zeil Shopping Street

    Tags: Market, Street Market, Shopping Center, Specialty Shop

    Address: Zeil, 60313, Frankfurt Am Main

    Timings: 10:00 am - 08:00 pm Details

    The premier place to shop in Frankfurt is the bustling pedestrian zone called "Zeil". This street offers everything from chic boutiques, and international department chains, to a modern 10 floor shopp...Read more

  9. The Museum Of Modern Art

    # 9 of 1785 Things To Do in Frankfurt | Added 3036 times in trip plans
    The Museum Of Modern Art

    Tags: Art And Culture, Art Museum, Museum, Architecture

    Address: MMK Museum fur Moderne Kunst, Domstrasse 10, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    The Museum of Modern Art is not only famous for its extensive art collection, which includes artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Joseph Beuys, Andy Warhol, and Gerhardt Richter, but also for its bold archi...Read more

  10. Stadel Museum

    # 10 of 1785 Things To Do in Frankfurt | Added 1010 times in trip plans
    Stadel Museum

    Tags: Art Museum, Museum

    Address: Schaumainkai 63, 60596 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    One of the most important art museums in Frankfurt, the museum houses a collection of 2700 paintings, 100,000 drawings and 600 sculptures. There are shuffled displays of various art works from time to...Read more

  11. The Palm Garden

    # 11 of 1785 Things To Do in Frankfurt | Added 2775 times in trip plans
    The Palm Garden

    Tags: Garden, Botanical Garden, Nature

    Address: Siesmayerstrasse 61, 60323 Frankfurt, Germany

    Timings: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    This is a botanical garden, where you can enjoy some of the most spectacular vistas in Frankfurt. The green landscaping of the Palm Garden is truly captivating, while a number of botanical exhibits pr...Read more

  12. Luna Bar

    # 12 of 1785 Things To Do in Frankfurt | Added 231 times in trip plans
    Luna Bar

    Tags: Bar, Entertainment

    Address: Stiftstraße 6, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    Timings: 07:00 pm - 11:59 pm Details

    A happening place right in the city centre! The place has a wide range of cocktails. Great for drinks after dinner! Also, visit nearby attractions which are covered in Frankfurt itinerary 3 days....Read more

  13. Snack Point-the Best Worscht In Town

    # 13 of 1785 Things To Do in Frankfurt | Added 687 times in trip plans
    Snack Point-the Best Worscht In Town

    Tags: Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    Address: Grüneburgweg 37, 60322 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    Timings: 10:00 am - 07:00 pm Details

    For authentic German fast food on the go, try the snack point whose claim to fame is its worscht- the German speciality. Super delicious sauces and even spicy mixes for the likes of it, this place is ...Read more

  14. Atschel

    # 14 of 1785 Things To Do in Frankfurt | Added 559 times in trip plans

    Tags: Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    Address: Wallstraße 7, 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    Timings: 10:00 am - 08:00 pm Details

    Traditional German food served in German style. Best place to slurp on the German apple cider. Homemade food served modestly, the prices are budget friendly and make you feel like coming again! Also, ...Read more

  15. M Steakhouse

    # 15 of 1785 Things To Do in Frankfurt | Added 319 times in trip plans
    M Steakhouse

    Tags: Food And Drinks, Restaurant, Entertainment, Fine Dining

    Address: Feuerbachstraße 11a, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    Timings: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm Details

    A fine dining place, great ambience and remarkable steak! An American steakhouse in Frankfurt, do not miss the Nebraska Filet. Also, visit nearby attractions which are covered in Frankfurt itinerary 1...Read more

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  • Dae-Haeng Park

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  • KHS Spielhallen-Betriebs-GmbH

    Berger Straße 82

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  • Klaus Eiserloh und Christa Eiserloh

    Okrifteler Straße 75

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  • Tiggolino Kinderspielparadies

    Frankfurter Straße 62

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  • Landesgartenschau Bad Nauheim 2010 GmbH

    Sprudelhof 11

    Amusement Parks
  • Atlantis Freizeitpark GmbH

    Badstraße 19

    Amusement Parks
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  • Wunderbar

    Antoniterstraße 16

    Restaurants Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses Bars
  • Jazz Café Bar

    Walter-Kolb-Straße 1-7

    Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses Bars Restaurants
  • Launsch

    Bornheimer Landstraße 64

  • Helium

    Bleidenstraße 7

    Restaurants Bars
  • Mc Lounge

    Niddastraße 101

    Restaurants Bars
  • Walon & Rosetti

    Moselstraße 15

    Restaurants Bars
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  • Merkur Spielothek

    Adolf-Haeuser-Straße 3

    Casinos and Gaming
  • Merkur Spielothek Spielautomatenaufsteller

    Kaiserstraße 63

    Casinos and Gaming
  • Miami Spielhallen GmbH

    Fahrgasse 88

    Casinos and Gaming
  • Spielothek

    Sandweg 13

    Casinos and Gaming Restaurants
  • Merkur Spielothek Spielautomatenaufsteller

    Neue Mainzer Straße 24

    Casinos and Gaming
  • Spiel-In Casino GmbH

    Taunusstraße 44

    Casinos and Gaming
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  • Ziegeleipark

    Natural Parks
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  • Hundesportverein Ockstadt

    Dog Parks
  • Wald und Wiese

    Dog Parks
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  • Pflasterstrand

  • Strandbad Meerhofsee

  • Frankfurter Osthafen

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