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Picturesque viewpoints, plentiful forests and exotic wildlife are what Fraser Island greets you with. Located off the Queens land coast, this world-heritage enlisted Australian Island takes pride in being the largest sand island in the world. Endowed with colourful sand cliffs, fresh water lakes and uninterrupted, long beaches, Fraser Island is mostly on the vacation planners of people visiting the Northeast of Australia.

James Cook, who discovered Australia is said to have sailed by the island during the journey. The island got its name from Eliza Fraser, a shipwreck survivor who was rescued by a convict. Evidences show that the Aboriginal tribes had settled in the region about 5000 years ago. The island was later occupied by European shipwreck survivors and explorers who migrated to Queensland eventually. Now, Fraser Island is a paradise to nature lovers, which made it one of the best eco-tourism hotspots in the world.

Fraser Island is mostly known for its mangroves, eucalyptus woodlands and lush rain forests. The Island’s itineraries also include more than a 100 fresh water lakes, serene creeks, beautiful wild-flower displays, and a number of sand dunes in multiple hues. Further, it is also a home to more than 40,000 migratory birds; and also to a number of endangered or rare animal species like dugongs, turtles and ant-blue butterflies.

Add Fraser Island to your trip planners en route to Queensland. Indulge yourself in Snorkelling, rainforest trekking, swimming and other activities to do in the Island; and explore its enchanting flora and fauna which forms a quintessential part of Australia’s natural and cultural heritage.

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