15 Best Things To Do in Frasers Hill

Frasers hill is a place which is enjoyed by the nature lovers as the place is quiet, calm and beautiful. Here’s the list of things to do in Frasers hill Malaysia.

1. Frasers Hill, Clock Tower

The Clocktower is a gigantic tower which stands in an old English square. It is a significant symbol of the British established buildings of those times. It’s a must visited place at Frasers Hill.

2. Applauding at marvelous buildings at Frasers Hill

Most of the buildings at Fraser Hill have the Tudor style architecture which has existed from centuries. Those were the buildings established by British colonials and now those have been converted to use as accommodation and lodging purposes. They are one of the biggest tourist attractions at Frasers Hill.

3. Exploring the food at Frasers Hill dining

Fraser Hill has the charming and sumptuous getaways for the foodie people. Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands and Berjaya Hills are pretty good in dining options. If you are Chinese food lovers then you must try out the Chinese eatery stalls and hawker stalls are also available and most visited. The western cuisine can be hunted at Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant. The pleasurable experience with barbeque can also be attained at Pines Restaurant.

4. Sunsets at Frasers Hill

Sunset at frasers hill - ImagePhoto: unsplash.com

As Frasers Hill is such a quiet and calm place which surrounded by colonial bungalows, the trees, and beautiful landscapes, people enjoy the sweet time there. The most pleasurable and fascinating thing to do at this place is to watch the sunset. The beauty and the serenity of the place can be felt with great significance when one feels the calmness of the place. The tourists find solace in the nature and enjoy watching the sunset sitting at the edge of the town. 

5. Fraser’s Hill Shopping

The place doesn’t have malls or high class markets around the city but the streets seem to be very busy with the hawkers. The traditional and authentic things and even clothes are sold in the Frasers Hills market. 

6. Bird watching at Frasers Hill

Things to do in Fraser Hill - ImagePhoto: unsplash.com

Frasers Hill is a marvelous home to 265 species of birdlife. It is a very beautiful place which hosts the International Bird Race. The place has rich diversity of Flora and Fauna and the birds rule the place. Tourists get the opportunity to spot various kinds of birds at the hill. The place is known to have the highest number of bird species than any other hill stations. So, the place allows you to do bird watching and spot the various species of birds. So get the binoculars and be ready for the bird watching at Frasers Hill.

7. Drive around the colonial style bungalow at Frasers Hill

There are many beautiful bungalows built around the hill f colonial era. As you move and drive around the hill, you can spot various beautiful bungalows. There are few private bungalows and some are available to the public for rent. They are again the marvelous example of Tudor style architecture.

8. Jungle Trek at Pine Tree Trail, Frasers Hill

The Pine Tree trail is one of the long and most complicated treks at Frasers Hill. It gets the tourists to go along the pine trees and enjoy the flora and fauna of the hill. The place is even rumored to have some people lost in these trails. There are the other trails also for jungle trek but this is the most difficult and exciting one. It is very challenging to pass through this trail. 

9. Enjoy horse riding at Paddock, Frasers Hill

The tourist can enjoy the horse riding and fun with archery at Paddock. Paddock is a very small and calm place which offers the horse riding along with the trainers at very reasonable prices. There is a very ethnic old style stable at the place where old racecourse horses are kept. 

10. Cherish water sports and boating at Allan’s Water, Frasers Hill

Allan’s Water offers the fun water sports activities to their visitors. Paddle boating is the main attraction of the place. It allows you to embrace the scenic beauty of the hills while you are paddling with your boats in the water. Water ball fun can also be enjoyed at Allan’s Water which is a great fun for the visitors of the place especially the children and the teenagers.

11. Relish the floral beauty at Taman Flora, Frasers Hill

The perfect place for taking pictures is Taman Flora. The place shows the diversity and richness of the place. Although there is rich vegetation grown around, the strawberries are majorly grown there. The set up for growing strawberries is at a very small scale.

12. Go golfing at Frasers Hill

Go golfing at frasers hill - ImagePhoto: unsplash.com

There is a very huge and massive Golf Club. The tourists find it really interesting at they can enjoy the game and play golf in such a cool and pleasant weather. It is place worth visiting if you are an avid golf player.

13. Visit the ravishing Jeriau Waterfall

Must see in Fraser Hill -ImagePhoto: unsplash.com

Enjoy the uniqueness of the place while strolling 15 kilometers away from the town to see the beautiful Jeriau Waterfall. The waterfall has its beauty and significant to those who love nature. This place is actually visited by the people who feel a closeness with the nature. The place is pleasant, cool, ravishing and refreshing.

14. Spend time with yourself at the colorful benches of Fraiser Hill

The place is blessed with calmness and politeness all around. When you stroll around the hill station, you can find many colorful benches at various stops and pits. The benches are there to make you sit and cherish the beauty of the place. They also play a big role in creating romantic memories when visited by couples.

15. Bars at Frasers Hill

Scott’s Pub and Restaurant is a decent bar at Frasers Hill located at the town square. The western cuisines and alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed at this place.

Frasers Hill Malaysia is a place visited by the peace and calm seekers. The place brings you a close connection with nature. It is certainly not the place for adventure lovers but the ones seeking leisure time finds it great fun to be there at the hill station. The place reflects the colonial era and has the same aristocracy till now.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Frasers Hill, Malaysia

Must see places in Frasers Hill ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Frasers Hill and point of interests to visit.

  1. Jeriau Waterfall

    #1 of 3 Things To Do in Frasers Hill
    Jeriau Waterfall

    Tags: Waterfall, Nature

    Address: 49000 Fraser's Hill, Pahang, Malaysia

    You can definitely add the tour of the Jeriau Waterfall to your Malaysian holidays. You will be charmed by the location of this waterfall and its scenic beauty. Nestled in the midst of a dense bamboo ...Read more

  2. Hemmant Trail

    #2 of 3 Things To Do in Frasers Hill
    Hemmant Trail

    Tags: Trail

    Address: Bukit Fraser, 49000 Fraser's Hill, Pahang, Malaysia

    If you are looking to get intimate with nature, but want to experience leisure rather than something thrilling, Hemmant Trail is a nature park in Pahang that you must visit. The trail is very easy, wi...Read more

  3. Pine Tree Trail

    #3 of 3 Things To Do in Frasers Hill
    Pine Tree Trail

    Tags: Hiking Trail, Adventure

    Address: 49000 Fraser's Hill, Pahang, Malaysia

    This trail in Malaysia is quite challenging. It’s not a regular walking trail; but an actual forest trail. If you want to cover the whole path, you will need a whole day. Plan accordingly. The t...Read more

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