Grand Bahama International Airport (fpo)

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Grand Bahama International Airport (fpo) Reviews & Ratings

  • The FPO airport is clean. The flights deplane on the tarmac. It seems there are 2 flights entering or leaving on selected days. Wait to eat elsewhere, if you can. The food prices do not match the quality nor is it served swiftly. The process to move through customs is efficiently designed. The signs don't match the instructions given by the agents i.e. signs say remove shoes, the agent says keep them on.

  • Aggressive security staff, snatching things from you and throwing them. A power trip, me thinks

  • Small Airport. But really fast service and no waiting lines

  • It doesn't work and is under water :(

  • The people are so unfriendly and seem to hate Americans, despite the US bringing the majority of $ in. They all seem to have better things to do than work. Security/tsa here is ridiculous. Gave me sh*t for every item i had (that I've flown with as-is for probably a dozen other flights this year alone). Had to buy a sh*tty off-brand zip lock for $1 (and 20 minutes of my time) then go back through security. Only for them to find something else (again, totally legal) to have a problem with. Once you get past that bs, it feels like a holding cell. 3 stores, 1 is never open and another I've seen open once (out of about 10 visits). There is only wifi if you buy something overpriced at the restaurant. Uncomfortable seating and super cold.

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