Best Things To Do in Fukuoka-shi, Japan

Whether you're visiting Fukuoka-shi for a few days or are a localite, Fukuoka-shi is sure to have something new for you. Explore our guide that tells you about the best tourist places to visit and things to do in Fukuoka-shi. This guide will give you an idea about the popular attractions, upcoming tourist spots, and off-beat things to do in Fukuoka-shi. This makes it easy to plan weekends or long vacations in Fukuoka-shi. We have compiled this cool stuff to do in Fukuoka-shi keeping in mind the points of interest for families, groups, and romantic couples. Looking at the activities for adventure junkies in Fukuoka-shi listed here will get the blood rushing and adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Check out free places to visit in Fukuoka-shi which you can visit without spending a penny. Handpicked tours, day trips, and excursions in Fukuoka-shi will make your visit comfortable. You will also find the opening and closing time, along with the time required to cover major attractions. This will help you to have a flawless plan without much hassle. We have also included eateries in Fukuoka-shi recommended by locals.

Tourist Attractions in Fukuoka-shi

Here is the list of things to do in Fukuoka-shi and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Ohori Park

    Tags: Garden, Park, Walking Area, Lake

    When a city is as urbanised as Fukuoka is, lush green spaces are a welcome and rare retreat. This makes the landscaped fields of Ohori Park the city's most precious attraction. Beautiful and welcoming in every season, the tranquil park is built around the lake-moat of the old Fukuoka Castle, the remnants of which are on the grounds. There's a lot to do. Visit the Art Museum there. The Japanese ...Read more
  2. Tenjin Underground Shopping Center

    Tags: Restaurant, Entertainment, Mall, Shopping Center

    Running under Watanabe street, this is the most popular shopping mall in the city. The 150 shops and a handful of restaurants are arranged around a cobblestoned street with soft, cool lighting. It's also famous for being well connected - twenty nearby buildings can be accessed from here, as well as two major subway stations (Tenjin and Tenjinminami). Most of the shops are fashion stores, with t...Read more
  3. Kushida Shrine
    This shrine, dedicated to the goddess Amaterasu, is the city's oldest. It was built in 757. Locals are much more enamored with it than tourists, as it is thought to be the guardian temple of the city. The first item of interest, after you pass the elegant red torii gates, is the ancient gingko tree in the yard, said to be one thousand years old. Surround it are monument stones, including the Et...Read more
  4. Fukuoka Tower

    Tags: Landmark, View Point, Tower, Observation Deck

    The 234-metre tower is the tallest seaside tower in Japan.  The 8000 half-mirrors that cover the tower gave it the name of 'Mirror-Sail'. Visitors actually have three different observation decks from which to take in the views - at 116 metres, a cafe-lounge at 120 metres, and another deck at 123 metres. Inside, there's also a lover's area, where a couple can purchase a lock to be set on to...Read more
  5. Nakasu

    Tags: Food And Drinks, Entertainment, Neighborhoods

    Leave the kids behind when visiting this entertainment district. Located on an island on the Naka River, and founded as a recreational area for local samurai and merchants a few centuries ago, the neighborhood has now become the city's most popular nightspot. It's easy to know when you've arrived - the whole place is lit up by vivid neon lights. Now, there are two reasons to come here.  Th...Read more
  6. Nokonoshima Island

    Tags: Island, Nature

    Out in the middle of the Hakata Bay is the city of Fukuoka's second most favourite natural space - the Nokonoshima Island. The main attraction on the island is the park in the hills, a beautiful area that is bright with flowering blooms throughout the year - cherry blossoms, poppies, field mustard, sunflowers, bright red scarlet sage, cosmos and daffodils - and that's just to name a few. There ...Read more
  7. Tochoji

    Tags: Religious Site, Temple

    Though the building you see today is a modern granite construct, the original temple in this location was built in the early 9th century. It is dedicated to the monk Kukai, an important figure in the propagation of Tantrik Buddhism in Japan, who is interred here. The temple's main hall, gate and inner walls surround a large pond in the central courtyard. There are two major statues here. One is...Read more
  8. Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

    Tags: Garden, Theme Park, Walking Area

    This theme park is great, if a little strange. It's so large at 540 hectares, that half the times it feels totally deserted. The size also makes walking from one attraction to the other highly impractical, so rent a bicycle or take the train. That said, there's plenty of fun to be had. The Flower Museum and Rose Garden have blooms throughout the year. There's a small zoo with about 40 species o...Read more
  9. Marine World Umino-nakamichi

    Tags: Aquarium

    Some quick facts about this aquarium that focuses on the marine life in the warm waters of Tsushima.70 tanks, with three massive ones from 720 to 2000 cubic metres of water. The smallest of the large tanks is to house dolphins, the middle one for sharks, and the largest for the dolphin shows. There are 150 sharks in the shark tank, which covers about 10000 fish in 80 species. If you're sixteen,...Read more
  10. Maizuru Park And Fukuoka Castle Remains

    Tags: Park

    During the Edo Period, this park was part of the grounds of the Fukuoka Castle, of which only a few scattered ruins remain, walls and turrets, and the remnant of the castle moat has become the lake of the neighboring Ohori Park. The castle was torn down during the Meiji Restoration in the 19th century, during a time of fervent rejection of Japan's feudal past. The park itself is now a lovely ar...Read more
  11. Hakozaki Shrine

    Tags: Religious Site

    The shrine, dedicated to the kami Hachiman and also the Emperor Ojin and Empress Jingu, is considered to be a national cultural property. The first Prime in the location was built in 923; The structure you see today dates from the late 16th and early 17th century. It is famous for being the place where defeater of the Russian Navy, Admiral Heihachiro Togo, prayed. Two festivals are annually cel...Read more
  12. Fukuoka City Museum

    Tags: Museum

    This is quite likely the best place to first visit during our trip of the city. The museum tells the history of the city in 11 separate galleries - these are the permanent exhibitions rooms, which mostly focus on trade and cultural relationships between the city and foreign nations. The most important relic in the permanent exhibits are the Gold Seal, given to Japan by the Han Emperor of China ...Read more
  13. Hakata Hankyu

    Tags: Cafe, Mall, Shopping Center

    Cosmetics, apparel for both men and women, a supermarket, an excellent cafe, a delicious food hall - these are all packed into one location at this shopping mall. The mall is connected to the Hakata Station. Foreigners ought to remember that at some stores they can availe a 5% discount by showing their passports. Some of the shopping here is duty free, so ask at the information desk about the d...Read more
  14. Sumiyoshi Shrine

    Tags: Religious Site

    During ancient times, those hoping to travel by sea to Japan and China would sometimes take a pilgrimage first, to the three main Sumiyoshi shrines around Japan. This was the last shrine of the pilgrimage. It also happiness to be dedicated to the spirit of poetry. So not only is this most spiritually important, the shrine you see today is actually a restored version from 1623. The architectural...Read more
  15. Nishijin Shopping Street

    Tags: Street Market

    Going to the mall is still relatively new in Japan. Before sleek shopping complexes were a things, people in Fukuoka went to shopping streets like this one. You may want to visit it before it dies out. The economy of the street can't hold up against competition from the internet and the malls, even though once upon a time, such streets used to be neighborhood landmarks, supplying people with go...Read more