Things to do in Funabashi

The Best Things To Do in Funabashi

The 7th most populous city in Greater Tokyo, Funabashi has many attractions which you have to see, at least once in the lifetime. There are some amazing sights to witness and fun things to do in Funabashi. With many family friendly attractions, Funabashi makes sure that you don't get bored. Here is an exhaustive list of some of the best things to do in Funabashi.\nGo on a short holiday with your family at the Funabashi Andersen Park. The park is a delight for every nature lover. Lalaport Tokyo Bay, Aeon Mall Funabashi and Funabashi Central Market are main shopping hubs in Funabashi and also every shopper's paradise. You can experience some thrill by visiting Funabashi Sanbanze Ocean Park. Soak in some spirituality by visiting various religious shrines Ninomiya Jinja Shrine and Funabashi Toshogu Shrine.

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What To Do in Funabashi: Day-Wise Ideas

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