10 Best Things To Do in Fussa, Japan

Popular for its historic Air Base, it’s fun and quirky festivals, its serene shrines and temples, and of course, the lovely cherry blossoms, Fussa is a small town located to the west of Tokyo. Packed with great things to do, it is one of the lesser explored places of Japan. Since it has mingled with America in the past, a hint of the western culture can be seen here. Having said that, it stays true to its cultural history and boasts of some spectacular places of worship that are wonderful, and archaic. The brewing culture is another facet of this town, one that mustn't be left unexplored. While in Tokyo, a couple of days in Fussa gives you a chance to view a different hue of this island country.

While the Yokota Air Base and Old Yamaju Tamura Residence take you through the history, the Fussa Tanabata Festival and Fussa Firefly Festival display something completely unique. Fussa Shinmei Shrine, Kumagawa Shrine, and Seiganin Temple are some religious centers that offer peace, and if you are looking for recreation, head down to the Tamagawa Central Park!

For a vacation packed with exploration and quiet sightseeing, Fussa, Japan boasts of being the best!

1. Yokota Air Base

Attraction Type- Sites & Landmarks

Yokota Air Base is an important landmark site in Fussa. With a history that dates a little before the Second World War, there is much to see and learn here, at the Fussa, Japan air force base. While it was opened as a flight test center in 1940, it was soon the official Japanese Air Force Base in the war. Today, it has a number of units that serve as a passenger terminal, as well as emergency centers. With a view to spread knowledge about this base, the annual festival of Friendship opens the gates to the public who would like to tour the base. The air base also has facilities like the Tama Hills Recreation Area, the 374th Force Support Squadron, and also provide education to various schools.

2. Fussa Tanabata Festival

Attraction Type- Cultural Event

The months of July and August, bring the peak of the summers, and along with it, the Fussa Tanabata Festival. It was started in the year 1951 so as to give a chance to the local shopping districts to showcase their products. What started as a simple shopping festival, is now a full-blown carnival fest! Parades, shopping, food, and music all add to the magic of this festival. More than 100 stalls are set up by the residents during this festival, making it one of the top attractions in Fussa.

3. Fussa Shinmei Shrine

Attraction Type- Sacred & Religious Sites

Known by many names, Fussa Shinmei Shrine is one of the many popular shrines in the city. Dedicated to the Seven Rich Gods, it is believed that praying to the Gods here helps the area in prospering and keeps the natural disasters at bay. Five pillars of the Gods were enshrined here. Today, people like to visit this shrine, especially in autumn and spring, when the trees bloom into vibrant colours.

4. Kumagawa Shrine

Attraction Type- Sacred & Religious Sites

Japan is known for its lovely shrines, not two that are similar, you will get to observe a number of architectural techniques, learn about various legends and be amidst an atmosphere that is blissful and calming, one of the top shrines in Fussa that has it all, is Kumagawa Shrine. Loved by many and visited by more, you must-visit it to appreciate the architecture. Not a single aspect of this church has been made using modern equipment. The Seven deities of good luck and the god of wealth are worshipped here. It is one of the oldest shrines in the city, and also one of the most interesting points of interest in Fussa.

5. Seiganin Temple

Attraction Type- Sacred & Religious Sites

One of the oldest temples in the city, and also one of the most popular ones, Seiganin Temple, is a must-visit for all. Apart from the religious and spiritual knowledge that the site provides, the temple allures people with its beauty. Two temples, halls and pagodas, and an artificial lake that shelters colourful fish makes for a cool, peaceful atmosphere that people love to experience. Vibrant blooming shrubs and tall trees help make detach this temple from the rest of the city. One of the many things to do in Fussa is a tour to all the temples and shrines. This temple will definitely make it to your plan.

6. Chotoku-ji Temple

Attraction Type- Sacred & Religious Sites

Ornate with pine trees, humble shrines, and flourishing cherry blossoms, Chotoku-ji Temple is visited during the end of March and early April by nature lovers. A glimpse of the famous pink heavenly trees is what draws a huge crowd during the blooming season. The temple is not very big but is located at a spot that makes for a wonderful day visit. With the mountain in the background and the flowing river nearby, you can spend a day here picnicking!

7. Old Yamaju Tamura Residence

Attraction Type- Historic Sites

One of the known oldest brewers of the city, Old Yamaju Tamura Residence is the home of these famous brewers. Known to brew from a little more than 150 years, they also have a brewery in town. The residence, however, is an important historic site, adding to the heritage of the city. It would be interesting to note that the main hall and 2 storehouses have been titled as national cultural properties. One of the fun things to do in Tokyo would be to visit the Tamura Brewery, after your visit to this mansion.

8. Fussa Firefly Festival

Attraction Type- Cultural Event

Fussa Firefly Festival is an annual festival. Part of the firefly nights all around Tokyo, it takes place in the month of June. along with a market that fills up the place, there are hundreds of fireflies that set up a dance for the people. Organised by conservation centers, this is the best place to experience this festival!

9. Tamagawa Central Park

Attraction Type- Park

A fun, scenic place to visit in Fussa, Tamagawa Central Park is a huge recreational park. Decorated with tall trees and lush fields, the Tama River that flows nearby makes for a picturesque scene. Whether it be a picnic, or just some games and exercising, this park is perfect for solo excursions as well as group activities. A treat during autumn and spring, with the cherry blossoms and other plants flourishing, it is thronged by photographers.

10. Hotaru Park

Attraction Type- Park

With the purpose of saving fireflies from the unending urbanisation, Hotaru Park was built in the heart of the city. The story says that this wilderness was a home to the fireflies, and ever since urbanisation, they had started to decrease in number. The park was built in 1948 and is a must-visit site in Fussa.

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Top Rated Tourist Attractios in Fussa, Japan

Must see places in Fussa ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Fussa and points of interest to visit.

  1. # 1 of 7 Things To Do in Fussa | Added 73 times in trip plans
    Yokota Air Base

    Tags: Airport

    Address: Japan, 〒197-8503 Tokyo, Fussa, 大字福生2552

    Overview of Yokota Air Base Essentially a United States Air Force base, the Yokota Air Base sprawls across a whopping 2.73 square miles. It accommodates a personnel strength of 14,000. Along with a 11...Read more

  2. # 2 of 7 Things To Do in Fussa | Added 229 times in trip plans
    Kumagawa Shrine Image

    Address: 658-1 Kumagawa, Fussa-shi, Tōkyō-to 197-0003, Japan

    Google Reviews
    Hadi Permana

    Quiet place where the serenity is here

    Read more
  3. # 3 of 7 Things To Do in Fussa | Added 65 times in trip plans
    Seiganin Image

    Address: 507 Fussa, Fussa-shi, Tōkyō-to 197-0011, Japan

    Google Reviews
    Morgan R.

    One of my favorite temples to visit! It’s not far from Yokota AB. It’s so beautiful! Perfect to get family pictures taken at. I had my maternity photos taken here.

    Read more
  4. # 4 of 7 Things To Do in Fussa | Added 63 times in trip plans
    Sega World Fussa Image

    Address: Japan, 〒197-0011 Tōkyō-to, Fussa-shi, Fussa, 東京都福生市大字福生1077

    Timings: 10:00 am - 11:59 pm Details
    Google Reviews
    Evan Moniz-Hole

    Good arcade with decent amount of prize machines. When the staff reset the prizes they will make it easier and even give tips if you’ve been there a little while. I was there about 1.5 hours and wa...

    Read more
  5. # 5 of 7 Things To Do in Fussa | Added 19 times in trip plans
    Higashi-fussa Station Image

    Address: Fussa, Tokyo 197-0011, Japan

    Google Reviews
    Yuri Costa

    Very small station with one ticket machine.

    Read more
  6. # 6 of 7 Things To Do in Fussa | Added 11 times in trip plans
    Fussa Station Image

    Address: 4 Higashichō, Fussa-shi, Tōkyō-to 197-0021, Japan

    Google Reviews
    Kelley Ross

    Easy to navigate, full of stops for PokemonGo players, conveniently located near a McDonald's and Seiyu, great coffee shop, clean bathrooms... This is a decent little station.

    Read more
  7. # 7 of 7 Things To Do in Fussa | Added 16 times in trip plans