Gabon Trip Planner

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Gabon Overview

Surrounded by Guinea and Republic of the Congo, Gabon offers the best aspects of Central Africa-waters and wilderness. See your dream animal land come alive with a group of hippos, whales, giraffes and all the animals that amused you as a kid. Known for its mangroves, rainforests, tidal beaches-there is wild and then there is calm; both in one country. Have an experience as diverse as the level of diversity of wildlife that you will find here. Covered in the blanket of Atlantic Ocean on one side and the culture of Africa on the other, Gabon definitely deserves to be on your list of lands less explored.

Visa Procedure

Nationals of Morocco, Mauritius and Tunisia are exempted from visa formalities and are allowed to enter Gabon visa-free. Citizens and passport holders of the rest of South African nations can apply for a visa on arrival. Apart from the aforementioned nationalities, everybody needs to apply for a visa before planning their travel.

You have to apply for the visa through the e-visa site and it will cost you about 70 pounds for one to three months single entry, 185 pounds for six months and this visa comes with the provision of multiple entries.  Both have a processing fee of 15 pounds. Fees can also be paid in the currency of Gabon as well. You have to make the payment once the e-sticker on the visa arrives. It takes 72 hours for the visa to be issued. This procedure is only valid when you plan to enter Gabon by air via Leon Mba International Airport in Libreville

When to go

The best time to visit Gabon is during the dry season that comes with the months May and September or during the second dry spell season that lasts from mid December to January. The flight tickets are decently priced during June-August and there are plenty of things to do in Gabon during this time.

Destinations to cover            

While drawing out your Gabon travel guide, remember to include Libreville-the capital, Cap Lopez, Franceville, Gamba, Kango, Lambarene, Mayumba, Owendo and Port-Gentil to see the urban side of the country. To see the wild side of this nation, remember to include Akanda National Park for its mangroves, Ivindo National Park for magnificent waterfalls,Lope National park to see ancient rock gravings, Mayumba National Park to see leatherback turtles and Minkebe National park to witness sand stone domes in your itinerary. 

Get in and around

If you are thinking of how to reach Gabon, then the best way is to take a flight to Libreville. Most major cities have flights coming in or connecting to Libreville and even though getting in by road is an option, but the borders are not safe so it is best to avoid that.

Hotels and Food

There are plenty of hostels available for budget accommodation and there are also various mid range along with luxury hotels available if you wish to shell out little more. Food is quite cheap, but the availability of food for vegans is much lower. Remember to try out the lovely Gabonese cuisine.

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