Things to do in Gangjin-gun

The Best Things To Do in Gangjin-gun

A county in South Jeolla Province, South Korea, Gangjin-gun is known for its production of traditional Korean celadon. Apart from this, Gangjin is also a beautiful coastal town borders with Yeongam-gun County by Wolchulsan Mountain. Owing to the presence of Gangjincheon Stream and Tamjingang River, the region is lively with fisheries too, especially with baby clams, cockles, gobies and pike eels. Things to do list here includes of a visit to its must see attractions such as Dasan Chodang where Joseon scholar Jeong Yak-yong, father of practical learning, lived during his exile. Other tourist destinations include Baekryunsa Temple which is carpeted with red camellia flowers during springtime, the house of poet Yeongnang Kim Yun-sik, known for his lyrical poem Until Peonies Bloom and Muwisa Temple that looks awe inspiring hidden in the slopes of Wolchulsan Mountain. There is also a small portion of Wolchulsan National Park which is located in Gangjin County making it a coveted destination to visit.

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