Best Things To Do in Gangtok, India

Are you looking for what to do in Gangtok?

You might have a list of things to do in Gangtok and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. Places like Tsongmo Lake and Ganesh Tok will make sure your dream destinations are ticked off. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

With so many world-famous sites and attractions to visit, deciding on the best things to do in Gangtok can be a daunting task. Visiting selective places and carrying the best memories is the best alternative. Don’t rush to see all of the attractions in Gangtok on your first trip itself.

Gangtok is the type of city that you will love to visit again and again. Every time you revisit Gangtok you can keep unfolding the different sides of it. This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Gangtok getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Gangtok with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Gangtok

Here is the list of things to do in Gangtok and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Tsongmo Lake

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    Tsongmo Lake


    Also known as Changu Lake, the Tsongmo Lake is most definitely a must visit summer as well as winter site near Gangtok. About 2 hours from the city this serene glacial lake is a lovely retreat for the Sikkim tourist. The lake has been extremely well-preserved by the authorities and is something of a matter of pride ofr the state.  It is also a great Stop over while heading to Nathu la. It ...Read more
  2. Ganesh Tok

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    Ganesh Tok

    View Point

    Ganesh Tok is a much loved tourist spot in Gangtok. Some say it is the best viewing sport for spectacular vistas of the city. Whether this is true or not, it is certainly a great place to visit while in Gangtok. There is a small temple dedicated to the Hindu god Ganesh and the area atop a hill is also one of the most popular tourist attractions due to the amazing vistas it provides. You will al...Read more
  3. Tashi Viewpoint

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    Tashi Viewpoint

    View Point

    The Tashi viewpoint is an interesting way to avail panoramic views of the city of Gangtok right up to the Nathula. Seeing the Kanchenjunga from here is sure to be a lovely experience. If you go early in the morning, the sunrise is surely quite spectacular. This viewpoint is perhaps the lowest in the city which makes it slightly unfavorable in times of fog when you may not be able to see anythin...Read more
  4. Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple

    Temple, Memorial

    Major Harbhajan Singh served in the Indian Army and lost his life while escorting a mule caravan from his battalion headquarters in Tekula to Dengchukla in 1968. Harbhajan Singh’s body was found when a soldier dreamt of him telling him exactly where to find the body. Soon, the body was found and the shrine was made in the honor of the brave soldier. Today, it is said that Harbhajan Singh ...Read more
  5. Himalayan Zoological Park

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    Himalayan Zoological Park


    The Himalayan Zoological Park or the Gangtok Zoo is sure to be one of the most unique zoo experiences. All of nature’s bounty that the Himalayas have been blessed with has been preserved here in a rare collection. Even if you are planning a short trip don’t forget to put this one on your list. The Red Panda, the Snow Leopard and many other lovely and unique Himalayan creatures can b...Read more
  6. Lingdum Monastery

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    Lingdum Monastery

    Monastery , Nature

    The Ranka Monastery, also known as Lingdum Monastery is located around 20 kilometres away from Gangtok and follows the Zurmang Kagyud lineage of Buddhism. During your visit, you can enter the Prayer room that contains a beautiful golden Buddha statue. The courtyard is where young lamas are trained and you can truly see the beautiful architecture of the monastery from here. Activities like Parag...Read more
  7. Hanuman Tok

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    Hanuman Tok

    Religious Site, Temple, View Point

    Hanuman Tok, which is similar to the Ganesh Tok is another very interesting Hindu religious site in Gangtok. There is a Hanuman Temple in the region which is considered to be sacred. Hindus from all over the country visit this place precisely for its religious significance. The typical Hindu architecture and the carving of the idols and the walls are worth noting. But if you are not religious i...Read more
  8. Enchey Monastery

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    Enchey Monastery

    Religious Site, Monastery

    Enchey Monastery is a tiny and yet well-known place in Gangtok. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the city but do not want to miss out one its beautiful monasteries, the Enchey Monastery, being quite easy to access is your best option. Even though it is one of the smaller monasteries, it is absolutely beautiful. The intricately painted window panes are worth noting. The images a...Read more
  9. Mahatma Gandhi Marg

    Food And Drinks, Streets

    MG Marg (Mahatma Gandhi marg) is a pedestrian street in Gangtok and is home to some of the best hang-out spots, shops and eateries in the city. The street springs to life at night and has enough places to have a seat and simply watch people go by. The colourful shops that line the street are perfect to shop for gifts while grabbing a bite at the local eateries, completes the experience. The vie...Read more
  10. Pemayangtse Monastery

    Religious Site, Monastery

    One of the oldest monasteries in the area, the Pemyangtse Monastery is located near Pelling about two hours from Gangtok. This lovely monastery, founded perhaps in 1705, is an amazing place to visit from Bangkok. It is a place worth visiting while in Gangtok. The building has withstood years and years of changing weather and although it has been occasionally refurbished, itsnatural strength is ...Read more
  11. Nathu La

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    Nathu La
    Nathu La is a definite must visit from the city of Gangtok. This Pass in the Himalayas is on the border between India and China and one of the most interesting sites to see in Sikkim. You will need a permit to visit Nathu La and you can only access it through the Indian border but the place is worth the effort. The Lovely place, set amidst the mountains and the snow is nothing short of absolute...Read more
  12. Flower Exhibition Centre And Ridge Park

    Park, Exhibition

    The Ridge Park is located close to the town centre and is loved for its variety of flowers and shrubs that adorn the pathways and the seating benches. The Sikkimese style Gazebo is ideal to spend some time as you admire the flowers all around while the small pond with an over-bridge is the perfect addition to the landscape. Don’t miss out on the Blue Venda Orchids, Celosia, Chrysanthemum ...Read more
  13. Rumtek Monastery

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    Rumtek Monastery

    Religious Site, Monastery

    Sikkim is known for its incredibly serene calm and the lovely monasteries engulfed in it. Rumtek Monastery in many ways epitomizes this calm and peace. The Monastery, also known as the Dharmachakra center, is a stunning place to see in Gangtok. The Rumtek Monastery Buddha figurine, is certainly worth seeing. Set in a lovely golden hue he is a symbol of peace. The lovely colors in which the wall...Read more
  14. Khecheopalri Lake

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    Khecheopalri Lake

    Lake, Nature

    About 2 hours from Gangtok you will find this lovely, secluded spot called the Khecheopalri Lake. It is a sacred place and both Hindus and Buddhists have deemed it so. It is believed that the place can grant your wishes. Well, even if doesn’t its setting is stunning and it is a place well worth visiting in this region. The area around it has been turned into a Natural Reserve due to the s...Read more
  15. Namgyal Institute Of Tibetology

    Library, History Museum

    The Namgyal Institute of Tibetology is the best place to learn about Tibet and the Himalayas and has a Museum and a Library that offers you everything you would want to know about Tibet and even Buddhism. The campus of the Institute itself is loved for its Tibetan Buddhist architecture. The museum showcases a rare collection of statues, ritual objects, traditional art objects, thangkas (painted...Read more