Best Things To Do in Geelong, Australia

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  • Geelong Waterfront: The highlight of Geelong is its sparkling waterfront that overlooks Corio Bay.
  • Eastern Beach: Eastern beach is the most family friendly place to visit in Geelong. It is a perfect place to spend a day outdoors lazing in the sun or enjoying the many activities available.
  • The Carousel: An iconic Geelong landmark, The Carousel was originally built in 1892 and offers a fun ride with great views.
  • National Wool Museum: The museum showcases the socio-economic impact of the wool industry on the culture and architecture of Geelong. 
  • Old Geelong Gaol: An eerie place, this former prison where ghost tours are conducted.
  • Geelong Botanical Gardens: A perfect picnic spot and a chance to see some local trees, many of which are heritage listed.

Below we have a list of things to do in Geelong and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Geelong getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Geelong with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Geelong

Here is the list of things to do in Geelong and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Eastern Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Water Body, Walking Area

    Eastern beach is the most family friendly place to visit in Geelong. It is a perfect place to spend a day outdoors lazing in the sun or enjoying the many activities available. There are swimming areas, grassy areas, a sand strip, small kiosks and a play area. There are picnic tables, barbecues and shaded picnic spots where one can enjoy a meal and people-watch as they do yoga, play ball and rel...Read more
  2. Geelong Botanical Gardens

    4.5 (795 Votes)
    Geelong Botanical Gardens

    Botanical Garden, Leisure, Bird Watching, Green House

    The Botanical Gardens are an ideal place to take a leisurely stroll. Adjacent to Corio Bay, it offers a great opportunity to enjoy the variety of trees and plants. The children's garden is particularly fun for kids. The gardeners here are very knowledgeable and will be delighted to talk with you about local conditions and plants if you are interested in the subject. Many of the trees here are h...Read more
  3. National Wool Museum

    4.5 (653 Votes)
    National Wool Museum

    Specialty Museum

    The wool industry was in import part of Geelong history and its influences can be seen to this day in the culture and architecture of the place. The museum showcases the role, played by the wool-industry, in shaping Geelong. There is a sock weaving machine as well as a large 1910 Axminster carpet loom that still runs on weekends. He museum itself is housed in a former wool-store, 1872 bluestone...Read more
  4. The Carousel

    4.2 (512 Votes)
    The Carousel

    Waterfront, Landmark, Cafe, Restaurant

    The Carousel is an iconic Geelong landmark. The Carousel was originally built in 1892 and subsequently restored in 1996. It features 36 Dare horses and 2 chariots and is one of only 200 such carousels operating around the world. It is a must visit in Geelong for people of all ages. The waterfront views add to the charm of this historic fun attraction. Ice creams, confectionaries and snacks are ...Read more
  5. Bellarine Rail Trail

    Outdoors, Trail, Scenic Drive

    This trail extends from Geelong to Queenscliff and is an easy bicycle ride. Great for families and those who love the outdoors. The trail is sealed throughout and there are signs posted throughout. It is a pretty trail that passes by canola farms, paddocks and olive orchards. The stretch closer to Queenscliff is a scenic ride with views of the blue ocean on one side.
  6. The Mill Markets

    4.3 (637 Votes)
    The Mill Markets

    Flea Market, Market

    The Mill Markets in Geelong are a sprawling space with hundreds of stallholders selling every thing from vintage clothes, vintage furniture, memorabilia, art, glass and jewellery to books, antiques and collectables. It is an interesting place to visit even if you are not a shopper. Explore find some rare treasures to take back from your trip.
  7. Geelong Gallery

    4.4 (498 Votes)
    Geelong Gallery

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery, View Point, Specialty Shop

    A must visit for art lovers in the area; the gallery is home to over 4000 works of Australian art. It showcases both classic and contemporary works of famed and budding artists alike. The highlights are the Eugene von Guerard’s View of Geelong and Frederick McCubbin’s 1890 A Bush Burial. There is a small gift shop area and reception on site. The displays are spread throughout a numb...Read more
  8. Steampacket Gardens

    4.4 (650 Votes)
    Steampacket Gardens

    Beach, Garden, View Point, Walking Area

    The gardens over look Corio Bay and offer great sunrise and sunset views. It is a nice place to visit for a walk or a picnic. Several events also take place here throughout the year. The famous Bollards are also accessible from here and are worth seeing.
  9. Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery, Garden, Entertainment

    The cultural centre showcases and promotes aboriginal and cultural tourism. The gallery displays a wide variety of Aboriginal arts and crafts. Visitors can also enjoy an authentic Didgeridoo performance and here tales of their Dreamtime paintings. The native gardens are pleasant for a quiet stroll. There is a boomerang-throwing gallery and a gift shop that sells indigenous books and music.
  10. Barwon Grange

    4.6 (132 Votes)
    Barwon Grange

    Garden, River, Historical Site

    This historic house is the only surviving house of the many, which were built along the Barwon River in the mid 1800s. It is an early Victorian brick home built in the 1850s for Jonathon Porter O'Brien, a wealthy merchant and banker, and his wife, Ann. The gardens are beautiful and the building itself is delightful. The interior houses many fine examples of early Victorian furniture and fitting...Read more
  11. Geelong Waterfront

    4.4 (694 Votes)
    Geelong Waterfront

    Bar, Beach, Water Body, Waterfront

    The highlight of Geelong is its sparkling waterfront that overlooks Corio Bay. It is an ideal place for a stroll during sunset hours or any time of the day. One can also see several yachts moored in the bay and it makes for a pretty sight. Also worth seeing are the public sculptures created by artist Jan Mitchell. These sculptures are called the Baywalk Bollards comprise 104 painted wooden piec...Read more
  12. Old Geelong Gaol

    4.4 (221 Votes)
    Old Geelong Gaol

    Historical Site, Architecture

    Originally named HM Prison, the gaol was built in 1849 and closed in 1991. The jail is said to be terrifying and many ghost tours are conducted here. The bleak walls and cells of this bluestone structure tell the tale of the harsh conditions that inmates had to live in when compared to modern prisons. There are interesting stories of some of the inmates and enthusiastic guides will narrate them...Read more
  13. Market Square Shopping Centre

    Landmark, Restaurant, Mall, Square

    The Market Square Shopping Centre is constructed on what was originally the town square from which it gets its name. It has numerous specialty stores, international brands and local boutiques. Once can purchase everything from kids’ clothing to electronics in this shopping centre. The mall also has several food outlets serving a wide variety of cuisines. It is the only place in Geelong fo...Read more
  14. The Rock Adventure Centre

    4.7 (382 Votes)
    The Rock Adventure Centre

    Outdoors, Trail, Restaurant, Adventure

    It is an indoor rock climbing facility with 1000 sq. mts of climbing terrain and walls that reach up to 12 mts. high. There are all kinds of trails for beginners and experts alike. The facility provides climbing gear on rent. For those who go by themselves and don’t have a person for belaying, there is a large bouldering area. Snacks and refreshments are available in the facility itself. ...Read more
  15. Beavs Bar
    It is well furnished café bar, there is live music every Friday and Saturday nights.