How to Reach Geneva


  • Air: The Geneva International Airport is well connected to all the major airports in the world and is in fact a travel hub.  As a result it will be easy to get direct flights provided you book in advance.
  • Train: You will also be able to get to Geneva by train from France and Italy as well as a few other European cities but you will need the necessary documentation up to date.


  • Walk: Walking is a great way to explore the older places in the city. The places in Old Town are not far from each other and hence walking there can be a lovely experience. You can also hire a bike to help with your walking tours.
  • Car: Renting a car is not a good idea unless you absolutely cannot do without one. For one the city has very little parking pace available and even if you find something it will be expensive.
  • Bus:  The Bus system is very convenient and the whole city is well connected by it. You will easily be able to get intra-city buses and the schedule is easy to follow too.
  • Train: If bus travel sounds too hectic. You can opt for the train which isn’t as well connected but is equally easy to use.