Events and Festivals in Genting Highlands

List of events in Genting Highlands in September, 2017

Here are the list of events and concerts occurring in Genting Highlands for the month of September, 2017:

1. The Great Yoga 2017 World Concert Tour In Malaysia

Date-Time : 09 September 2017, 8.30PM

Venue : Arena of Stars

2. Ye Qi Tian & Zhang Xiu Qing Live in Genting 2017

Date-Time : 11 & 12 September 2017, 8.30PM

Venue : Arena of Stars

3. Tong Yao Live in Genting 2017

Date-Time : 16 September 2017, 8.30PM

Venue : Arena of Stars

4. Zhao Chuan Live in Malaysia 2017

Date-Time : 23 September 2017, 8.30PM

Venue : Arena of Stars


Check out more events and festivals happening all around the year in Genting Highlands City :

  • Genting Highlands has events happening all round the year. These include the happenings like showcases, movie broadcasts, dedicated animation fares and exhibits in the theme parks.  
  • Genting Highlands tour guide suggests catching a glimpse of following events:
  • Also festivals like the Chinese New Year and Christmas are celebrated with great pomp and show in Genting Highlands.
  • Worth catching up is the lantern and moon cake festival that happens in September when various concerts, workshops and contest are arranged. The decoration with lanterns and the feast of delicious moon cakes is a combo for joy!

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