Best Things To Do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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A place that has experienced one of the bloodiest wars, will entrance you today with its tranquillity. Endless stretches of craggy terrains set against the backdrop of picturesque mountains and colourful hues of the season accommodate much distinct articles of the past trepidation. From taverns to military parks, there indeed is a lot to get a glimpse of the fought battle. The Gettysburg Heritage Centre, Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Centre and the Jennie Wade House are a must-visit while you are here. The major centre of attraction is the house of Jennie Wade who the only Gettysburg citizen killed during the Battle of Gettysburg whose tragic death tells the story of those who suffered during the Great Battle. While, the Gettysburg Heritage Centre presents the entire story of the Civil War era and the Battle of Gettysburg with remarkable realism.

For more leisurely activities the Land of Little Horses Farm Park – a performing animal theme park, Lincoln's Lost Treasure and the Liberty Mountain Resort – for the best skiing in the area are good choices.

Below we have a list of things to do in Gettysburg and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Gettysburg getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Gettysburg with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Gettysburg

Here is the list of things to do in Gettysburg and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Gettysburg National Military Park - Museum And Visitor Centre

    Museum, Park

    Gettysburg has a glorious past and historical significance attached to it. Hence in remembrance of the same, there are many attractions in Gettysburg which will take you back in the Civil War era. One such attraction is the Gettysburg National Military Park, Museum and Visitor Centre. Located perfectly at the Baltimore Pike, the park is a major attraction in Gettysburg and is also a crowd&rsquo...Read more
  2. Eisenhower National Historic Site

    Historical Site

    Dedicated to Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States, the Eisenhower National Historic Site is another great place to soak in the old world times, during your stay in Gettysburg. Built across 690 acres, the Eisenhower National Historic Site consists of farm and house which was once a residence to the former President after he moved out from the White House. The house has a...Read more
  3. Sachs Covered Bridge

    4.7 (298 Votes)
    Sachs Covered Bridge


    Another major landmark for the city of Gettysburg, Sach's Covered Bridge has been a prime witness of the Battle of Gettysburg. The 100-foot bridge is built over the Marsh Creek and is one of the numerous places Gettysburg which give a peek a boo of the old times. A perfect place to explore the turbulent period, more closely. The bridge is neatly built and is eligible of some great photographs. ...Read more
  4. Gettysburg Heritage Center

    4.7 (294 Votes)
    Gettysburg Heritage Center
    You can shop your heart out in certain places in Gettysburg and one such great place is the Gettysburg Heritage Centre. This particular attraction is for all age groups as it has many things to offer to everyone. Artifacts, books, collectibles, apparel and souvenirs, this place has it all! In addition, there are educational materials, replica weapons , home decor, toys & games are also disp...Read more
  5. Rupp House

    4.7 (324 Votes)
    Rupp House


    Gettysburg has many places which tell the tales behind Battle of Gettysburg in different ways. And Rupp House is no exception. Get soaked in the historical facts and information dating back to 19th century and know closely about the struggle and pain that went into the Battle of Gettysburg. Even though the entry to the Rupp House is free, still the donations received by some tourists are used b...Read more
  6. Land Of Little Horses

    4.5 (36 Votes)
    Land Of Little Horses


    Looking for a place which will excite your kids and at the same time entertain you to the fullest? Don’t worry! There is an attraction in Gettysburg which is for children and the adults can also enjoy here. It is nothing but Land of Little Horses. And staying true to its name, this place has miniature horses doing all kinds of fun activities on stage. There are special events which are or...Read more
  7. Gettysburg Railroad Station

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    Gettysburg has it’s share of turbulent past and in order to pay homage to the determination of the citizen who after the post-war made the city what it is today, the Gettysburg Railroad Station Museum was opened for public. This is one of the numerous places in Gettysburg which has many stories to tell, both pre and post-war. Built in 1859 as the departure point for many soldiers, the Get...Read more
  8. Evergreen Cemetery


    In order to know the most respected and notable people of Gettysburg, closely, you should definitely visit the most prominent cemetery in the history of the city.  The 90 minute tour carried out by Brian Kennell, superintendent and author of the The Official Evergreen Cemetery Guide will give you many perspectives about the wars and people who participated in it. It is the most popular wal...Read more
  9. Hall Of Presidents And First Ladies


    Forget madame Tussauds, the Hall of Presidents and First Ladies is the place you should to if you want to see your favourite American Presidents and First Ladies in the form of wax statues. The murals behind the presidents’  statues tells about the American history and how long the nation has come. In the house of First Ladies, apart from  the statues, displayed are the gowns wo...Read more
  10. Lincoln's Lost Treasure


    Bored of the same old boring museums? Want to have some fun by visiting a fun attraction? Then how about heading to Lincoln’s Lost Treasure in Gettysburg. The life of Abraham Lincoln is told in such a unique manner that it will entertain you to the fullest. There are shops selling some antique articles and drinks are served during the tour. It is advisable to visit this incredible attract...Read more
  11. Devil's Den

    4.9 (37 Votes)
    Devil's Den

    View Point, Historical Site

    Once an artillery and infantry, Devil’s Den, today is one of the most popular attraction in Gettysburg. It is one of those places in Gettysburg which will take you closer to the times of American Civil War and Battle of Gettysburg. This is a picturesque attraction and the locales around are just breath-taking. Hence, it is advisable to visit this place with your camera. Make sure you visi...Read more
  12. Gibson's Photographic Gallery

    Photo Gallery

    Love photographs? To be precise, do you love vintage photographs? Want to know about some old techniques of photography? Do you know what wet plate photography is? Then, all these questions have only one answer. If you are in Gettysburg, then you should definitely visit the iconic Gibson's Photographic Gallery. This is the place where you can also know about the techniques which were used in 18...Read more
  13. Little Round Top

    4.9 (42 Votes)
    Little Round Top

    View Point

    The wounds of any war are painful! And the Little Round Top in Gettysburg has witnessed the Battle of Gettysburg in the past and in order to revisit those times, you should definitely visit this place. The guided tours will force you to imagine the battles. For the photographers, the rocks here make for some great photograph opportunities. Overall, a great place to spend some quality time with ...Read more
  14. The Horse Soldier

    4.5 (290 Votes)
    The Horse Soldier

    Shopping Center

    Love shopping? Well, then there are plenty of options in Gettysburg which will satisfy your thirst for shopping. The Horse Soldier in Gettysburg is a specialised store which sells some antique articles dating to the past. You can visit here, explore the shop and even buy some articles for your colleagues, friends, relatives or just grace your living room. Artillery, Books, Currency, Firearms, G...Read more
  15. Explore And More

    4.8 (193 Votes)
    Explore And More

    Museum, Children Museum

    Planning to take your kids along with you to a place like Gettysburg? Still wondering what Gettysburg has apart from war memorials and museum? Then you don’t have to worry further. Because, the Explore and More museum is a perfect place to take your kids to. The museum has it all to make it interesting for your kids. Art room, construction zone, nature and exploration room, you just name ...Read more

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