Best Things To Do in Girona, Spain

Are you looking for what to do in Girona?

You might have a list of things to do in Girona and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. Places like Girona Cathedral and Passeig De La Muralla will make sure your dream destinations are ticked off. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

With so many world-famous sites and attractions to visit, deciding on the best things to do in Girona can be a daunting task. Visiting selective places and carrying the best memories is the best alternative. Don’t rush to see all of the attractions in Girona on your first trip itself.

Girona is the type of city that you will love to visit again and again. Every time you revisit Girona you can keep unfolding the different sides of it. This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Girona getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Girona with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Girona

Here is the list of things to do in Girona and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Girona Cathedral

    4.6 (2525 Votes)
    Girona Cathedral

    Church, Religious Site, Tower, Architecture

    Known for its splendid architecture, the Gerona Cathedral has the widest Gothic nave in the world. The construction of the Cathedral began in the year 1312. Since then, it has undergone a few renovations. Due to this, the cathedral design is a mix of Romanesque style, Gothic style and baroque style. A must see within the church premises is the tapestry of the Creation and the bell tower.
  2. Passeig De La Muralla

    View Point, Walking Area, Historical Site

    The beautiful and ancient city of Girona is full of historical marvels. One such marvel is the Passeig de la Muralla. Built between 9th and 15th centuries, these medieval walls surround a big part of the Girona Historic centre. Accessible from quite a few points, visitors can climb up and walk on the walls. It provides spectacular views of the city.
  3. Sant Pere De Rodes

    4.6 (842 Votes)
    Sant Pere De Rodes

    Art And Culture, Park, Architecture , Monastery

    A beautiful and majestic building, Sant Pere de Rodes is a 10th century Benedictine monastery which overlooks the Cap de Creus Natural Park. Situated on the mountain of Verdera, 250 metres above sea level, the monastery was declared a cultural site of national interest in the year 1930. The complex is one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture in Girona. Guided tours of ...Read more
  4. Patronat Call De Girona Museum Of Jewish History

    Museum, History Museum, Educational Site, Historical Site

    Patronat Call de Girona or the Board of Jewish Quarter’s Museum of Jewish History is an interesting and informative display centre. The main aim of the Museum is to preserve and reflect the history of the Jewish communities of Catalonia. Spread across 11 galleries, the museum exhibitions are divided into- Community Life, Festivals and Traditions, The Life Cycle, the Jewries, Cultural Heri...Read more
  5. Jewish Quarter

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    Jewish Quarter

    Art And Culture, Historical Site, Architecture , Neighborhoods

    Located within the Forca Vella (a first century BC acropolis), the Jewish Quarter or Call is one of Girona’s most symbolic areas. A labyrinth of narrow streets and patios form the neighbourhood. An evidence of the importance of the Jewish culture in Girona, the area has still maintained its medieval atmosphere and is one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in the world.
  6. Cinema Museum

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    Cinema Museum

    Educational Site, Historical Site, Specialty Museum

    A private museum, the Cinema Museum in Girona is one of the few museums in the world that offer a journey across the 500 years of the history of moving images. On display are artefacts, objects and information relating to the origins of film and how it developed into the form we know today. While visiting, do check out the projector used by the Lumiere brothers for their first public projection.
  7. Arab Baths

    4.3 (2070 Votes)
    Arab Baths

    Water Body, Historical Site

    Dating back to the 12th century, the Arab Baths is a singular Romanesque construction inspired by Medieval Moslem baths. Having a surreal atmosphere, a must see within the building is the cupola covering the central pool. It is supported by ornately decorated columns.
  8. Esglesia De Sant Feliu

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    Esglesia De Sant Feliu

    Religious Site, Castle, Tower, Architecture

    The Esglesia de Sant Feliu acted as Girona's first cathedral until the 10th century. It is one of the most representative Gothic buildings in the city. A stunning piece of architecture is the slender bell tower which was constructed sometime during the 14th to 16th centuries. The cathedral is so huge and magnificent; no one will judge you if you think it’s a castle! Many people have been ...Read more
  9. Parc De La Devesa

    Park, Picnic Spot

    Spread across an area of 40 hectares, La Devesa Park or Parc de la Devesa is one of the largest parks in Catalonia. Fondly called the green lungs of the city, most of the park is populated by around 2,600 trees. The centre of the park has open play and picnic areas. The beautiful park hosts a weekly street market on every Tuesday and Thursday. In late October, the Fair attractions of San Narcis...Read more
  10. El Cul De La Leona

    3.9 (922 Votes)
    El Cul De La Leona

    Historical Site, Statue

    How will you react if someone asks you to kiss their ass for good luck?! Well, the statue of Leona in Girona asks you to do just that! People kiss the statue’s derriere which is said to bring good luck to the kisser. It is an ancient ritual, origins of which are unknown. The statue is a Gothic sculpture and dates back to the 12th century. A couplet goes like, “he does not love Giron...Read more
  11. Playa De Aiguablava

    Beach, Water Body, Leisure, Snorkeling

    Situated around an hour’s drive from Girona, Playa de Aiguablava is a small, secluded beach with turquoise blue waters and a pristine white shore. It offers ample scope for snorkelling and swimming.
  12. La Vinyeta

    4.8 (544 Votes)
    La Vinyeta

    Winery, Vineyard

    If you are a wine lover, you have to visit La Vinyeta. Guided tours let you walk across the vineyards and give you detailed descriptions on how wines are made at La Vinyeta. At the end of the tour, sip on some heavenly wine and buy some for your loved ones back home.
  13. Casa Maso

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    Casa Maso

    River, Architecture , Heritage Building

    The Onyar River has some interesting buildings on its banks. One such building is the Casa Maso. Rafael Maso was one of the most renowned Catalan architects of the early twentieth century. La Casa Maso is the birthplace of Rafael Maso and is one of the most important works of architecture. It is the only open public house situated on the banks of Onyar. The house has been preserved with the dec...Read more
  14. Archaeology Museum Of Catalunya-ullastret

    Museum, Monastery , Archaeological Site , Specialty Museum

    Located within the beautiful and huge monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants, the Archaeology Museum of Catalunya-Ullastret has on display archaeological materials found in the excavations and sites in the various counties of Girona. The displays pertain to humans and human settlement and evolution and are divided into the Palaeolithic Period, the Neolithic Period, the Metal Age, the colonisation...Read more
  15. Bionbo

    4.7 (2 Votes)

    Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    BionBo is a popular restaurant that believes that food is what gives life and thereby tries to put in maximum colour, life and heart to the recipes. All the items on the menu are cooked with seasonal products many of which are sourced from organic farms. They promote food that adds additional value to the diet in a fun and creative way. The cuisine is informal and dynamic and is presented beaut...Read more