How to Reach Glendale - The Easiest Way to Reach Glendale


These are some of the options suggested by Glendale travel guide to reach Glendale.

  • By Air : Glasgow and Edinburgh are some of the nearest international airports with connecting flights to domestic Inverness Airport. From the airport, taxis and buses are available till Glendale.
  • By Bus : Direct buses running intercity from Glasgow to Glendale are available. To reach the bus station in Glasgow, connecting bus from the airport can be taken and also taxis are available till the bus station.
  • By Train : Trains connect from Glasgow Central station to Inverness railway station. Inverness bus station is very close to the railway station and buses leave from there to Glendale.
  • By Car/By Taxi : Taxis and private cars are available and can be hired from Inverness Airport, Inverness Railway and Bus station till Glendale.


  • By Bus : Buses commute from all the places within the perimeter of Glendale.
  • By Car/By Taxi : Taxis and private cars can be hired from local travel agency as well as from the taxi stand.
  • By Cycle : This small town can also be toured on a cycle. Cycles are available on hire in the town.
  • By walk : The town can be best explored on foot. You can reach any place within Glendale by taking a short walk.

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How to Reach Glendale from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Southport to Glendale 588.26 km 9 hours 48 mins
Manchester to Glendale 664.6 km 11 hours 4 mins
Westerly to Glendale 7321.86 km 122 hours 1 mins
Ottawa to Glendale 7703.91 km 128 hours 23 mins
Elmhurst to Glendale 8110.71 km 135 hours 10 mins
Spring hill to Glendale 8533.12 km 142 hours 13 mins
Lexington to Glendale 8674.4 km 144 hours 34 mins
Atlanta to Glendale 8686.39 km 144 hours 46 mins
St paul to Glendale 9592.06 km 159 hours 52 mins
Nelspruit to Glendale 9717.98 km 161 hours 57 mins